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Interview with SABOTER

by Vpower

The Band: Saboter
Country: Greece
Answers by: Antonis Vailas (vocals)

Usually, when you get to listen to a Greek band you know you will get feeling and passion, moreover if they have good technich and quality you know that you will enjoy as hell. And this is what happened in Metalbrothers when we listened to that fist of an album that is their first full length “Mankind is Damned”. Greek Heavy Metal all the way. We talked to the vocalist and learnt more about Saboter and other things, enjoy it.

Hello guys, the band was formed in 2014, tell us a little more about it

The band was formed in 2014 by me(Antonis Vailas) and Nick Markoutsakis based on Nick’s idea to make a heavy metal band,we were both members of the speed/thrash band overkast. Then the other members and friends Christophere Tsakiropoulos and Vangelis Felonis agree with this move and join Saboter.

Searching for info about Saboter I couldn’t avoid to see that drummer Vagelis Felonis has been in many projects before, is he the “capo” (boss) in the band?

No Vangelis isn’t the "boss", we have no "boss" but if you want an answer the responsible of the managment is me and Nick. Vangelis is a great talented musician also a totally restless person with many projects on his back. All members we are friends from our childhood so we played music together from our first steps, so as you understand we have learned what  team work means at first hand.

In 2015 you released the EP “Saboter”, it sounded right but we couldn’t expect what was coming with his successor, the excellent “Mankind is Damned”

The EP was just an experimet, then we built our sound and started working all areas that lacked. After a year of really hard work you got in your hands "Mankind is damned".

How long did you work on “Mankind is Damned”?

 A full year.

In my opinion “Mankind is Damned” is a perfect collective work, from the production, to the cover art till the heavy metal approach, all breathes classic heavy metal

It's exactly what we wanted to create, the fact that it begins to have your acceptance is something that makes us very happy.

We never say anything except what we think at Metalbrothers.es, so it’s all your merit. If I had to define your album I would say it is a fist, with tracks that get under your skin from the very first listening

We tried highly to have a consistency throughout the album, it is something which I believe that we succeeded.

Yes, indeed. In “Mankind is Damned” we are gonna find some classical elements with a perfect execution and feeling, like the twin guitars ala Judas Priest, right?

Yes you got totally right, the twin guitars, the thetrical vocals, the magic soundscape and many more.

Not everything is speed in your work, Assassins is a mid tempo with awesome atmosphere and brilliant guitar solos

We are not a speed band, we play in all tempo depends on what it fits and expesses us.Usually we build a song upon lyrics.

And the important is that you build it right. We also see the influence of the Iron Maiden sound in compositions like Marching Death?

Especially to me the influence of Maiden is large and this appears in all tracks I have compose but as band we are trying very hard to build our own sound and not just to stay on influences.Yes Marching Death is a slow epic style song that approaches the Maiden feeling.

I would like to talk also about Antonis Vailas (this is you) on vocals, in songs like Impaler you deliver darker tunes that make me dream with bands like Mercyful Fate

We all love Mercyfull Fate in the band, so it's not surprissing us that it reminds you that feeling.

The end with Sands of Time brings some epic sound, true metal in vein

 Sands of time is a completely epic style song with lyrics based on the existential quest of man and his fear of death.

Let’s talk more about it, now that you pick up the subject, what are the lyrics about in “Mankind is Damned”?

The album is based on a concept and every song is a part of it.We analyze the modern type of dictatorships with a fantastic futuristic story. Mankind is damned shows the levels of corrupted authorities, religion, politics, army, mass media, police and reveals the cruel face of this suppresive political estructures that can be true some day or maybe is already true in some way.
Also, it speaks about the power that makes the history repeated again and again with different faces, about the good give a way to evil and towards.

Another reason to get the cd and follow the story. Your proposal fits perfectly with the Greek metal community that lives Metal with pure intensity but it is also an international product that should put Saboter in the world map

 It is true that in Greece there is a new wave of metal, which is getting stronger and stronger. We hope that our work will find its response and will put us on the world heavy metal map.

By the way, how do you see the Metal scene in your country?

As i said before there is a huge wave with lot of bands in all kinds of metal with really great works and we are proud of this. Check out bands as Rapture, endless recovery, fyrecross, mentally defiled, releahed anger, dead congregation, necrochakal, sacral rage, exarsis, innerwish, nightbreed, convixion, the temple and many many more witch worth a listen.

Thanks for the recommendations! I thought you have signed by Witches Brew, at least it said so in the Metal Archives, but I have read in your Facebook that apparently there is no agreement. That means you have no contract right now?

Yes we never have an official contract with witches brew, all our aggreements are in words and now we are free and open to any purposal.

 In that case, how can the fan get your album “Mankind is Damned”?

They can still get the album from witches brew or contact us.

Spain and Greece share their love for Metal but it is not usual to see Greek bands in Spain or Spanish bands in Greece, instead we usually meet in the international fests. Do you have some dates already scheduled for the months to come?

We are extremelly interested to play in Spain but there is no offer yet,we hope soon play some live shows in your country. We have two already live dates in Athens, 9th of september and 17th december.

Thank you for your attention Antonis and we hope to continue enjoying your heavy metal in the future with new chapters!

Thank you for your kind words and we wish you the best for your work.
Antonis Vailas

Masters of Disguise - The Fine Art of Aging Gracefully (2016)

1.Torture Me (Omen cover)
2.Goblin's Blade (Heathen cover)
3.Battalions (Metal Church cover)
4.Back to Reign (Agent Steel cover)
5.Master of Disguise (Savage Grace cover)
6.Frost and Fire (Cirith Ungol cover)

Mario Lang - Bass
Kalli Coldsmith - Guitars
Alexx Stahl - Vocals
Jens Gellner - Drums
Wolle - Guitars (rhythm)

A algunos ya os sonorá el nombre de esta banda teutona, porque el año pasado se marcaron un pedazo de disco, The Savage and the Grace, y porque los miembros de la banda son gente con tachuelas en los huevos. Todo en esta banda respira old school. Desde el nombre de la banda que se han puesto y que es un homenaje al disco debut de los clásicos Savage Grace, por cierto, banda de la que han formado parte de su line up en las actuaciones en directo, pasando por el historial de cada uno de sus músicos.

Sí, y es que no se acaban ahí las referencias al cv de esta gente. Supongo que te sonarán también nombres como Griffin, Trance, Roxxcalibur (banda de versiones de la nwobhm que hemos entrevistado)... la lista es larga, y potente.

Aunque la banda se formó en 2013, ya cuentan en su haber con dos discos completos y dos EPs, este que os comentamos hoy es el segundo de ellos que han publicado este año. Se trata de un disco de versiones y he de decir que no soy muy amigo de este tipo de discos, pero cuando un grupo te hace versiones como las que esta gente han incluido en su grabación lo único que puedes hacer es alabar su buen gusto y disfrutar, una vez más, de estos clásicos inmortales.

Empiezan el disco con un tema de Omen y lo acaban con uno de Cirith Ungol... son una oda a la historia del metal under, ese que nunca envejece, pasen los años que pasen. Por el medio te dejan cortes de los Agent Steel, Metal Church y Heathen... casi nada al aparato. Partiendo de que es un disco de versiones no hay ninguna queja salvo que desearías que el disco incluyese más temas, pero es un ep amigos, y esto es lo que hay. En cuanto al estilo, pues se deja ver claramente que su rollo es el speed metal con pizcas de power, porque hacen suyos los temas con un plus de velocidad. Esto se nota especialmente en cortes más de heavy usa como los de Omen o Cirith, pero no llama tanto la atención en cortes de thrash como el de Heathen. En cualquier caso, también agradezco que le den su toque personal, porque para clavar el tema prefiero ponerme el original.

Estos Masters of Desguise tienen calidad, beben de las fuentes primitivas y ancestrales del metal y los respiran por todos sus poros. Y yo solo espero que pronto nos saquen su tercer larga duración, porque seguro que será la caña, otra vez. 

Vultures Vengeance - Where the Time Dwelt In (2016)

1. End of the Void (Intro)
2.A Curse from Obsidian Realm 
3.And The Wind Still Screams His Name 
4.On a Prisoner's Tale
5.Where The Time Stands Still

Matt Savage - Bass
Kosathral Khel-  Drums
Nail - Guitars
Tony T. Steele – Guitars, Vocals

Para el 7 de octubre se prepara la salida de este ep de esta banda italiana de heavy metal. Temas que adorarán los amantes del sonido clásico del heavy de toda la vida. Se publica a través de Gates Of Hell Records en una edición muy limitada de 500 copias en vinilo y otras 500 copias en cd, además de la versión digital.

Los Vultures Vengeance, nombre épico donde los haya, nacen en 2009 y lo suyo es el heavy metal clásico de toda la vida, solo tenéis que observar en la foto las pintas que se gastan, podría colar como una foto de una banda de los 80.

Vamos con la chica de este Ep, que ya os puedo asegurar que a los clasicómanos, como el que escribe, nos dejará sedientos y pidiendo más tralla. Esperemos que no tarden mucho en sacar su primer larga duración. Hasta la fecha solo habían editado una demo con tres temas, así que ahora es cuando la cosa se empieza a ponerse seria.

Después de una breve intro, A Curse from Obsidian Realm arranca con unas guitarras heavys de riffs tope nwobhm y con ambiente occult metal. La voz me recuerda mucho a los grandes Cloven Hoof, los de antes, no los de ahora que están echados a perder. Despliegue de heavy veloz ochentero y con tachuelas, clásicos a más no poder, con riffs y galopadas que te harán revivir los mejores momnetos de este adorado deporte llamado heavy metal. Solos speedico sin aflojar en ningún momento el ritmo. Colegas, si esto no os pone a mil es que os habéis equivocado de rollo.

And The Wind Still Screams His Name nos da la bienvenida con un brutal inicio de guitarras, riffs de speed psycho black. No cabe duda de que atesoran gran calidad pero lo que marca la diferencia en esta banda con la media es que sus riffs son sencillamente titánicos y demoledores. De nuevo ese sonido ochentero que nos traerá recuerdos de unos Maiden, Cloven Hoof, un  poco del power speed de los ADX y otro del occult de los Wytchfynde. Además tienen un voceras de lujo y las melodías parecen apadrinadas por los mismísimos Heavy Load. Introducen una parada con riffeo melódico y aires épicos a medio tiempo. Esto es heavy con mayúsculas.

On a Prisoner's Tale es un tema de más de 8 minutos, ya véis que estos tipos se atreven con todo, tienen pegada pero no se quedan solo en la superficie. En este caso tenemos un inicio con riff doom, ritmo lento hasta que se produce el consabido cambio y la galopada brutal. De nuevo, los riffs clásicos y el punteo true ochentero, un medio tiempo de esos que en directo dejan al personal literalmente exhausto de echar cuernos y menear el cuello. Te vendrán a la cabeza grandes maestros de ceremonias del género como los Mindless Sinner y los Pagan Altar. Paradas, aceleraciones, melodías, lo tiene todo. Temazo absoluto.

Por desgracia esto se acaba de momento con Where The Time Stands Still, un corte muy atmosférico de guitarras dobladas. Un tema instrumental, otra prueba más de que estos italianos van a degüello y no dejan nada en la nevera, la fiesta por todo lo alto. Ambiente occult metal en la parada y salida con un riff antológico, para terminar con un solo clásico a lo Maiden.

Señores, esto es un pedazo disco, se trata de un Ep y por ello, siguiendo nuestra política de evalución, no le damos puntuación, pero si tuviese tres temas más estaría sin duda alguna entre mis discos del año. Lo suyo es la esencia del heavy, con mucha carga atmosférica y mucha energía. Ojo a esta banda que puede marcar un antes y un después dentro de la vertiente más elaborada del heavy clásico. De sombrero. 

Full Throttle (by Kryptos)

miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2016

Interview with DARK FOREST

by Vpower

The Band: Dark Forest
Country: United Kingdom
Answers by: Christian Horton (guitar)

Dark Forest is about to celebrate its 15th anniversary next year and their path cannot be brighter, after this year’s forth full length "Beyond the Veil", the band confirms his status as one of the references in the current heavy metal scene and the years to come, every step they give bring them to a wider audience, commanded by captain Horton, no tricks here.

Hello Christian, thank you for this interview and congratulations for your new album "Beyond the Veil"

Thanks very much!

The band has been active since 2002, one demo, 3 EPs and 4 full-length albums later what are the sensations in Dark Forest compared to those early years?

   It's been a long journey since those early days. We started off at rock bottom, not fully knowing what we were doing, just playing as many local gigs as possible and constantly writing songs. We've had various line up changes and all kinds of experiences along the way, good and bad, but now we're easily the most comfortable and also musically creative we've ever been. The one thing that has always stayed the same though is the original vision, the flame of inspiration has never been extinguished.

The band has gone through some line up changes. For example, what has been the contribution of last guys to go on board as Jenkins on guitars and Winnard on vocals?

   Yeah they have been the most important thing to happen to Dark Forest since the formation. We never really had the right line up before. Everyone who has been in the band in former years contributed in some way and will always be fondly remembered, but now we feel that we have the perfect line up. Pat and Josh both share my musical vision and their talent, Pat as a guitarist and Josh as a vocalist, is amazing.

Your previous album, The Awakening, was a big step for the band in terms of popularity and quality, with great reviews. Comparing your new album "Beyond the Veil" to that one, what would you say?

   I'd say they were quite different from each other. The Awakening had this brooding, darker feeling to it, a lot of the lyrical content had a sort of protest feeling going on. Beyond the Veil is far more uplifting and high octane. The songs have an excitement to them and also the lyrics deal with very different themes, going more into folklore and legend.

How long did you work on "Beyond the Veil"?

   Well the song writing process itself actually started before The Awakening was released. We're constantly writing songs you see, so you just get to a point when you have enough for an album. Studio time we ended up spending eight days recording and quite a few more mixing.

Who has pushed more forward in terms on composition in the new album?

 I'v always done the bulk of the writing but this is the first album where Josh has had some contributions, (The Awakening was actually written before he joined the band) but also Pat has written a good deal too. The Wild Hunt was composed entirely by him, the lyrics being added by myself. So we've been working together a lot more for this album compared to in the past.

12 songs and more than 70 minutes of music, some people might say it is too long... what do you think?

 I don't really understand how an album can be too long, if you're a fan of a band and their music, how can you have too much? You're just getting more music for your money's worth. There's also been many, many bands from the 70's onwards who have made huge albums so I don't really know where that idea has come from.

I don’t know either, but it sounds as empty words to me, as long as we get quality the more the better. You are going to release an especial vinyl edition in a luxurious gatefold including an A2 poster. How did you get the idea?

 That was our record label Cruz Del Sur Music. It had to be a double gatefold album really because of the album length, but it was the label who had the idea to include a poster and stickers, something we also completely approved of ourselves.

Yes, you have signed by the prestigious Italian label Cruz del Sur Music, which offers a great roster of underground and cult bands, how do you feel with the guys?

 Yeah it's a really good relationship we have with them. We're more than happy being with Cruz Del Sur, there's some really good bands on the label like our friends Atlantean Kodex, we're in good company!

Sure as the sky is above us. After four albums, Dark Forest sounds like an important name to many people, do you still feel as an underground band or those times are past and Dark Forest is a band for all fans?

 I don't think our attitude has ever changed and we still feel the same way about ourselves as we always have done. It's a fact that we're an underground band but we've always thought of ourselves as a band for anyone, all fans. No matter who the person is, if you like our music then we really appreciate you and would like to buy you a pint!

Another good reason to be a fan :) In this "Beyond the Veil" the band shows a balance between the classic twin-guitars heavy metal and the elements of folklore, tradition and medieval melodies

 Yeah there is a lot more of that atmosphere on this album. It's something that we did quite heavily in the early days but we kind of toned it down it for a while. I've always been a very keen reader of folklore, mythology and history so I decided it was time to incorporate more of that into the music again. It just feels right, it's the direction we want to carry on with.

What are the lyrics about in "Beyond the Veil"?

 They range from topics of folklore and legend, such as The Wild Hunt dealing with a piece of Scottish fairylore about the Unseelie Court and The Undying Flame which is a take on the fated story of Lancelot of Guinevere to topics of natural magic, paganism and the supernatural world like in Autumn's Crown and On the Edge of Twilight. The Lore of the Land is to do with mythology and folktales being archetypes that record the story of human history, where we've come from and who we are. The title track is written from the theosophic view point of how nature spirits interact with the physical world.

Many people compares Dark Forest with bands such as Cloven Hoof, Slough Feg, Iron Maiden or Skyclad, how do you feel about it?

 Yeah that's fine with us, I like all of those bands, in fact I used to be a member of Cloven Hoof so it's not a problem at all!

What is your favourite song in the new album?

 It tends to change depending on how I'm feeling, but at the moment I'd have to say either Where the Arrow Falls or On the Edge of Twilight.

We get no fillers in "Beyond the Veil", for example I really like the majesty of Blackthorn or the heavy attitude in Autumn’s Crown

 Thanks, yeah I obviously try and root out anything that might be considered filler. If there is a song which isn't quite up to standards we tend to re-work it, change it around, drop sections and write new ones until it's good enough and we're happy with it. That's where the other members also come in useful, sometimes when you're writing so much music, you can loose track of what's good and what's not. It's always good to have constructive criticism although I usually just end up with "come on, you can do better than that!".

One of the strongest points of your work is the great composition and the variety of sounds you include along the whole album

 Well thanks again, I can't really comment much on that, we like to think that what we've created is good and we were all very proud of this album, when we were in the studio, we just knew we'd created something special. If other people agree then that's great!

Do you have any tour dates scheduled to promote your new album?

 We've got a few festival slots coming up, Harder than Steel in Germany on 1st October and Hell Over Hammaburg on the 4th March. There's also a few other things in the pipeline including something special next year for our 15th anniversary!

Yes, a great an emotional moment for the band. As a British band, you would say the British Metal has lived better times or you still have a strong scene?

 It's a lot better than it was ten years ago that's for sure! When we started we couldn't find any other bands who played even remotely the same style. There has been a resurgence recently of young bands playing traditional heavy metal though which is great. Obviously it will never be the same as it was in the 70s and 80s but at least it seems to be in a better state now than it has ever been in the last twenty odd years.

What are your plans for the future?

 Continue to write music, play gigs and drink vast quantities of Bathams Best Bitter.

Thank you Christian for the interesting chat and wish you a great success with "Beyond the Veil"

You're welcome, thank you very much, cheers!

Slammin' Thru - things to come

1.Metallic Leaves
2.Things to Come
3.Disguised Queen
7.Seeing Eye

David - Vocals
Alberto - Guitar
Óscar - Guitar
Guts - Bass
Adrián - Drums
Axel - Keyboards

Los Slamming Thru son una banda española, de A Coruña para más señas, activa desde 2002.En su curriculum figuraban hasta ahora un ep y anteriormente una demo, así que este que os comento hoy es su primer larga duración. Va de metal progresivo con mucho gancho, aviso a navegantes.

Arrancamos con Metallic Leaves y lo hacemos con un heavy a medio tiempo, buen despliegue de riffs y ambientación setentera, con una voz sicodélica que encaja perfectamente en esa tesitura. Ojo al cambio de ritmo que además nos lleva por derroteros stoner y progresivos, para finalmente retomar la vena setentera.

Things to Come tiene un inicio tranquilo a base de acústicas y rollo progresivo, poco a poco nos van dejando muestras de que son una banda con estilo, que sabe hacer bien las cosas y con sabor intenso en sus temas. Este es un medio tiempo que combina heavy y progresivo con aceleraciones y su dosis de groove. Buen solo y buenos arreglos, pero sin recrearse mirándose al espejo y durmiendo al personal, mantienen la intensidad en todo momento.

Disguised Queen presenta un inicio de acordes futuristas y luego un cambio que nos mete de lleno en su heavy progresivo. Las voces en este tema me recuerdan mucho a las de los grandes Diamond Head, pero los de los buenos tiempos, con ese deje ochentero. Riff que se repite a lo largo del tema, cambios de ritmo y finalmente una marcha más cargada de groove, todo ello aderezado con solos para dar y tomar. Este es el camino, chachos.

Break es un breve interludio acústico que da paso al que es en mi humilde opinión el temazo del disco, Undisclosed. Se inicia como medio tiempo metiendo guitarras atmosféricas y cierto rollo stoner. Aceleración con melodía muy pegadiza, un tema que combina toques modernos de groove con el sabor añejo de la nwobhm. De nuevo, el vocalista me sigue pareciendo un tipo muy valioso, con una interpretación que le da un aire estupendo al sonido de estos gallegos. Solo añejo, ralentización y solo melódico heavy, final por todo lo alto, y como os decía un pedazo tema a la buchaca.

Pariah es un corte progresivo, aunque ellos siempre ponen el acento en el sonido heavy, no os esperéis un progresivo de esos de catón, algo que yo personalmente agradezco, porque no me gustan demasiado las florituras gratuitas ni los lucimientos porque sí. Una vez más, David se adueña del tema desde el micro. Pero nos guardan una sopresa en forma de aceleración con riff heavy, metiéndole caña al tema y final con punteo speedico.

Seeing Eye cierra el disco con armonías progresivas y ritmo a medio tiempo. Es un tema más elaborado o complejo, sobre todo en los ritmos y en unos solos mucho más desfasados, pero nunca pierden del todo la orientación heavy y nos dejan sus buenos riffs para hacer headbanging.

Muy buen disco el de estos coruñeses que de la noche a la mañana se colocan como unas de las bandas nacionales jóvenes y con más futuro dentro del estilo. Un progresivo light que se lleva mucho ahora, con incursiones en otros estilos, buena instrumentación y una voz por encima de la media. Recomendada su escucha.

Puntación: 7,5/10

Highrider - armmagedon rock (2016)

2.Agony of Limbo
3.The Moment (Plutonium)
4.Semen, Mud and Blood

Andreas Fagerberg - Bass, Vocals
Carl-Axel Wittbeck - Drums
Eric Rådegård  - Guitars
Christopher Ekendahl – Keyboards

Este es el primer material que sacan a la luz estos suecos formados en 2013. Salió publicado a través de The Sign Records, un ep de 4 temas que nos sirve para introducirnos en el mundo de los Highrider.

El primer tema, de nombre indescrifable, al menos para la que os habla, que es de letras, nos presenta un heavy con mucha potencia en el micro y también con su punto punkarilla y sicodélico en las guitarras. Sonido retro en toda regla y muy buena parada ambiental con arrancada a base de redoble de batería. Me parece un heavy bastante americano por momentos, con su apoyo de teclados me recuerdan bastante a los Wasp de los últimos 20 años, es decir, de los últimos discos.

Agony of Limbo nos presenta un ritmo de heavy speed sucio y oscuro, con voces agresivas, incluso diría que toman prestado del death metal ciertos matices oscuros, algo que no es de extrañar teniendo en cuenta el lugar de procedencia de esta banda. Si no fuese por los teclados diría que en este tema tiran hacia un sonido heavy americano a lo Tyrant, es decir oscurillo, aunque están lejos de la majestuosidad de esos dioses. Parada con mucha presencia de teclados y guitarras bizarras, sonido occult en cierta medida.

The Moment empieza a modo de doom progresivo, siempre buscando ese ambiente esotérico que es lo que más me atrae de su apuesta heavy, le da un sabor especial. Buenas aceleraciones y el voceras dejándose las cuerdas en este tema. Interesante solo melódico y limpio que contrasta con la oscuridad de la composición.

Semen, Mud and Blood pone el colofón a este ep a base de rollo death melódico. Ralentizan por momentos el tema y le meten un doom epic, otro corte con sustancia. Saben meter vibración a los temas y buena ambientación, se desmarcarn del heavy clásico y tiran hacia un heavy de occult metal que ejecutan la mar de bien.. Interesante banda a seguir. 

Carved in Stone (by Wyruz)

lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

Interview with ARMORY

by Vpower

The Band: Armory
Country: Sweden

Armory is a band that all fans of Speed Metal will enjoy, but it’s more than that, they season their speed attack with some classic heavy and thrash tunes that enrich their proposal. Young and with many things to say in the future, the kind of band I would very much like to see playing live.

Hello Armory and congratulations for your first full-length album! But before going for it, let’s review today’s history lesson, what is the origin of Swedish act Armory?

Armory rose up from the ashes of a thrash metal band under the late summer/fall of 2012. We recorded our first demo “Open Fire” during the following months and was released early 2013, but we were not quite satisfied with the result. A year later we entered the studio once again to record our second demo “S.M.I.” which was released during the early spring of 2015. During the months between the first and second demo G.G. Sundin switched from bass to guitar and Anglegrinder joined as our new bass player. We had now a complete line-up for the first time since the band got started. “S.M.I.” got good reviews and sold out in just three months. After this minor success we felt we’d really had found our own sound and started to write songs for a full-length album. In the fall of 2015 we entered Black Path Studios and recorded “World Peace... Cosmic War”, and as soon as it was ready we searched for a record label to release us. High Roller Records was the one we wanted to sign with the most and we were thrilled to find out they wanted us to be a part of their family.

You guys look young but you have been in other bands before, what are your main influences?

Mainly the American speed metal scene such as Agent Steel, Savage Grace and Helstar as well as the great H.M. bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Running Wild. -Armory develops basically a classic speed metal, right? Yes. We play our own style of speed metal, which is also quite colored by our Swedish heritage and the darkness of the universe.

You have signed by High Roller records, I usually think that the label you have signed for talks clear about what you do, so in the future when you sign by Nuclear Blast probably you will be doing some commercial stuff hahaha, what do you think?

High Roller did not have any impact on our album at all, as it was already fully completed before we signed to them. However, High Roller was always our first choice of label and we are very happy about working together with them. And regardless of what label we will end up on in the future, we will always continue doing what we believe in and play music that comes from straight from the depths of our hearts and souls.

What are we gonna find under the enigmatic “World Peace… Cosmic War” in terms of lyrics?

We are very inspired by the mysteries of the universe, various dystopian visions of the future, old metal and the unknown in general. Even if our lyrics span many different areas, there are recurring themes for the careful listener – for example the eternal and destructive spiral humanity has always been caught in. Most of the lyrics also relate to who we are, where we come from, our place in the universe and where we might go from here – all on different levels and dimensions, both as individuals and as a species as whole. The title track is obviously about interstellar warfare, but there is a deeper meaning embedded in the lyrics as well. Our belief is that if the human race would – against all odds – achieve a global and complete world peace, we would quickly direct our greedy gazes towards other planets instead. And so the destructive cycle would begin anew on a cosmic scale. But the only thing that could cause such a world peace in the first place is probably an alien attack by hostile extraterrestrial beings.

I like the aggressiveness and the under touch in Konstapel P’s vocals, it sounds very classical

Konstapel P has always been inspired by the combination of aggression and melody in the voice of for example Tom Araya. With this aim in mind, he always seeks to utilize his vocal capacity to the fullest.

I would also underline the brilliant work the two axes have done, there are guitar solos in this album where you simply can’t stay seated, unless they tie you to the chair…

Thank you! Guitar harmonies and solos have always been important in most kinds of heavy music, but perhaps more so in speed metal than in many other subgenres. While we haven’t really put any more effort into arranging the guitar parts of the album than any of the other instruments, the fact that four out of our five band members plays the guitar means that we naturally tend to favor writing the guitar parts first, and then continue with the arrangements for the other instruments. Our two guitar players have quite different playing styles as well, which gives a nice contrast to the music. Ingelman favors playing in a relatively clean and controlled manner, while G.G. is more of the “fast-and-wrong” kind of guitar player.

Although the speed metal is dominant in your music, you also deliver some good heavy metal touch in the middle, like in Phantom Warrior

Oh yes, we are very inspired by the great heavy metal acts of the eighties, as already stated. This have always been, and will always be, a big part of our identity and music.

Even we get some thrash metal dose in some songs, right?

 Yes, for sure. All of us are thrashers with our feet deeply rooted in the thrash metal soil. We by no means strive to play thrash of any kind, but the dirtiness and aggressiveness that seems to color all of our music and give it thrashy feel.

I was also surprised by the duration of the last song on the album, Space Marauders, it’s not easy to find a speed metal song of over 10 minutes…

It was never meant to be that long, actually it wasn’t even meant to be an Armory song originally. But as the song progressed we felt that all the pieces just fell together, and in our opinion it makes a perfect ending to our album.

How long did you work in the composition of the album?
A bit less than a year. We started writing the songs shortly after recording the “S.M.I.” demo, and completed most of them in around six months. Then we practiced them and perfected them for another couple of months before entering the Black Path studio in November last year.

Sweden is in the first division of Metal, but one has the idea that Speed Metal is not the strongest part of it. In Europe maybe the longest tradition in speed metal comes from Germany or center Europe, what do you think?

Yes, you are right – Sweden is not a big speed metal country. Other than us and Enforcer and Tyranex, there are not many bands playing speed metal right now (there are also some non-active speed metal side projects such as Cranium, The Hidden and Steel). But there’s a huge fanbase here, so hopefully a new Swedish speed metal scene can rise from the underground soon!

You are originally from the city of Gothenburg, there you must be very popular or maybe some kind of heroes or there are so many bands that it’s just normal?

We are not heroes by any means, but those who listen to speed metal usually know who we are. The fact that there are almost no other bands around here playing our style of metal means that we can stand out a bit in an otherwise hugely overpopulated metal scene. Sometimes it feels like almost every metalhead here plays in at least two or three bands!

Awesome! What touring plans do you have?

None at the moment, except for our release gig here in Gothenburg and then a trip north to lay waste to Stockholm. We would love to go south as well… If you want to come to your area, tell it to your local bookers!!

There is the message! What are your expectations as a band in the long-term?

We will continue doing this and playing the music that we love for as long as we have the fire still burning strong within us. It doesn’t matter if anyone listens to us or not, but at the same time it is always nice to get appreciation from our fans. And finally, as Bad News once put it; “all I wanna do is drink as much as I can – that’s why I’m a member of a heavy metal band!”.

Thank you very much for your attention, if you wish to add something…

Thanks to Highlander and anyone else who might be reading this. See you all on the field of battle, the Cosmic War will begin on the 19th of August!

La Bottega del Tempo A Vapore - il guerriero errante (2016)

2.Fumo d'anime
3.Ordine e follia
4.Arabeschi sentieri
5.Mendicanti luridi
6.Eterea fusione
7.Urlanti demoni
8.Vita sospesa
9.Ombra di falce

Alessandro Zeoli - guitar
Alfredo Martinelli -  narration
Angelo D'Amelio - saxo
Angelo Santo - vocals
Gabriele Beatrice - drums
Giovanni Santamaria - guitar
Giuseppe Barbato – bass

Aquí tenemos el que creo que es el segundo esfuerzo musical de esta banda italiana, digo creo porque no hay mucha información sobre los mismos y la que hay es poco clara. Así que vamos sin más dilación con la chicha del disco.

Después de la intro, Fumo d'anime es un tema que se inicia con armonías orientales, por supuesto cantan en italiano como puedes fácilmente deducir por el título de los temas. No es un tema especialmente potente pero si entra fácil, se podría definir como heavy melódico progresivo.

Ordine e follia arranca con ritmos folk bastante alegres, pausados y muy ambientales. Luego un solo y voces superpuestas que contribuyen a la sicodelia de este tema. Un corte con mucho feeling, más atmosférico que contundente, repleto de solos que no buscan el lucimiento sino la efectividad. Buena labor de la base rítmica y final melancólico a base de piano.

Arabeschi sentieri tiene un arranque a base de sintetizadores que crea un ambiente que podríamos definir como muy propicio a la ciencia ficción, a medida que entra la base rítmica evolucionan hacia su folk progresivo. Gran solo melódico, pero sobre todo a destacar una vez más lo logrado de la ambientación, sin descuidar un solo detalle. Es como si a unos Dark Forest le metieses el rollo progresivo, o a unos Dream Theater el rollo heavy, lo que hace que su escucha sea fácil y relajada.

Mendicanti luridi me recuerda mucho a los añorados Conception, grandes melodías y elegancia por arrobas en este tema, destacando voces y guitarra. Eterea fusione es una balada acústica, tranquilita a más no poder, tiene su encanto y la entrada del saxo le da un toque diferencial y emotivo, demuestran una vez más que tiene clase para dar y tomar. La segunda parte del tema evoluciona hacia el progresivo a medio tiempo, con piano y un solo de guitarra largo como un oasis, temazo.

Urlanti demoni es un tema en el que tiran más hacia el progesivo de toda la vida, más estándar, aunque con su factor folk ambiental. Lo que más me gusta de este corte es el papel que juegan los teclados, le meten tensión al tema, un punto de locura que lo hace fresco.

Vita sospesa es una mezcla entre progresivo y heavy, con buenas voces y melodías, nunca caen en lo empalagoso, gente con mucho criterio. Ombra di falce es quizás el tema más progresivo y loco de todo el disco, con su inicio en plan Dream Theather, seguido de parada y buen solo y ritmos de heavy true, para acabar con un saxo en plan jam session total. El disco lo rematan con una breve pieza a base de sintetizadores y piano.

En definitiva, banda poco conocida pr estos lares, que con este muy buen disco pone su carta de presentación para hacer cosas importantes dentro del mundo del progresivo, quizá les falte promoción a nivel internacional, pero tienen la calidad suficiente para estar girando por ahí adelante.

Puntuación: 8/10

Shit The Cow - The One With The Devil (2016)

2.One With The Devil
3.El Chupacabra
4.The Villain
6.Warcow (version)

Pete - Lead vocals and guitar
Danno - bass and guitar
Erka - bass and guitar
Robin - drums and noice

Aquí os traemos este cuarteto sueco que con este Ep hace su sexto trabajo. No son muy conocidos por nuestro país, diría que tampoco por los países colindantes, pero no arriesgaré porque hacia el norte de los Pirineos cambia la cosa sustancialmente. Lo cierto es que yo no los conocía de nada y con este Ep me han dejado un buen sabor de boca y ganas de explorar más su discografía. Son gente que no te va a ofrecer nada que no hayas escuchado hasta ahora, temas todos muy de raíces clásicas, pero bordan la composición y es de muy fácil escucha este disco.

Abre el repertorio Warcow, un buen tema para empezar, muy pegadizo de estilo rock y stoner y con una actitud punk que le queda muy bien, saben transmitir estos suecos, se meten muy bien en la piel de cada tema que interpretan.

One With The Devil tiene un inicio con un riff paranoico o sicodélico, guitarras con groove pero también de corte setentero. Paradita en medio del tema y arrancada al estilo Doors, es decir, revival a tope, ya os decía que tiran de sonido clásico. Un final de rock muy garajero. Me gusta que no complican los temas, buscan la sencillez y la esencia del rock, la actitud y el feeling, nada de virtuosismos.

El Chupacabra tiene un inicio que me encanta con ese guitarreo a lo Hendrix. Es un tema de stoner, con una buena voz, de esas que denotan personalidad, sin duda uno de los puntos fuertes de este grupo. El tal Pete es de esos tipos que te imaginas en plan showman en los conciertos, dirigiendo todo el cotarro de principio a fin. Este es un corte que va evolucionando, de lo más comnplejos, se meten en territorio groove, en el rock de los setente y en los aires psycho, acentuados por los buenos coros femeninos. Un corte que recuerda a grandes clásicos como los The Cult, Doors, Sabbath...

The Villain tiene un inicio a tope de hard rock clásico en la más clara vena The Cult de los ochenta. Pete no es Astbury pero de nuevo nos deja muestras de que tiene su propio estilo y mucho gancho. Buenos coros agresivos y desgarrados. Casi no vamos a encontrar punteos en este trabajo, se decantan más hacia el rock setentero, con ritmos de rock sucio y garajero y sicodélico o atmosférico en otras fases. Pero en este corte sí que tenemos un solo muy ambiental apoyado por un ritmo hipnótico.

IGGY es un tema con mucha presencia de bajo y más y tendencia punk a lo Ramones, también encontramos ramalazos del rock chulesco del gran Billy Idol, sonido clásico en una palabra. Y de nuevo a destacar los ritmos que consiguen enlazar, siempre apoyándose en el riff y en las cadencias hipnóticas. El último tema es muy breve y es más una outro con poca historia, de ritmos poperos a base de teclados.

Así que aquí tenemos a estos chicos de Estocolmo, me han dejado muy buenas sensaciones. Destaco la simpleza aparente de sus temas, el compendio de estilos que manejan y el trabajo de riffs y del señor del micro. Un producto apto para gente que gusta del rock de toda la vida con raíces setenteras y ochenteras.  

Fear no Evil (by Quartz)

jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2016

Interview with THE DEAD GOATS

by Vpower

The Band: The Dead Goats
Country: Poland

Today we talk to The Dead Goats, a death metal band from Poland with 2 albums and many EPs and splits in their pockets already. They are another proof of the great moment the Polish Metal is currently living, and that you don’t have to be old to be wise, quoting Judas Priest. Moreover,  you don’t have to be old to play good metal music, quoting myself. The goats might be dead but these guys will make you feel very alive with their powerful death metal.

Hello guys, tha band was born in 2011, how did it happen and how you summarize all these years together?

Hi there!
You must have read our biography pretty perceptively ‘cause during all these years we play together, we came across lots of misunderstandings with the time band came to be J The idea behind the The Dead Goats was born during the last european tour of grindcore band Neuropathia (founded in 1996 or 1997 by our drummer Radek, joined then by TDG bass player Marcin, somewhere in 2008) in July of 2010. A few days before the tour kick off both of that time guitar players couldn’t manage to go. We desperately had to search for replacement and we involved Pawel to give us a leg-up. While travelling through Europe, spending more time at the motorway stops drinking, smoking & having fun than driving to the next city (high five to all the concert organizers for patience & understanding), we’ve decided to start something completely new, without serious expectations. We enjoyed our bevy even more we assumed. Later on, we’ve met on the first rehersal and prepared two songs („Maggot’s March” and „Drowned In Puke”, which appeared on our debut album). Few months of not-so-extensive rehearsals brought the material which would later be known as “Path of the Goat”. And to be honest with You, nothing has changed in last 5 years. Oh wait, we became older, we loose more hair than we expected, we have families, some of us still raise up kids. But I believe we still love spending time together, seeing each other while rehersing / travelling to different cities to play live or simply „drinking beers & forever blowing bubbles”.

The Dead Goats debuted in 2012 with “The Path of the Goat”, which received very positive reviews. Ho do you feel about that album 4 years later?

We’re still very proud of it. „Path Of The Goat” is the best thing we could conceive in this time. Our debut album received much critical acclaim, gathering almost exclusively postitive reviews in Polish press as well as international one. The album was featured at some of the summaries of best records of the year, and Terrorizer Magazine (!!) called it “some of the most compelling and headbangable Swedeath since the term Swedeath became a viable word” while awarding the album a highest possible score. This was huge! J In addition, it was released by the small label Instant Classic, held by two music enthusiasts – Maciek & Arek, who man up with death metal band. CD-version sold out in less than a year & a half, so as we were begginers, we couldn’t imagine better start. To date, people still ask us if we have any spare copies to distribute, some of them patiently wait till we decide to re-release it. That’s the real award and we feel it’s worth doing what we started as a band.  

Curiously, the following years you released 2 EPs and no less than 3 splits, is there a reason for so many splits?

There’s no particular reason for so many EPs & split albums. While we’re not playing live, almost each rehersal brings new riffs, even songs. Additionally, we always wished our band follow our dreams. Some of us always wanted to have EP on 12” („Children Of The Fungus”), while preparing „Ferox” demo we came accros the idea of making additional song as we’re asked to participate in 7” split with German band Revel In Flesh. 12” split with Icon Of Evil was the brainchild of our beloved friend Tukan, who lead his own label „Dark Side Of Punk” (he also released our debut album on LP-version). The 3 songs appearing as „Don’t Go In The Tomb” mCD were firstly to be put on a 12” split with our friends from Calm The Fire (that’s another dream – to have a split album with people who you love). Unfortunatelly for us, they were preparing their newest full length album at this time (check their „Doomed From The Start” LP/CD, hc-punk in vein of Entombed & Cursed – it’s really worth hearing!) and we didn’t have a choice of not releasing it J

Now, in this 2016 you get your second album in the streets, the great “All of Them Witches”.How long did you work on it?

Thanks!! To be honest, we appreciate every opinion, even those negative (hopefully, we didn’t come accross dragging us through the mud. Maybe it’s because our newest album is to recent and not many reviewers familiarized oneself with it, haha). Hmm…let me think…there are 8 songs plus short instrumental intro arranged while recording, so the answer is - 8 rehersals J We felt we needed to start working on full lenght album. And we did it! The result? We’re fully satisfied at this moment!

Comparing your new material to the former years what is the evolution of the band?

Honestly speaking, I can not analize our outputs. Let the people who are familiar with it to dissect music on primary factors. However, we can’t disclaim „All Of Them Witches” is more varied & difficult to play live.

You are in the death metal thing but with several shades, we could say that most of the sound is old school death metal?

The notion of abandoning the 90’s Stockholm sound is out of the question. We love the buzzsaw guitar sound and this characteristic feeling, if you know what I mean. Simultaneously, we’re ordinary guys from the city situated in northern east of Poland, wearing jackets, Converse sneakers, loving Blink 182. Is it enough metal nowadays? J

What are the lyrics about?

Lyrics mostly handle day-to-day problems. Horror, zombies, witches, all kinds of wickedness, creatures from beyond the grave or damned adandoned villages. I need to mark, that our „poetry” does not dazzle impudent brutality. We prefer rather to concentrate on atmosphere and the climate of horror.

In your album we are gonna find songs like The Curse Of Gallows Hill, with an old school flavour but full of tempo changes and a variety in it

As I’ve mentioned previously – I’m not keen on clarify what stays behind each particular song. But in our opinion, „The Curse Of Gallows Hill”, due to the rhythm breakdown refers to Entombed’s „Clandestine” where songs are based on different riffs, little amount of repetitions, variety. While listening for the first time, you are not sure what comes next. They are one of our total favourites (both, the whole Clandestine album & mentioned song from our newest album).
There are also some more atmospheric tracks as The Gloom That Came To Salem

„The Gloom That Came To Salem” was the last one we composed for the album. We had lot of untapped ideas and tried to fit them in one song. Additionally, we thought it might be interesting „winking” to all the Lucio Fulci fans – the great horror master who brought to life enormous amount of movies!

And to complete the picture we get some very strong songs, dark and sinister, as Dwarves In My Coffin

I don’t know what to say (again! J). It’s really up to the recipient whether he finds „Dwarves In My Coffin” dark & sinister, fun-loving dance anthem, another „wink” (this time aimed in Behemot or Repulsion fans) or just simply our neverending love to Radek’s & Marcin’s previous band Neuropathia, where titles and lyrics were kept in grotesque climate. Feel free!

So, in the same album we get death metal but with many angles, which makes your work fresh and enjoyable

We are huge fans of music! Despite playing, let’s call it „swedish death metal”, we really spend lot of time giving full vent to CD’s & LP’s listening. Furthermore, Marcin comes from the punk scene, Pawel used to play in several black metal bands, Radek is a typical 100% grind core maniac. Potpourri of all these factors made us the people who we are now, affects on our lifestyles and vicariously on the things we create together.

Before releasing this “The Path of the Goat” you were touring around with many bands such as Napalm Death, Nasum, Black Breath, Calm The Fire, Icon Of Evil, etc we can say that The Dead Goats was born for the live shows?

You have to ask our shows attendants if we’re born for this. It’s impossible for any of us to be the part of the audience, until ones get sacked from the band J In fact, there’s quite a long list of the bands we shared stage with but we do not play much (OK, sometimes – for people who have only 26 days free at work during the year, families, kids, animals, everyday duties, etc. 15-20 live shows is a goodly amount) but we try to reach as many places as we can – with strictly one exception: from the early beggining we stay out from homophobic / racist / sexist venues, bands, people. Nazi punks fuck off!

I endorse your words. Talking about gigs, what are your plans for this year and 2017 regarding live downloads?
Till the end of 2016 we have to (we gave our word to Calm The Fire band we’ll manage to record 3-4 songs for 12” split album I mentioned previously which is the priority for us at the moment) get into the recording studio at least twice J We’ve already played 20 shows almost all around Poland this year so with one or two exeptions, we concentrate on new things. And speaking of 2017? We’ve started booking summer festivals. For sure we’re gonna visit a couple of cities with CTF promoting our common release. We’ll see what future brings!

Poland is a country that is leaving kind of a blast in Metal right now. For example, the black metal scene is very rich, with bands opening new routes in terms of sound even. Do you think Polish death metal is more conservative?

I would not say that death metal is more conservative. Try to compare (the first 4 bands which come to my mind) In Twilight’s Embrace, Icon Of Evil, Vader & The Dead Goats. They all play different things and are located in recalled genre! I wished to answer you more extensively though as far as polish black metal scene is concerned, I listen to Furia only J

Right now, in terms of quality, I think The Dead Goats can see right to the eyes to bands such as your comrades Vader, and many others, what do you think?

Honestly speaking, we do not know guys from Vader except one, who comes from our hometown J We’re still to small to even out the band you mentioned or Behemoth, Decapitated and many many more. Music is not a battlefield and we’d wish ourselves to become better  & better every day without looking over others. Weeks before „All Of Them Witches” was released, we’ve came accros lot of opinions that the best polish metal albums have been already recorded. So, let’s leave the ranks to the others. But thanks anyway for seeing the quality in TDG. We really appreciate it!

-With 2 albums in your handbag, what can we expect from The Dead Goats in the future?
You can expect tons of split albums, EP’s, mCD  J Just kidding. The priority is to make 2 split albums this year, later we concentrate on next full lenght album. We’d wish to avoid having another 4-year gap in our discography concidering longer releases. And additionally, we’ll prepare something special but it’s too early to reveal our secret.

Modesty is a virtue and the base for success, as the poet would say J That’s all, thank you for your attention and congratulations for your big album!

Thanks once again! We’re doing our best & having a great time being together, bringing obeisance to the music we love! See you somewhere, sometime!

Klonque - Burn Particularly (2016)

2.You Think You Know
3.The Hunt
4.The Last Stand

Peter Geltat - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming
Thomas Neitsch - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming

El 10 de agosto se publicó el trabajo de estos dos músicos, producto alemán con marca registrada. Y es que no son para nada unos desconocidos, ambos trabajan con los legendarios del thrash alemán Holy Moses. Thomas más en las labores de bajo y Peter en las de guitarra. Se ve que se deben de llevar bastante bien porque han decidido poner en marcha este proyecto, de momento ellos dos solos. Y aquí están los primeros resultados en forma de ep. La banda se creó el año pasado, así que ya les iba tocando sacar algo de material.

Klonque se mueve en el terreno del death metal con ciertos aires eclécticos. Arranca el ep con Parasites, un death agresivo con mucho músculo guitarrero que tira del groove. Nos ofrecen riffs potentes y de aires modernos, guitarras dobladas y un poquillo de atmósfera para enriquecer el tema. La batería es programada a lo largo de todo el trabajo, pero al menos se la han currado un poco para que no tire hacia abajo en la composición.

You Think You Know tiene un inicio más lento pero de riffs poderosos y de nuevo cargados de groove, con un buen despliegue técnico. No lo hacen mal tampoco en el micro, voces típicas del death melódico, bien acopladas a los ritmos que imponen. El tema va ganando en velocidad hasta la pausa, de la que salen con una sucesión de riffeo y un solo limpio y melódico. Respecto a los Holy Moses hay que decir que estos Klonque tiran más hacia la melodía y nos encontramos con cortes de death metal más actual, con pegada pero de fácil escucha.

The Hunt es el tema más técnico del plástico, me recuerda a los Coroner por el excelente trabajo de riffs, escalas para un lado y para otro pero sin perder un ápice de agresividad. Y poenemos el punto final con The Last Stand, un corte que podríamos calificar como de psycho death. Riffs distorsionados y corrosivos en un medio tiempo, con su punto de misterio a lo Mercyful Fate. Un tema que da el punto de teatralidad a sus composiciones, con una parada muy atmosférica, de voces demoníacas y excelente ambientación a lo Edge of Sanity. El mejor tema, de sonido death muy clásico para cerrar esta buena carta de presentación.

Muy buenas expectativas las que nos dejan estos Klonque de cara al futuro. Quizás les faltaría fichar a un batería para dar más pegada a la base rítmica, aunque el trabajo de programación no les ha quedado nada mal. Con ello completarían un trío muy potente que nos puede dejar grandes trabajos en el futuro, con un amplio rango de versatilidad en sus composiciones. 

Running Wild - rapid foray (2016)

1. Black Skies, Red Flag
2. Warmongers
3. Stick to Your Guns
4. Rapid Foray
5. By the Blood in Your Heart
6. The Depth of the Sea Nautilus
7. Black Bart
8. Hellestrified
9. Blood Moon Rising
10. Into the West
11. Last of the Mohicans
Rock ‘n’ Rolf – Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Peter Jordan – Guitars
Live Line-Up:
Rock N’ Rolf– vocals, guitars
Peter Jordan – guitars
Ole Hempelmann – bass
Michael Wolpers – drums

Los Running Wild son una de esas bandas que no necesitan presentación y para sus más acérrimos fans son auténticas leyendas, teniendo discos como el Port Royal o el Death or Glory como obras de culto. Para los que no somos tan fans, como es mi caso, pues es una banda que nunca me ha motivado ni me ha hecho tilín especialmente. Pero no estamos hoy aquí para hacer su biografía ni para enjuiciar su carrera, sino para algo mucho más simple como es reseñar el nuevo disco del grupo que sale bajo el título de Rapid Foray.

De los miembros originales de la banda solo nos queda el señor Rock ‘n’ Rolf Kasparek, al que acompaña en las tareas compositivas Peter Jordan a la guitarra, y creo que eso se nota bastante en este disco. Los discos de 2012 y 2013 a mí me dejaron más fría que un témpano, sin embargo Rapid Foray me ha sorprendido positivamente, es un paso definitivo hacia el heavy metal, olvidaos del pasado del power feliz o el speed acaramelado que hacían, si queréis eso tendréis que tirar de los títulos clásicos, porque en este nuevo disco solo lo vais a encontrar en pequeñas dosis.

Sí, chachos, este Rapid Foray suena mucho más versátil, actualizado y heavy que lo que venían haciendo desde hace mucho tiempo. Además, es un disco extenso y con temas largos pero, salvo momentos puntuales, no se me ha hecho nada pesado. La andadura se inicia con Black Skies, Red Flag, ritmo heavy y riff speed interesante que repiten a lo largo de todo el tema, se podría decir que es la piedra angular de este primer corte. Buen comienzo para el disco, que arranca potente y con 0% de azúcar desde el principio.

Warmongers tira de nuevo de riffs speedicos con mucha pegada y además he visto muy sólido a Kasparek en las voces a lo largo de todo el disco, una voz recia que contribuye de manera considerable a darle pegada al disco. Solo afilado donde los haya y de momento ni rastro del power feliz que se gastaban antaño.
Stick to Your Guns tiene un inicio mucho más calmado, que junto a lo clásicas que suenan las guitarras me recuerda a los Accept. Eso sí, en este tema también dan rienda suelta a una vena más comercial, pero es un medio tiempo rockero muy clásico que entra fácilmente. Rapid Foray es la primera incursión clara en el power, a golpe de doble bombo y melodías que tienen ese timbre de los viejos tiempos, sin duda una concesión que agradecerán aquellos fans que se quedaron anclados en el pasado y que siempre piden a la banda que saque el mismo disco una y otra vez. Lo mejor de este tema me parecen los solos, muy inspirados a las guitarras a lo largo de todo el disco y el tema no se hace excesivamente edulcorado.

By the Blood in Your Heart es uno de los temas más flojos del disco, pausado y con un áurea a lo Manowar, recurriendo a la épica de todo a cien, comercial y prefabricada, coros acaramelados y ritmos de chichinabo. De este tema rescataría el cambio de ritmo y aceleración punteando que le da al tema un poco de vidilla. Es un corte muy poco creativo pero en directo seguro que es de los que ganan, con todo el público coreando. Las gaitas al final y la subidita de tono me resultan totalmente innecesarias.

The Depth of the Sea Nautilus pensaba que sería la típica instrumental que te meten a mitad de disco y que te corta el rollo y te la acabas saltando, pero nada de eso, me ha resultado uno de los temas más interesantes del disco, muy bien elaborado. Tiene una melodía de rock sureño al principio del tema, doblando las guitarras y con una ambientación muy lograda. También muy buena la parada tope Judas y final con riff power y solo, no está mal.

Black Bart es otro típico tema de power metal que no sorprende para nada, pero que tiene unos excelentes duelos de guitarra. Hellestrified es un tema más heavy, donde de nuevo combinan una base rítmica clásica a lo Wasp con riffeo power melódico, un tema de esos pensados para el directo, también con cierto aire Scorpions, sencillo pero efectivo.

Con Blood Moon Rising vuelven a recuperar el heavy veloz, de corte speed en las guitarras. Una vez más destaca el trabajo vocal de Rock n’ Rolf, un primer solo corto y muy efectivo a modo de calentamiento y un segundo punteo más cañero, seguido de riffs maidenescos, uno de los mejores cortes del disco. Le sigue Into the West, para mí otro de los temas flojos del álbum, demasiado previsible y happy-blando, otra concesión para los viejos fans de la banda.

Y cerramos el disco con uno de los mejores cortes, por no decir el mejor. Os hablo de Last of the Mohicans. Cuando vi la duración del tema me temí lo peor, pero he de confesar que les ha quedado una muy buena canción, compleja en cuanto a su estructura y sin perder fuerza. El tema tiene un poco de todo, desde los comienzos acústicos y los riffs a lo Maiden, hasta ritmos power, paradas y solos de guitarra para dar y tomar, largos como una carretera al infierno, un tema donde han dado rienda suelta a toda su inspiración.

En conclusión, tenemos un disco que en líneas generales tira más hacia un heavy potente, clásico por momentos, más que hacia el power. El trabajo de guitarras es bueno, la voz cuidada y la composición no está nada mal. Sinceramente, a estas alturas de la película no me esperaba un disco con esta pegada por parte de los teutones y hay que felicitarles por ello.

Puntuación: 7,5/10