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Interview with GREY WOLF (Brazil)

The Band: Grey Wolf
Country: Brazil
The Guy: Fabio Paulinelli, bass, vocals and soul of the band.

Interview by Vpower

Grey Wolf is a Brazilian band that is working very hard to get a space in the hard world of Metal business, they play an Epic Heavy Metal, with great guitars and a strong voice, something that fans of classic Heavy Metal will love, I guess. The interview is very interesting, with a Fabio Paulinelli that doesn't hide anything. Hope you enjoy it. 

Today I have the pleasure to talk to Fabio Paulinelli. Grey Wolf has just released its second album, last year you released the debut album, you are working fast...
Yes, yes, of course, so much that we are already in the process of recording third album which will be released in January.

Is there an evolution between Grey Wolf, your first work, and We are Metalheads, your new album?
Many people have had the same impression. Others already prefer the first. But the songs were composed about the same time. But the evolution of an album to another comes naturally I guess.

What are your expectations with this We are Metalheads?
Well, I hope everyone who likes our work are satisfied with the result. The compositions are not pretentious, just born naturally, it comes from within and this is what characterizes the true heavy metal.

You play a very epic Heavy Metal, where the strong and vicious riffs are the key of your sound, even more than the solos I think. What do you think? How do you define your style?
Yes, I agree with you. The strength of the songs are the riffs. I do not know how to play guitar, just picked to compose and so are simple compositions, but strong. As I said, come from within. What I try to work a little better are the lines of Bass, that yes, my real instrument. Also can not sing well, but not to depend on someone else, I do it myself, but I do not like, hehehe. I think the Grey Wolf can be considered a heavy metal band authentic, everything comes naturally when composing.

Fabio, you have a very powerful voice that fits perfectly with your musical approach. Is your natural voice or you do the Angela Gossow kind of thing hahaha?
Hahaha, if you listen to my natural voice, you would hardly believe the same person. I kid voice, hehe. When I called my wife for the first time to invite her to go out with me, she almost gave up because he thought, "this guy must be a brat," kkkkkkkk. So my natural voice has nothing to do with what I do in time to sing

Well, then I must congratulate you fot the work with the voices too, they kick asses all around. What are your influences?
Running Wild, Manowar and Iron Maiden in terms of guitar. Iron maiden and Cliff Burton in terms of Bass. I do not have influences of Vocalists, as I said, I can not sing, just sing and it sounds shit, kkkk. But many say they mainly seemed Grave Digger, Ironsword, but it happens naturally.

For the lyrical part, the work of Robert Howard and epic theme in general

I think Ironsword fits your sound very well. How is the composition process inside Grey Wolf?
I picked up an old guitar and start risking some riffs. When there is something cool, I record and then develop the rest of the music. I write the lyrics on the guitar base. Create a line Drum and last lines Bass.

If the world were about to collapse and you could only save three albums, they would be...?
Manowar-Into Glory Ride,  Iron Maiden-Piece of Mind and  Running Wild-Masquerade

I don’t get very clear when I check the Metal Archives how many guys have recorded “We are Metalheads”, or how many members are in the band right now?
All two albums were recorded at home. The Drums lines are scheduled. The Grey Wolf never had a real drummer.We got some borrowed from other bands to perform a few live performances. Here in my town it became increasingly difficult members who want to take a job you seriously. Especially drummer. The albums were recorded by me (Basses and vocals) and Rudolf (guitars). Rudolf left the band earlier this year. Now we are me and Chris (guitar), this guy yes, a real partner.

 You are a Brazilian band, tell us a little how is the Metal scene in your country
Good scene, very diverse but with a stronger extreme vein.

Are the US and Europe also your market goals? Do you have the intention to tour out of Brazil?
It would be a dream, man. I live in a country without culture where metal is not valued. I'm looking for contacts rather out there, for there is no future. Europe mainly. Man, it would be a dream to take the band outside that country shit for sure.

There are big bands in Brazil as Sepultura, Angra... bit for a small group do you think it is a disvantage to be born in Brazil in order to be succesful in the Metal world nowadays?

With all certainty, man. I was born in a fucking bucket called Brazil. Here there is no future for the metal. You have to pay all of your pocket, there is no government support, you pay to play. We do for the love of heavy metal. è very difficult to lead a band here.

Your epic themes are more appropiated for a northern country, such as Norway, Sweden, Germany, etc. But in Brazil usually you should be talking about sunshine and caipirinhas, right?

I was born in the wrong place, man. kkkkkk What a shame, hahaha. But my inspiration comes from books and Hqs of Conan and epic films, I read Conan since I was 9 years old. My main influences lyric.

Well Fabio, not everything is Metal in life. If you have to chose between Metal, football and girls, what would be the order? I know is hard to answer, but...
I've already chosen. Heavy Metal is my life, but in that unfortunate country, you just lose it. loses much to devote hard a purpose of no return and no reward. My greatest reward is knowing that there are a few people who admire my work with the Grey and have contributed with 2 albums so far for the Heavy Metal

Talking about football, what is your team and have you ever thought about creating a barbaric hymn for your club?
My club is the Cruzeiro Esporte Clube. But most do not follow football, here no longer worth it. No one has more love to the shirt as before. What boss is money. Here, a player who can write bad earns 200 times more than a teacher. 15 times more than a doctor. And that to play bad yet. I do not follow.

What is your favorite Spanish football team (be careful...lol)?
Hahahaha, do not worry, I'm not cheering more nor by my team, hahaha.

OK, enough with football (I prefer basketball, by the way). What are your plans for the future? You will continue with your crazy rate of one album by year?
Yes, of course, the work does not stop. As I said before, we are already recording the third album which shall be released in January. Not to mention my newly launched project BROTHERS OF SWORD, which I reuini members of various bands with similar themes to participate in songs that I wrote for this album.

Interesting, I wll check those Broters of Sword, the name promises a lot. Let’s touch a little the social issue. How do you see your country? If you could change something what would you do?
I see this country as a shit bucket as already said. A corrupt den and it is rooted in the culture of the people. Politicians steal our money while people die in hospitals queues, a shame. I think only a civil war would change something. The people have no shame and elects these corrupt in exchange for a few crumbs. People without honor. Without culture. The reality is sad.

Yeah, it’s really sad to see that situation, indeed. And last, but not least, where can the metalhead buy your cd?

Me directly. Already sent a few copies to Germany and Japan in exchange. But very few. Even if you can give me some contact specialty stores in Europe so I can try to send the material, I would be grateful, hehehe.

Thanks a lot Fabio, for your time and your sincerity!
I thank you for the opportunity and support to our work. Thanks.

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