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Interview with TRESPASS

The Band: Trespass
Country: United Kingdom
Answers by: Mark Sutcliffe (guitar, vocals)

Trespass is one the best bands you can find in the NWOBHM sound. Luck was not with them back in the 80s, but they are here again composing new songs and defying fate or whatever stands in their way. We talk with Mark Sutcliffe, founding member.

Hello Mark, last 2015 you released your second full-length album, if we don’t count demos, EPs and compilations. What difference are we going to find between “Trespass” (2015) and Head (1993)?

Head was a bit of a reaction to the softer Blue Blud stuff we did. We also had influences like Metallica and Alice In Chains. I guess that's what happens if you don't make albums often enough the world changes! The 2015 album was really meant to bring things up to date and give the old songs a bit of a boost. Ahead of brand new songs set for release this year 2016.

Great news! Today’s Trespass combines new blood with founding members as Dave and you, but you still sound old school...

Its hard to get away from your roots! We have a sound and there it is. Dave and Paul have since left but the sound will go on!

Yes, the spirit never dies. Before talking about your new album more in detail, let’s review a little Trespass’ history. The band was formed in 1978. What memories do you keep of that time?

The early days were an incredible blur. We were so young and inexperienced.
The one of these days single session was the first time we had ever been into a recording studio.

As band of the NWOBHM how would you define your position inside that movement?

I think we were just a little later in than Maiden and Def Leppard but I think we were one of the NWOBHM bands. Some of the bands that claim to be part of it actually came along too late in my opinion.

Despite your quality, you never had the chande to record a full.length in the 80s. What happened?

We were signed to a small local label and I think the wanted to get a major involved to finance an album. It was a fundamental mistake not to record an album in 1980. I think it would have established us as one of the bands of the era.

True, a sadness. I suppose that back in the 80s you did many gigs around. Any show that brings you some especial feelings?

The shows at the Marquee supporting Girl were the ones I remember it was simply awesome for some young kids from the back of beyond to be on that stage was beyond words!

Any funny or interesting anecdote you can tell us about that time?
Shopping for stage clothes in Carnaby street London. I cant believe some of the stuff we wore we looked like something from the circus!

Hahaha. Of all the bands you share time, beers and joy around in the 80s, which one impressed you more?

Girl were impressive although misunderstood. Phil Collen Who went on to join Leppard was friendly to us. He is an awesome guitar player. Early Def Leppard were also excellent.

Well, let’s go back to the present. I would say your new album “Trespass” has a very classic sound, a high class Heavy Metal

Thanks for that :) I am pleased with the sound and the energy despite the passing of the years. A band is really its songs after all and these stand the teat of time. New ones to come though!

The songs are completey new or there is something like a remaster or remix in the middle?

These are all completely new recordings. A few arrangement tweaks here and these but basically true to the originals.

I think you got a very solid album, no fillers. We are going to find tracks with a nwobhm sound, as “Assassin”, songs that are pure Heavy Metal with a jam session inluded as “Stormchild”, great melodies as “Lightsmith”... a great variety for all tastes

I really like to think so. I like my songs to create images and tell stories. And I like the power of the metal/hard rock sound but with melody

The guitar work is awesome. For example, the solo in “Ace of Spades” seems from another world. Who is the leader in terms of composition, you or Dave? Or is it a 50/50?

I (Mark) am the principal lead player. Dave chose not to play his usual harmony parts on this session for some reason so I ended up doing it all! I guess it was too much to remember!

I think that if “Trespass” were to be released in the 80s it would fit perfectly well. Do you have the feeling that you lost some years in the middle?

Oh lord yes! We should have been like Saxon and just kept going. My Fathers Allan Sutcliffe's early death aged just 47 in 1982 killed it off. We did reform in 1984 as Trespass but I was persuaded to change to Blue Blood and the rest is history.

Can we expect more new albums from Trespass in the future?

Absolutely!! We are working on a new album with a new line up for release summer 2016. Mark Sutcliffe Guitar Vocals, Joe Fawcett Guitar, Jason Roberts Drums,and Danny B Bass.

Are you going to tour around to support your new album?

As much as we can and if we are wanted of course!

Thank you very much for your time and congratulations for your fantastic album. If you wish to add something...

I just want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart to all the people from all over the world who have supported us and are still interested in our music after all this time.
The music is all that matters and I believe that people who are into rock and metal are the nicest and greatest people I know. When you go to a rock festival the atmosphere is always so great.

I really want to share our new music with them. it is not about money or being famous it is about the music and the way it makes you feel!

Keep rocking forever!!

Mark Sutcliffe TRESPASS

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