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Interview with EDDY MALM BAND

by Vpower

The Band: Eddy Malm Band
Country: Sweden
Answers by: Eddy Malm (vocals)

If you have been listening to heavy metal for some time you will surely know epic Swedish legends Heavy Load. You miss it? Well, we have good news for you because you are gonna get another piece of it with EDDY MALM BAND. Eddy was former vocalist & guitarist of the cult act Heavy Load, you will be surprised because he still sounds quite the same as in the old times, plus the songs are classic stuff all the way, driven by heavy guitars and great melodies. If you want to know more details just read the conversation we kept with Eddy Malm.

Hello Eddy and congratulations for your great new album!

Thank you

You were a famous member of heavy metal cult act Heavy Load, what motivated you to release this album under the name of Eddy Malm Band so many years later?

I think that the main reason was that Chris of No Remorse Rec showed Interest in a song that me and Per recorded some time ago, a Swedish musician wrote a book about Swedish Heavy Metal  and wanted some unrealest songs to put on a cassette that came with the book, he had heard our song and wanted to put it on the cassette, witch he did, and somehow this cassette ended up with Chris so he contacted me and asked if we wanted to make a record, and we could not say no to that. And of course we would use the fact that I was a former Heavy Load member in some way. So Eddy Malm Band seemed a good way to do it.

Many people will compare it with the Heavy Load’s legacy, and it has a part of it, sure, but there are other things in this Eddy Malm Band’s album, right?

Of course there is, HL was a band with 3 songwriters and 3 singers and it was pretty much this that was a bit unique with us, in EMB there is only one lead singer, but the songs are made basically for like 25 years ago, and are in the same feeling as the songs I made for HL but Per and Mickael have really been a very big input in making it sound more today.  

If it were possible you would like to resurrect Heavy Load again or better let the past rest were it is?

Actually yes I believe I would, I think that would be a real heavy experience to do.

Eddy, you were a guy with a great voice, you still are, but you also played guitar, how do you feel more comfortable? You consider yourself more a guitarist or a vocalist?

Well thank you for that J I love doing both, and basically all songs that I have made, started out with the guitar, so I guess I have to say that I am both.

Challenger was another one of your bands, with a more commercial stuff but it didn’t go too far, what do you remember of that?

If I’m not mistaken this was a band that me and Andres Fritz started, we made some songs that we recorded and actually hade a German record company that was interested in making our album, but right at that moment Andreas got a offer to play in a Danish metal band that where pretty big at the time and still are King Diamond, a job he just hade to take, so that was the end of Challenger.

Yes, who could say no to King Diamond… Highbrow was another chapter, more hard rock oriented, I think we can find something of it in this new album of yours?

Yes maybe a little, I was the lead singer in that band and wrote all the lyrics, verry much Eddy Malm lyrics even at that time, if you know what I mean J

You have counted with guitarist Per Hesselrud, whom you have known for many years already, was it easy to convince him to go on board?

Actually he was very much the driving force in this project, so it was no problem at all.

How long have you worked in Northern Lights?

We worked on the recording of the album in about one year, but of course not every day.

Your singing is strong and emotive as ever, it seems you haven’t lost any of your skills. What is the secret?

I wish I knew, but I have been told by many that I sound young, like a 25 year old boy, and I think I can live with that J

Hahaha Some of the songs were composed some time ago, is it all old stuff and how old?

As I said earlier, most of the songs where composed like 30 years ago, some even earlier, but I do believe that we have made them sound a bit more up to date. And as you probably know there are 2 HL songs and 2 Higebrow songs on the album that where made even earlier.

What is clear is that it sounds old school in every moment, kind of nostalgic?

Yes, the songs are defiantly old school and give a nostalgic feeling,

I like the variety of sounds in the album, we get heavy metal, hard rock, a taste of NWOBHM sound…

I haven’t really given that very much thought, when I make my music I don’t really try to follow any specific lines, I just make it and want it to be filled of feeling.

After so many years without going into the studio what were your sensations?

Well the biggest sensation was the fact that I could not reach the high notes any more, so we had to bring it down a notch, but then again, I’m not 25 any more, even though I sound like I am J

You have made a great job, sure. What is your favorite song in the album?

Well I like them al, but If I have to pick a favourite it would be Heart of a Warrior

The cover looks very epic, has it something to do with the lyrics?

The cover is Northern Lights that we actually see here in Sweden if we go up north a bit, and we wanted the album to represent the fact that we are a northern band, and the Vikings are a connection to the fact of me being a old HL member

 Northern Lights is just a studio project or we will be lucky to see Eddy Malm Band on stage this year or in 2017?

We are counting on being on stage in 2017 and we will be in several different country’s.

Oh yeah, that sounds really really good! As a legend from the 80’s heavy metal, Eddy, how do you see the current scene?

I haven’t really listened to the new metal of today, but I am not too fond of the Death Metal that is played today, don’t really like the way they sing, but that is me, and we all have the right to have a opinion, everybody can’t like everything, but there are a lot of good bands out there, but I guess I’m a bit stuck in the 80´s

Do you miss something from the 80’s metal business, in any sense?

Haven’t really given it much thought, but I might miss a bit of my youth J

Ay as we all do… Is it in your mind to release a second album some time in the future?

It is definitely in my mind and I think we have enough material for it as well.

All good news, that’s fantastic! Thank you very much for your kindness Eddy

Thank you very much for showing us your interest and Per and Mickael send there best wishes to you and we will see you soon Rock On!!

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