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Interview with ISCARIOTA

by Vpower

The Band: Iscariota
Country: Poland
Answers by: Justyna Szatny (keyboards)

ISCARIOTA is a band with a long story, hailing from the city of Sosnowiec (Poland) they have had a long career although with several line-up and style variations. On Metalbrothers.es we are always opened and ready to discover new bands and we strongly recommend the listening of their great new album Upadłe królestwo. We learn more about the band by the hand of the nice Justyna Szatny.

Hello Justyna and welcome to our site!

Hello :)

Iscariota is a Polish band that started off in 1992, more than 20 years ago, what do you remember of that?

Well, not much as I was 7 years old .) But I have already listened Metallica, Nirvana and feared of all these t-shirts with skeletons J

Of the initial project how many members are still active in the band?

2 – Piotr Piecak (ex-drummer-presently vocal) and Dominik Durlik (guitar)

In 1995 you released Cosmix Paradox, your first full-length. What changes in your sound have happened since that time?

Everything. It's been 20 years. Recording studio, equipment, even instruments, as the keys  replaced second guitar.  Additionally band members. It’s not without significance, because everyone creates very own sonic space.

We are now in 2016 and we get your fourth album Upadłe królestwo, a very powerful album, how long have you worked on it?

About 1 year. During promotion of  “History Of Life” we have composed new material for forthcoming album. We never wait with that. When we have some ideas we play it immediately. We can’t let them go J

Don’t stop me now or keep the fire burning, we could name it. We were very surprised by the heavy speed metal you deliver and the great combination of guitar and keys melodies. Who is usually in charge of the composition process? Are guitars on command or you on the keys has the first and the last word?

With this is different. The whole team is in general involved in the creation of music. The guys grew up on old school thrash and heavy metal. I bring my inspirations that I draw from both the symphonic and progressive music.

And the result is very good. I would like to underline your great work on the keyboards. And exercise of elegance, precision and good taste. Moreover, we get different kind of keys playing along the album
Thank you for your kind words J I always try to approach each song individually. Refer to the whole character, enclose in notes all feelings that I want to give back to the music. Additionally my great Korg Triton Le and Korg Krome have a lot of sounds which I need to express music in many different ways.

How did you start playing keyboards and what has been your bands or musicians of reference?

Very young. When I was 5 years old I was very curious with very old piano, which stood in the nursery. My mother saw it and sent me to private teacher for learning. My teacher always said: You have a great gift for impart feelings into music. So is till now J When it comes to musical influences, I must mention: Moonspell, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Dream Theater, Katatonia, Nightwish.
Justyna, I was surprised by your style, because you can play atmospheric, neoclassic, heavy tunes, you always play what every song needs, you are not the kind of egocentric musician seeking her own show and the lights upon you…

Ha ha! Well I’m not egocentric musician and never will be J Variety of my style is nothing but a reference to the feelings diversity. Being in the band is not a solo carrier. I’m part of Iscariota. Every member is important – like good constructed machine. Without one element the whole won’t work.

The guitars also make and awesome work and they remind me of East Europe classic bands such as Hungarian Kalapacs or Russian Aria

I know Aria and I like it, Kalapacs I heard few hours ago. I cannot say if I can compare it.  First of all, different style, and absolutely they are not bands with whom we are auscultation. I think with a few probably millions of bands in the world is difficult to find somewhere some similarities. In this case it has no great  meaning.

One of the strong points in your new album Upadłe królestwo is the variety of styles you play, built on a heavy metal ground we could say, they make your work very amusing and powerful

I understand “heavy metal ground” as regular rhythm, legible melody and a little bit of pathos. Our tastes are fulfilled this way. We always try to play so that pleasant to listen to us.

By the way, you sing in Polish all the songs. I think it gives a special feeling to your songs, more genuine. But if we talk about reaching other countries it might be a set back…

There are different opinions. Singing in other language than polish doesn’t suit to Iscariota. Once I tried to translate some Iscariota’s lyrics but the result was not acceptable for us.

Talking about singing, Piotr Piecak is a guy with a really wide range because you try him in almost every song with thrash, speed metal, heavy, grindcore, hard rock and he never gives in, he defends his ground without a moment of doubt

That’s true. He had a hidden talent as at the beginning of Iscariota, he was a drummer. I think his vocal is very powerful and exact express all feelings running through our music.

Oh so he was originally a drummer, cool…What are the lyrics about?

The lyrics are about philosophy and journalistic. You can find there some politic and social comments, ideological manifestos, a little bit of self-reflections, a lot of existential poetry. Lyrics are very important part in our music.

I will study Polish some day. What kind of songs are more demanded by your fans, the thrash/speed sounds like in Koleżanka szklanka, the heavy goods of Sny o potędze or some more modern approach like Judasz (Iscariota)?

Every kind. The true is that it’s very difficult to please everyone. Every man has some expectations and it’s hard to foresee what is it. It depends form many elements.

With the variety you show in your compositions, what can we expect from Iscariota in the future?

We already have some concept for next album. Do not expect big revolution or extremely change of style. We keep our spirit :) For sure we will invite some musicians – it’s our tradition.

If you keep the high level you show on Upadłe królestwo that is more than enough for me. What  bands have influenced your music?

Different. My inspirations I have mentioned above, Dominik: AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Metallica; Piotr Piecak: early Slayer, Cynic, Death; Piotr Zapart: everything from 80’ and 90’; Tomasz: Manowar and Kat.

Have you ever played out of Poland? And any tour dates for the next months?

Not yet. But who knows, maybe we will have a chance. Now we promote “Fallen Kingdom” and have planned some gigs across Poland for next months.

Hopefully we will see you some day on a stage. We cannot waste this chance to ask you, Justyna, about the metal scene in Poland, it seems is quite hot right now, isn’t it?

Very hot :) A lot of bands, gigs, styles. Everyone can find something for himself.

Good, Is it easy to be a Metal band in Poland, or the same as another country?

Well, it’s hard to say. But I think it’s very hard to come out with something new. It seems that everything was.

Thank you very much for your attention Justyna, if you wish to add something…

Thank you a lot for interview. I would like to greet all metal heads in Spain. Stay heavy!

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