martes, 18 de agosto de 2015

Interview with Ereb Altor

The Band: Ereb Altor
Country: Sweden
The Man: Tord (drums, keyboards, and more)

Intervew by Vpower
Hi guys! Today I am lucky enough to talk to Ereb Altor, a consolidated band from Sweden. If you are in this kind of Metal they really don’t need introduction. But if you aren’t, this interview  might be a perfect moment to start with them. So, let’s go!
Hi Tord, Ereb Altor has released a new album in 2015, “Nattram”, what have been the reactions to your new album so far?
Tord: The reactions has been very good, i'm very pleased!

Great. What does the title refer to? What is the story behind Nattram?
T: The Nattramn is a creature from the Swedish folklore. A Nattramn is a raven-like creature often described with big claws and sharp teeth.
A Nattramn is either a soul of a dead child which was never baptized or the soul of a sinner that couldn’t find rest. Nattramns travels during the nights on their way from east to west to find the grave of Christ, it’s the only way for them to release their souls from this nightmare and Nattramns are vicious creatures so people should take cover if they see a big raven during the night.

Well, I would not like to meet any of the versions… I would say that your music is everything but simple. You mix so many elements as Epic, Doom, Black Metal, Viking… Is there a definition for your sound?
T: Since we deal with our Scandinavian heritage, you can hear it in the melodies and read in the lyrics, we get some kind of "Scandinavian sound". I think its best described as "Scandinavian Metal"

Crystal clear. How do you create your songs? What is the process?
T: When Mats have enough pre-recorded material, we together go down to our studio and have a listen, we chat, we re-arrange etc. When we have found the perfect arrangement we start the final recording.
When everything is recorded, I take all the files with me home to my own mixing corner and do the mixing and most of the keyboards. Its in this stage i create the soundscapes you can here, specially on "Nattramn". I just love that part! The final step is mastering. On Nattramn we used "Jens Bogren" at "Fascination Street", since we have worked with him earlier with "Isole", and with a very good result. He´s a pro!

Well, I quite complex process I would say, it seems almost as a factory, everything is scheduled and arranged at its time, good. There has been several changes in your formation lately, how has it affected the band and its sound?
T: Not really, its been Mats and Ragnar the whole time, and I’ve been a part of the band since the first album, but in the studio. The only change we have made is giving Mikael a permanent spot as bassplayer. In the studio it´s no change at all, its me and Mats doing everything except play bass and do the clean singing.

Hell, I will review my notes…hahaha. This is your fifth album, not bad taking in acount that although Ereb Altor was born in 2003 you released your debut album in 2008. It seems the ideas flow fluently inside the band…
T: It has to do with Mats, he´s the kind of musician that could write 10 albums a year hahaha. But of course, it also has to do with his and my very good cooperation. We work close together through the whole recording and creative process.

If this was football I suppose Manchester City or Real Madrid would have signed Mats for some 100 million dollards or whatever… Some old fans think that your best albums were the first and the second. Now that you have this Nattram out in the streets, what would you tell those guys?
T: Try it, you might by it. Its smoother in the sound, a bit like "The End", but with the black metal ingredience. And the sounds is more mature i.m.o.

Sweden is something like a paradise for the Metal fan in general, as the metalhead can find almost every kind of Metal genre within the country, from classic Hard Rock or Heavy Metal to extreme Metal. Is this Metal environment good for a unsual band as Ereb Altor?
T: No, not really. Swedish people have a tendency to listen to all kinds of crappy music, even though we have huge amounts of high quality music here. I guess that’s why we do something like 90 percent of our shows outside Sweden.

A very sincere answer, for sure. What countries your proposal has found a better audience in?
T: Germany is always good, and the baltic region.

I bet for it. What are the sources of inspiration for you when creating a new album?
T: Scandinavian mythology, Swedish folklore, our cold weather, and of course "Bathory".

Yeah! If the world were about to collapse and you only had one bottle and a piece of paper what would you write on it?
T: I´d leave it blank since no one will read it anyway.

Hahahaha, it’s a very logical answer, man, but a poet might die for sadness hahaha. What do you think of the Spanish fans and when they will have the chance to see you in a live show?
T: I love Spain and i love the fans! My dad has an appartment in Barcelona and i visit every now and then. Its always a good time! But im affraid our spanish fans have to wait for next year. Keep an eye out for date and place in the beginning of 2016.

We are very patient here in Spain, so we’ll wait for it. Are you happy with the support from your current label, Cyclone Empire?
T: Its a small lable but they do a great work! More budget can always make things better but i think our relation is very good.

You, guys, have other parallel projects or just focus in Ereb Altor?
T: Since my departure form "Isole" last year, only Mats and Ragnar are left, Mikael screams in a thrash metal band called "Skulldrain", and i have a black metal project together with "Mikael Carlsson" of "Patronymicon" called "Vapnvm".

Non stop! What are your plans for the future?
T: We have two tours comming, one in the Baltic region and one in the rest of Europe, and we are working on some kind of tribute to "Bathory". I dont know yet on what kind of media it will be released but i think people will appreciate it.

I think it would be a great idea, Bathory is a legend and we must keep its flame alive. Thank you very much, Tord. I praise your sincerity and your logic. If you wish to add something…
T: Check our tourdates, show up at the shows, check the new album, and hail the gods of the north!

Fans, you have homework…

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  1. ereb altor? Oh my God. You are on fire, Vpower. Ereb Altor, its one of the best bands in this moment.

  2. They are Gods, I know, and i've touched heaven during a few minutes at least

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