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Interview with GRAND DELUSION

The Band: Grand Delusion
Country: Sweden
The Man: Mikael Olsson – bass, keyboards and backing vocals

Interview by Vpower
Hello friends, today I have the pleasure to talk to a high class band, Grand Delusion (GD), that has released their debut album, a complete work full of great guitars, a astonishing voice and classic rythms, but let’s talk about it with the band itself.
Hello Mike, first of all, tell us a little about the origin of the band
Drummer Magnus and Nils, who play some guitars on the album, had a hard rock/punk band called By Proxy a couple of years before GD begun. I played bass in the stoner rock band Bozeman's Simplex for 10 years until the band disintegrated. Joakim was vocalist in a metal cover band and Per had no previous experience of playing with a band but has studied classical guitar. Björn joined the band last September when Nils quit.
Magnus put up an ad that he was looking for other musicians to play 70s inspired hard rock. I hadn't played regularly with a band since 2003, so I hooked up with Magnus and 2 guitarists which weren't in the band for so long. The rest of the members joined later.

Well, you made a good puzzle, as anyone can check out listening to your debut album. You have been active as band since 2011, but it is now when you release your debut album. How do you feel about it?
Feels great! We've started recording the album in late 2012 and have taken our time to finish it off. Almost all of the album was recorded at Magnus homestudio. Due to work and family commitments there has only been a couple of hours available each week. That's why it took over two years to record and mix the album.

Yes, more than two years working on it, such a big effort, but such a big result too. The first time I saw the cover art I thought: “These guys have to sound very classic”, and it’s also a very underground kind of cover. How did you get it? It was before or after the composition of the songs?
We asked painter Sandra Truedson to make the band-logo. As it became great we asked if she could do the album cover as well. We had a vision based on the album concept story and inspired by Sleep's Dopesmoker cover and she painted a fantastic album cover for us.

Sandra has made a great work, indeed. Your sound is a mix of several styles, how would you define yourselves?
It's always difficult to define our style. We get inspiration from such a wide range of music. I guess stoner metal is where we're at, but spiced with doom metal, nwobhm and progressive rock.

Joakim Gustafsson has a good flow of a voice, I think he even has a hard rock edge and it enriches the band’s music
Yes, I agree. He has a very wide vocal range and huge lungs. :) His voice brings a lot to our sound. Unfortunately Joakim will move to Milano this autumn to live with his Italian girlfriend. Our new guitarist Björn will take over the lead vocal duties and take Grand Delusion into a new dimension. Björn's voice can be heard on the verses of Awakening of a Different Planet.

Oh, I will pay more attention to that song’s verses, as the future vocalist is showing there, it will be a change, no doubt. What bands have influenced your sound?
There are too many, but Black Sabbath, The Sword, Bigelf, Horisont, Pink Floyd ...are some of the most influential.

Sometimes you sound even epic, like the riffs in the song Awakening of a different planet, where you are really briliant. Your guitar work is awesome.
Thank you! We worked on Awakening for a long time before it got its final shape. Per plays a great solo on the midsection.

Are you planning to tour around? Will we have the chance to see you in Spain?
As a small unknown rockband, it's hard to get gigs in Sweden. Hopefully this will change with the album out. We're not youngsters anymore, but we would love to do a small tour. We were offered to do a tour in the Balkans in November, but it was too expensive without any backing. If someone made us a good offer, we could certainly make a couple of gigs in Spain.

It would be great, put your manager to work... In your country you have the Sweden Rock Festival. What do you think of such big events as Wacken, Sweden Rock, etc? You prefer that format or some smaller venue for a live show?
Personally I prefer clubs. I think our music is more suited to smaller venues. However if we were offered a gig at Sweden Rock or Wacken, we wouldn't say no. :)

How can the fan get your cd?
The cd will be available later this summer. It can be obtained from our bandcamp merch page and at our gigs.

Sweden is a country where the Metal, in almost all its different styles, is boiling. Is this good for a new band in order to reach the audience and get success or the competitiveness is too strong?
The competitiveness is very strong within so many metal genres in Sweden but it’s also inspiring with lots of really great bands.

What is your long term vision of Metal and your role in it?
Metal have turned mainstream nowadays but genres will mix and new ones will pop up, we however have no intention to revolutionize anything within the scene right now, just create our own music in the styles we like.

And you are doing a very exciting music, for sure. Thank you very much, if you wish to add something…
We are currently working with material to the next album which may be ready next summer. In the meantime there will probably be one or two singles released in anticipation of the next album. Teasers of new songs will surely be posted now and then on our Facebook page.

Great! More wood into the boiler! Thank you, Mike, and best luck with your project!

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