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Interview with SOG

The Band: SOG
Country : USA
The Man: Doyle Bright (guitars, vocals)

Interview by Vpower

SOG is a new band, with its debut album released this 2015, but the members are not so novice, they have a long experience in the world of Metal music, in such bands as Rigor Mortis, Hallows Eve, etc. The new album is just a Thrash fist in your face, I recommend listen to it, and to talk a little about it we have connection with Mr. Doyle Bright, nothing less!

Hi Doyle, thank you for the opportunity to share some minutes with you. SOG is a band with members full of experience, how did you came to create the band?
With my new band SOG I wanted only musicians that had been fixtures in the Atlanta metal community for at least two decades. I recruited only close, old friends for this band. All with lots of live and recording experience.

Something as a local (an international) band, we could say. Is this a one-album project or we can expect to receive more Speed and Thrash Metal in your face from SOG in the future?
SOG will continue with a full follow up album to the debut, in the spring of 2016 and again with a 3rd release hopefully by winter 2016. I am still a partner with Stacy Anderson in Hallows Eve... but for right now my thing is SOG.

Oh yeah, let’s start the dance, two more albums for the year to come, that is hunger for music. What’s the meaning of SOG?
Well, the name of the band is simply SOG. People can interpret anything they like from the name. I like to think of the band as as Special Ops Group for metal maniacs. I say everyone should just run with it and make it whatever suits themselves.

Right, the title of the album, “The Gift of Aggression”, is really appropriate, the fan will get a full attack of Speed and Thrash Metal in this album. Tell us a little about your debut album
'The Gift Of Aggression' was written by me in just a little over 3 months. Scott Waldrop, co-founder of SOG and bass player, also contributed some sensational lyrics for the album. Only some people in the world are blessed with the gift of aggression. These are generally like the ones who are willing to go to war to protect their country. Ones who are willing to go out and do whatever it takes to "make things right". Then, there's always the fact the the music is aggressive... and, I have the means of pushing out the the world as my simple offering.

My God, in only 3 months..., now I understand when you talked about releasing two more chapters during next year... What are the lyrics about?
SOG lyrics are fairly simple to understand. I don't do politics... bores me. Don't really touch on social issues. We can turn on the news and hear about those. I never sing about religion of any kind. The SOG lyrics are basically dark fantasy, with a twist on truth, sarcasm, things that are just fucked up and not right, some crazy sci-fi stuff... and, of course some good death to keep everything rolling right along.

Sometimes, listening to the album, I think that it even could be an instrumental one, because the energy, the raw riffs and solos design a so great picture that is so amusing even without the vocals...But, fortunately, we still have the vocals of Doyle Bright, and they sound so strong and powerful as ever, they fit perfectly with the music. How much time did you need to work out this album and how was the composition process?
Thanks for that, Alberto (Vpower). Like I stated above I spent a little less than three months writing the songs and arranging them. I write the songs and record them onto a Roland vs2400cd with a basic 'drums from hell' track I compose for each song. Then, I lay the drums tracks down onto the vs2400 post production machine. I record scratch guitar, bass and vocal tracks of every part of the song. Once I put a rough mix on the songs I present the arranged versions to the band and we learn them. Make minor changes here and there. Cut some fat from a song if necessary, and then record the real thing when we're ready.

Everything seems perfectly automatic, a well lubricated machine. All the members have a long experience playing in other bands, you are veterans of the Metal war, it was easy to work together and mix all your influences?
Yes. I made sure that for my new band SOG, I recruited on real metal musicians with really good reputations and a long history of playing this style of music. Each member I chose having 'The Gift Of Aggression', of course.

Now, I cannot give up the chance to talk a little about one band that has impressed me so much along the years, especially when I have in front of me one of the guys that was on board that ship. I’m talking about Rigor Mortis. What do you remember of your work with Rigor Mortis?
Rigor Mortis. Where I really broke my teeth. Playing as a member of RM really taught me how to be a pro. I have always been a singer/ guitar player in every band I had ever been in. So, when Mike heard my playing soon after my vocal audition and offer to join the band permanently, he immediately insisted I play rhythm guitar next to him. I accepted that offer as well, and, became the Rigor Mortis lead vocalist and only ever rhythm guitarist. Playing in Rigor Mortis next to Mike Scaccia and the guys was a time I would never change. Everyday was a new learning and exciting experience for us all.   

True as hell. Unfortunately Rigor Mortis is split-up because of the death of the great Mike Scaccia, how was the guy as a guitarist?
In my opinion Mike Scaccia was a one of a kind. Scaccia, in his own right, was another Hendrix. A true innovator. Not to be matched. We roomed together and played for 12 hours a day together. Everyday. Sometimes even longer for Mike. Total dedication to his art in ever possible way. The real deal.

Nothing to add to that...it’s all said. Returning to SOG, you are a band located in Atlanta, do you have the intention to jump the ocean and attack the European market or whatever?
Absolutely, positively yes! SOG will make our way to Europe... hopefully next year 2016 with a yet unconfirmed engagement with 2 prominent metal bands. SOG is currently distributed on 35 different digital platforms and websites worldwide. Hard copy cd's also available at various online retailers.  

Hell yeaaaah!! You have not signed for any label so far, this is a conscious decision or it is due to the circumstances of the moment?
SOG has signed a recording deal for a minimum of 3 full albums, to be completed over the next 2 years, with the Atlanta based recording company Hallows Eve Media...  and, has been published my Sogamize Music.

Right, information updated. Are there any tour dates programmed? Where?
SOG is taking at least 2 open air fests here in the US over the next year. The FTA open air festival Sept 10-12... and the Mid-America open air fest 2016... date yet to be announced. Also, Nov 20th, 2015 in Dallas, Tx. There are some plans in development to possibly go out for some dates with a couple of our local and very world respected bands. Yet to be announced.

We wait anxiously for those news. Through all these years of Metal activity you have shared stage with many bands, which one has impressed you more?
I would have to say two actually. Opening directly before Lemmy & Motorhead... and, Exodus. Specifically Gary Holt. 

What are your plans for the future?
To have fun in a business I don't really claim to be a part of anymore... for the purpose of others entertainment only. Make several SOG albums... maybe record one last Hallows Eve album with Stacy Anderson. And finally, become a 'Sauramon The White' kinda guy... and fade into the Smoky Mountains.

Thank you, Doyle, it has been a pleasure to talk to you, and I will pray for you to delay the transformation in Sauramon the White hahaha, so you can deliver us more kick in your ass Metal albums. If you wish to add something...
Just a big thank you, Alberto (Vpower). It's been a privilege to chat, and, cheers to you all around the globe for keeping the flame burning.
Take care my metal maniacs!
Doyle Bright - SOG, Rigor Mortis, Hallows Eve

The honor was mine to talk with one of the Big Guys in the scene. Thanks!

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  1. wow, a very great interview, great guys, sog is a killer band

  2. My meaning of sog: super outstanding guitars! Let's goooooooo!!