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Interview with ADAMAS

The Band: Adamas
Country: Italy

Interview by Vpower

Italy, a country with a long tradition in Metal, with so famous acts as Rhapsody, but also in the underground as Sabotage, Stranna Oficina or Crying Steel, to say just some of them. No doubt they know what is Metal about... As Adamas knows, the band that is under the spotlight today.

Adamas is an Italian band, from Perugia, it was born in 2007. This was your first adventure in Metal, wasn’t it?
Each of us had previous experiences in other metal band (Zigdmimma, Workin' Progress, Damage Control) Then, in 2007, arose the first ADAMAS line-up. Later some elements left the band for personal reasons, so we have finally crossed our paths and created the current line-up.

“Heavy Toughts” is your second album, after “Evil all its” in 2010. Around five years to release your second work, why so long time between them?
After the release of the first album, to which was followed a period of live shows, some elements have left the project for personal reasons, as I said earlier,  so before getting to work on new ideas, it was necessary to find other adventure companions  (Alessandro e Federico). Times for writing the second album have a little bit stretched, but it has been worth it! Don't you think so??

Yes, for sure. We have a saying in Spain: “despacito y buena letra”, something as slow and nice writting, it seems you knew it too. Has anything changed in Adamas since the band was created?

As I said before, the current line up is very different from the previous one: from 6 to 4 members, no more keyboards and a singer who now plays guitar, too. The sound of Adamas has certainly become much more essential than before.

What are your lyrics about?
Our lyrics often are dark and disturbing, 'cause they talk about hardship of our times and their consequences on our lives and minds.

Interesting. I am from Spain so i can understand a little the Italian language. At the end of the album, in the last song, there is a long speech in Italian. For the few words I could understand you talked about the situation of the world, the environment, etc. What was your purpose? Was something natural or it was intentionally programmed?
It wasn’t prepared, but we were sure that the issue would be fit. In the album there are three contributions: the introduction of "In Bond-Age" is by Andrea Diprè (Italian youtuber with over 170,000 subscribers and 35 millions views); the introduction of "ETNA" is by Angelo Grasso (a Sicilian poet) in Sicilian dialect; the final message is by Matteo Montesi (Italian youtuber, with about 40,000 members and over 7 millions views). We supposed that in the international scene these contributions wouldn't be understood but it's a taste of social folklore, in step with the sense of "Heavy Thoughts" and which, at the same time, highlights our origins. Moreover, if it creates curiosity, there's always Google search ready for you!

Italian people has been considered always as masters in Marketing, from ancient times until the present. Well, before they called it commerce, but it was the same. I think we can find something of that in your music, you always know how to make it sound interesting, you deliver a good package
Really?! From the commercial point of view we aimed for a not very sophisticated composition, trying to create songs which could remain in memory even in small part, and could interest people. The artwork is very simple and gloomy, and we believe it perfectly recaps the concept of "Heavy Thoughts". It was made (charcoal on paper) by the ex Adamas guitarist, Alessandro Burelli.

Speaking about the sound, your style reminds me of Thrash bands from the 80s, as Metallica, Testament, Overkill... what are your main influences?
We never had a particular reference band, we all have our preferences. Your impression about our sound is right! After all, the 80's scene is where we feel more at our ease. (Megadeth, Death, Pantera, Metallica, Testament, etc.). But, in truth, we never composed for doing something which could sound in a certain way...It comes out like that!

The bass has a relevant role in your music, for example we can appreciate it clearly in E.T.N.A, right?
Ehm … Alessandro, what about it? “ehm… Yes! I love very much my instrument and, of course with the approval of my friends, sometimes I include something of mine.

Good friends! You have signed by SG Records, are you happy with it? How did it happen?
We are very happy because this was thanks to Marco Vitali, musician and honest and expert friend, who we met with great pleasure during some little shows in Italy and then we shared the stage in our first Greek tour.

As I said before, I am from Spain so I know what it’s all about when we talk about party. The mediterranean countries have the fame of partying everywhere and everytime. Do you agree with this? Are your rehearsals and recording sessions so funny?
It depends… We think it's due also from the type of band where you play: in a group of friends it's easier to have fun. You drink, make some mess and keep playing ‘till you got enough brain to do so. I think there’s nothing wrong with it.

Italy is a country with a long tradition in Metal, how do you see the Metal scene in your country right now?
The extra question, please!?  No, ok…. Seriously. So…  there are more people (and, for this, more bands) playing than before, but even the more experienced, struggle to emerge. Very famous Italian bands, such as Lacuna Coil and Extrema, have more fortune abroad than here in Italy. And, in addition, among coming bands there’s more negative competitiveness than support. You know, it’s always quite a challenge to find events and clubs.

Well, then we are not so bad in Spain as i thought... Have you been touring out of Italy? What are the main acts you have toured with? Will we have the chance to see you in Spain in the near future?
ADAMAS have been in Ireland (2011),  twice in Greece (2012 and 2014) and we would love so much come playing in Spain!! Alessandro says “I want to clarify that, among what I listen, there're also Tierra Santa!”

Tierra Santa has many followers in Spain and even in some countries, that’s true. Metal is great, but Metal with a good pizza or tortellini is just awesome! Are you good chefs or you are the kind of microwave slaves hahaha? What are your favorite dishes?
All of ADAMAS are good chefs, but first of all, excellent eaters!!! That’s the reason why every Adamas show begins … at the table!!! Enjoy your meal and play your bill!!!

Hahaha. What are your plans for the future?
Future is now! We have a band that produces concrete and tangible results and even the aspect of friendship shouldn't be underestimated, above all because of the line up change. So, we think we are close to find out if we'll be famous, or sadly famous, or nothing… we’ll see!

What would be your greatest dream in this Metal world?
Having a nice audience which takes into account our band with respect and affection. We mean real fans, in addition to our friends and our families.

Thank you very much, guys. If you wish to add something...
Thank you guys! And.. Stay Awake!! \,,/

This was Adamas, and we say till next time with a song from their new album, enjoy it, enjoy Metal, life and so on...

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