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Interview with HELL GUN

The Band: Hell Gun
Country: Brazil

Interview by Vpower

Hell Gun is a band from Brazil, a country where Metal is lived with special intensity. They are young, full of energy, and they have just released their very first work, an EP entitled Southern Hell.

Hi Hell Gun! Congratulations for your EP. Tell us a little about the beginnings of the band and how you got to this point.

We started as a cover band Judas Priest, Running Wild, Thin Lizzy and others. Over time we began to dedicate ourselves to own songs, resulting in the EP released earlier this year, "SOUTHERN HELL," and we are writing for a future album.

It is a good way to start, honoring the big bands. You practice a very straight forward Heavy Metal. What are your main influences?

Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, Running Wild, Grave Digger, Havok, NWOBHM, NWOGHM and Thrash Metal of the Bay Área.

What are your lyrics about?

Social criticism and fantasy.

What has been the reaction to your EP?

Better than we expected, the public has been very receptive to our work.

You are from the region of Paranà (Brazil), how easy (or hard) is to be a metalhead right there?

 Sticking to the letter of Denim And Leather of the Saxon. Lack union of metal bands.

Clearer than water. When can expect a whole album from Hell Gun in the near future?

 YES! In the next year. LET’S KICK ASS!

We will wait for it. How is the composition process inside Hell Gun?

We work on the riffs that are generally brought by Lucas Licheski (guitarist), and the lyrics are written together by the band.

Have you been touring around? Any dates programmed out of Brazil?

We do not go on tour yet, but we plan to do it soon.

Well, let’s change a little the subject. Imagine that one day you wake up and you discover that you are a millionaire, yeah! You have won the national lottery. What would you do?

We would invest in the band. 

Clever and commited guys. Suppose now that you are in the 80’s. You are a famous manager and every guy is crazy to play for you. You are about to start up a new superstar band. Please, choose one artist for each position, guitar, vocals and so on...

Vocal - Rob Halford

Guitars - Hank Shermann (Mercyful Fate) and Jack E. Lee (Ozzy Osbourne)

Bass - Steve Harris

Drums- Dave Lombardo

All Star, we could say. What is your relationship with Sangue Frio Produçoes?

Band management, which involves press office and promotion, marketing and public relations, care of the booking and sale of shows.

You are going to play in the Sao Jose Rock Festival, tell us a little about that event

It is an event that happens annually with city bands.

Music is very important in Brazil, as in general in South America, but how important is Metal inside that music?

 For us it's all do our job by passion to the metal.

Thank you guys, wish you the best! If you wanna add something...

First thank our families, friends who support our work and to all who are enjoying our music. We also thank you for this interview and bangers in Spain.

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