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The Band: Critical Solution
Country: Norway
The Man: Christer Slettebø (vocals, guitar)

Interview by Vpower

Critical Solution first full length (Evil Never Dies) was more of a pure Thrash, but since that time the band has grown, which can be heard on the new album coming in 2015, the awesome “Sleepwaleker”. The band plays Thrash Metal with Horror storylines and sounds never heard before which makes it Horror Thrash. And time will tell, but I think with this second album they are gonna give a definitive big jump in the Metal scene worldwide. To talk about it we have today Mr. Christer Slettebø

Hello Christer, thank you for sharing this time to talk about Metal and more. Critical Solution was born in 2005 but until 2011 you didn’t release your first Ep and afterwards, in 2013, your debut album. What happened in the middle? Why so long time?

Thank you for your time! Well back in 05, we started as a Guns N' Roses cover band and the oldest of us was 17 and the youngest was 14. So like all young bands it took time to evolve into something and find our sound etc etc. In 2011 we got more serious, found a great studio unlike some studios we had been to before, started a great friendship with Andy and so on. We are of course still evolving and on our coming album "Sleepwalker" i must say we have never sounded better. Hopefully, and i think so the evolving will continue.

Yes, “Sleepwalker” is a thunder, but we will talk about it in a moment. It seems that now you have reached the average speed and if i’m not wrong in December you will have your that second album on the streets, right?

Yes! "Sleepwalker" will hit the streets on our 10th anniversary which is December 12th, on Punishment 18 records! It is a true beast of an album, we found our sound. Its a great Horror concept. It is an album that cannot be missed!

I have had the chance to listen to it an review it in my Metal blog, but please make yourselves the presentation...

Without giving to much away, it is a Horror Story. You will meet different characters. Neil Zamson is the main guy, he turns into the Sleepwalker because of his father. Also there may be some connections to our first album “Evil Never Dies".

I had not heard Critical Solution music before and I just can say that I felt very surprised with your level and the music range. You touch from Heavy, Power, Thrash, Speed Metal...

Yeah, It seems that most people like that, but we've heard some people complain to, which ofcourse they can do if they dont like it. we dont mind at all. We like to have a pretty wide range, but thrash being the roots. Our first album was pure Thrash through and through, and to me personally, it could be better with
some more variations. Some bands that i love to death can have albums which is hard to listen to the whole album at once. I dont complain at all though. The coming album has everything from Black Sabbth'ish doom to fast Thrash and suddenly some acoustic pieces. It's Awesome!

Yes, it’s, and this is not mere publicity, it’s the raw reality. If I had to choose a song from the album I would say Lt. Elliot, even it has some doom atmosphere, its variety summarizes your style

I could not agree more. We started playing it live on our last dates with W.A.S.P, and its incredible fun to play. Like you say, we kind of touch on all genres through the song.

Are you going to publish some promotional video to support your new work?

We talk about it, it's a priority thing a swell. We just toured with W.A.S.P, and are looking for more touring, and also we have studio time next year, but i could see a video for the new title track coming along the way. The ideas are already there, believe me.

Touring with WASP, back into the studio..., well, you are on fire. What are the lyrics about in this second album?

Since it is a concept album, obviously it has a complete story through the album. Egil is a great writer, though we all contribute he is the main cat that writes lyrics, but you get to follow Neil and his surrounding people and who dies and who does not etc

Is there an evolution in Critical Solution’s music from the start to now?

Yeah like i said, we started from opening with Knockin' On Heavens Door to where we are now so, not that its a bad song but we feel we have come a long way.

In your opinion, what is the most especial thing about Critical Solution, that point that takes you apart from other bands?

Horror Thrash. Combining all these things into our sound. being a little different. Not locking ourselves to one style and throwing ideas away if its not going fast. Obviously other bands have done that of course, but i think the easiest way is to see us live or hear our coming album and then you will have the answer.

By the way, I couldn’t pass to notice that Christer Slettebø vocals have some similarity to Zak Steven’s (ex-Savatage), you think so? Mere coincidence?

To be honest, though i have a massive range on music i listen to, i have yet to listen to Savatage. I’ve heard some songs of course, and i am always flattered when people compare my voice to people like that. So i guess it is coincidence, but thank you.

What are your main influences?

As a band, it goes from Testament to Stevie Ray Vaughn. Each member has a wide range, we all agree on Gn'R and this and that, but then you have me, my favourites are King Diamond, Ugly Kid Joe and Testament but i also love Uriah Heep, Thin Lizzy etc. Bjørnar loves Lamb Of God and B.B King. Egil and Iron Maiden are best friends and Eimund's a big Misfits fan.

Are you playing some new songs in your shows? In that case, what has been the reaction of the public?

Yes, we have opened with the first three tracks from Sleepwalker every show all this year and also did Lt.Elliot on the last Norway Dates, and the reaction has been massive! The energy level is top!

Well, just as it should be, right. Talking about shows, is it in your plans to do an international tour to support your work?

We are always looking for our next tour! As of right now, there are some offers, but we are looking at one special tour so fingers crossed! It's easier for newer bands to tour Europe than USA though. We would love to tour the states ASAP!

The States is awesome, I agree, but do not forget Spain if possible... What are the most important gigs you have performed or that you remember as more emotional?

Tough question, but playing main support for W.A.S.P must be the biggest shows. Getting the reaction and howling from more than 1000 people is priceless!

Cool. This “Sleepwalker” may be the confirmation that you are here to stay. Have you ever thought to give up as musicians or this just runs through your veins and
 none or nothing is gonna stop it?

This train will never stop thats for shure! We have it in our blood! 4 brothers that want exactly the same, so it could not be better!

 That is the attitude. How do you see the Metal scene in Norway nowadays and what is the position of Critical Solution on it?

Metal cant survive in Norway, you have to get outside of the country. Thats my opinion at least. I would say we are more popular outside Norway.

Oh my God... Well you will always be welcome in Spain and many more countries. Thank you very much for your time and wish a big success with “Sleepwalker”, I believe it cannot be other way. If you wanna add something

Thank you for the kind words! And thanks for the interview! Stay Metal!

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