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Interview with MINDLESS SINNER

The Band: Mindless Sinner
Country: Sweden
The Man: Christer Göransson (vocals)

Interview by Vpower

Mindless Sinner is a great Swedish Heavy Metal band that published a fantastic album in 1986, “Turn on the Power”, but got no luck to progress and make a living of that. Fortunately, three decades later they are back to claim their right to kick ass around with a tremenous new album under the arm, “The New Messiah”, a must listen if you like classic Heavy Metal. Great vocalist  Christer Göransson was here to tell us a little about it.

Hi Christer, thank you for this chat and congratulations for your new album


But before talking about it I would like to review a little the life and history of Mindless Sinner. Comparing the status you had in the 80s with the current situation of the band, has anything changed?

    Nothing has changed except that we're older and we have learned a few things along the way.

If you have to summarize Mindless Sinner’s path in music what will you say?

    Well, we started up the band trying to follow our dreams to be a big and famous band but we didn't get really far. Now these days we just seem to have a lot of fun when we're playing and that's the most important thing.

   In my opinion, Mindless Sinner was one of those bands born in the 80s that released a fantastic album, “Turn on the Power” (1986), but got not the reward it deserved

    The record company really fucked that album up big time. If we would had more backup from Web records things could have turned out differently.

    A great lost chance, indeed. That album was high stile Heavy Metal with great guitars and your wonderful vocals. But afterwards, you shortened the name of the band to just Mindless and oriented your sound to the hard rock. What can you tell us about it?

    Well that's was a big mistake. We were looking too much at other bands and what they were doing instead of doing our own thing.

    Now, after several years of silence, you are back with a new album, all in the vein of the powerful heavy metal you used to do under your orginial brand name
    We have tried to make an album that sounds like it would have been the follow up to TOTP but with a 2015 twist and we think that we have succeeded.

    I would like to underline that the current line-up is the same as the original one. I think that is not easy and it’s something to feel proud about

    Yeah it's pretty cool. It's the same lineup as on the TOTP album. But It's not the original lineup from the MOE record.

    How hard was to make all the guys together again? What was the real motivation to reunite and give birth to a such fist of an album as “The New Messiah”? Money? All for the fans? A debt with history...?

  Definitely not money cause I haven't seen any :) We have always been friends and played together throughout the years so there has never been any problems with that.    And after all the glory we received at the Muskelrock gig in 2014 we just wanted to go for it again.

    Talking about “The New Messiah”, it sounds as one would expect of a follow up to “Turn on the power”, if we were in 1988, for instance. But there are almost 30 years in between....

    It really feels like it was yesterday we recorded TOTP can't believe it's been 30years. The new album is like a time machine so we're back in 1987 :)

    Are the songs completely new stuff or there was something forgotten in a shoes box and now rediscovered by a strike of luck?

    All songs are new except for Step into the fire and that's an old demo song that we dusted off and re-recorded for the album

    The guitar work is superb, one of the elements that has always distinguished Mindless Sinner

    Well both Edman & Danneblad are such great guitarplayers so it feels good to have them on each side on the stage.

    Christer, your voice is so powerful as ever. How do you get it? Where is the secret?

    There's no secret! back in the day I used to smoke a few cigarettes and drink some beers before the show. Now I have quit smoking so now there's only the beers :)

    There it is! No smoking, hello beers! The main stile in the album is the classic Heavy Metal, but you also deliver other recipes, as power usa in “Terror”, or something darker with “Dance of the Devil” or even some Speed Metal in “Men of Steel” , a 4x4 we could say...

    It's 2015 so of course there is some new elements in our music but I guess we sound like we sound when we're making music.

    Back in time, what was the best moment of Mindless Sinner as a band?

    When we scored a record deal an made the first record.

    Do you miss something from the 80s?

    Yeah! My youth!

    Me too. And your most important gig?

    I think that we haven't played that one just yet.

    Hopefully I will see it. What is your status in your country? A cult band?

    We're like a cult band if you wish. We're like in the middle, not unknown and not a big act.

    And talking about your country, how do you see the Metal scene nowadays?

    There's tons of great bands hailing from Sweden and and we get really proud when some of them mention Mindless Sinner as influence to their music.

    Touring plans?

    We want to play as much as we can but it's pretty hard to get the gigs and there's no money in it for us. We can't run around the world for free you know.

    A wish for 2016...?

    More gigs and some recognition for the new album The New Messiah

    And finally, what are your future plans?

    As above play more gigs, mixing a possible live album from KIT and in the future record a new album.

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  1. oh my god! Mindless Sinner, in my opinion, one of the best bands ever. true metal

  2. Yes, a great band that deserved better luck. And a big new album they have delivered.