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Interview with SEPTAGON

The Band: Septagon
Country: Germany
Answers by: Markus "Ulle" Ullrich (guitar)

As Markus says in the interview, Septagon may not be a superband, because they don’t make a living with their music, for now, but it you take this guys’ names and his other bands, well, you will realize we are talking about first swords in Metal. The best proof is to listen to their fantastic debut album, “Deadhead Syndicate”, one of the highlights of 2016, and they are busy with a second album coming... Well, you’d better go on and read it by yourself...

Hello Markus, can you tell us a little about the origin of Septagon? How was the project born?

I always wanted to do something more thrashy and I when I met Markus Becker at the Keep It True I chatted with him and asked if he maybe would be interested in a band that plays that kind of style. He's the singer in Atlantean Kodex but I knew that his roots are different. He sang in a thrash band in the early 90s. He was interested and so I started to write some demos.

The KIT, a wonderful place to meet and create new bands, long live to ot! You guys have many notches in your instruments, you come from Lanfear, Atlantean Kodex, etc. Are we talking of a “superband”?

I think superband is a bit exaggerated since none of us is able to make a living from these bands. Let's say we all have our experiences and are not really new to the scene. We know what we do and why we do it, that's all :)

How have those previous experiences melted in this new monster called Septagon?

I cannot really explain that. Over the years you make your experiences, good or bad.
Of course it's easier for me to work on songs since I have more knowledge than I had years ago. It's also important for me to listen to new music, to have many influences and I think everything added to the end result.

Is Septagon your first project right now, your priority?

It's the band I regularly rehearse with so it's one of the priorities. Until now there weren't any schedule problems and I think we'll also manage that for the future.

That’s great. By the way, what’s the meaning for Septagon?

There is no real meaning to it. When we looked for a band name the name Septagon was also on the list but we still had no band name for more than a year or so.  It must have been hidden in Markus' mind, though since he wrote the lyrics to "Septagon Conspiracy". Eventually we really needed a band name and suddenly "Septagon" was on the list again.

Let’s talk about your debut album “Deadhead Syndicate”. How would you define your style?

I would say it's a bit from everything. We really don't want to limit ourselves.
I'd say the basic is melodic US Speed/Thrash Metal with sometimes more technical riffing. That doesn't mean that there's no room for a ballad or a regular Power Metal song.
We somehow want to move on with that style but exceptions are allowed :D

How long have you been working in the album?

I wrote the music with in three or four months in 2013 but we rehearsed more than one year before we hit the studio.

You have released it through Cruz del Sur Music, a label that, in my opinion, has a very good roster of bands. How happy are you with the deal?

Very happy. I mean I have many CdS releases in my personal collection and always loved the attitude behind it. Enrico was interested before he even heard a song which was quite surprising. In the end we didn't even look for other labels because we all agreed that CdS would be a good fit.

I think it was a very good choice, indeed. What are the lyrics about?

A bit from everything. "Unwanted Company" for example deals with the NSA problem and other institutions like them. "Exit...Gunfire" is an anti war song that deals with soldiers just being cannon fodder in WW I. Other tracks like "Septagon Conspiracy" or "Secret Silver Panorama Machine" are pure fiction.

If I had to say something about “Deadhead Syndicate” I would underline that it is a compact work, with no weak points, riffs and solos are brilliant, Markus Becker’s vocals are what we expect from him and the rhythm base is powerful and rich with touches…

I think that sounds pretty good so I just don't add anything and strongly hope you don't change your opinion :D

No reason for it at all. By the way, talking about Markus Becker, I think he has sharpened his voice or has made it more aggressive in some moments, compared to what it is his personal style in Atlantean Kodex...

You maybe have to ask him. He played many gigs with AK so I'm pretty sure he also has more experience now and feels more confident. Of course it's also a different style. Septagon is faster, more rhythmic and as you said more aggressive. I like his voice in both bands and he also is a great guy and it's easy to work with him.

My favorite song is Secret Silver Panorama Machine, which we could define as Thrash Melodic Progressive Metal, to say something, because it has a so big range of sounds. What is your favorite one?

That's always hard to say and can change from day to day. SSPM is also one of my personal highlights, I maybe would add "Revolt", "Septagon" and "Deadhead" :D

Have you made some gigs around already? Are you planning an international tour? Any dates in Spain?

We played two festival gigs earlier this year and look for more gigs. A tour is not planned since we all have our jobs but we'd love to play as many club gigs as possible.
If somebody in Spain is interested to book us, drop us a message. We'd love to play in your beautiful country.

And we would love to see you here burning the stage. What are your plans for the future?

We already write new songs since it's also important to have more of them if we play live. There's already a title for a second album and I hope we are able to release it next year.

Yeaaahh, that’s the way! We will wait for it, you have put the level very high but I guess you can take it higher still. Thanks for your attention and hope to see you around Spain in the near future!

Thanks to you for your interest and your nice review. All the best, stay METAL!

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