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Interview with STRIKER

The Band: Striker
Country: Canada
Answers by: Tim

Striker is one of the most active bands in Metal scene. They release albums, videos, they tour around and they ae always trying new things. If you add to that that they kick you ass with heavy speed metal 100% natural and with no chemichal elements, then you will understand why they are experiencing so a big success.

Hello Tim, almost ten years of career…, the band was formed in 2007, four albums counting the new one “Stand in the Fire”… How would you summarize all those years, Tim?

Full speed or no speed! We have always put 100% effort into everything we do. From the beginning of the band up to now, we have always tried to do things as best as we can and have everything we do be at a high level. What's the point if you don't go all in?

Time goes fast and you have been growing with time as a band. What difference do you think exists between the Striker’16 and the band thas was born in 2007?

We've all grown and matured a lot for sure. We've gone on lots of tours and played with tons of top level bands, for example direct support to Metallica... You learn so much from playing with guys like that, and all the tours we've done are always learning experiences. One thing that's remained constant is our love of beer!

You have gone through changes in the line up, the last one in the position of guitarist. How has this affected your sound?

Since we always try to keep everything at a high level, each member brings a new twist on our sound. Everyone is a pro, and can easily play the songs just like on the albums. The thing with the member changes is that we are still great friends with our past members. Everyone that's been in the band has been an awesome guy and we still party with everyone all the time. It's tough being in a touring band, especially in the modern music industry, so you can't blame someone for not wanting to spend a decade sleeping on strangers floors on tour.

Talking about your new album “Stand in the Fire” , I think the long term fan will not be dissaponited at all, it sounds to Striker all the way
We tried lots of new things and introduced new sounds to the album, but that being said it sounds more like Striker than ever. It all comes from maturing as song writers and knowing what we want in terms of songs. We are really happy with how this album turned out and I think our next albums will be even better!

Guitars are brilliant and dominant as ever, but may be in this album you have gone more in the direction of classic heavy metal than speed metal?

I think we are just paying more attention to melody, hooks, and catchyness. All good music has those qualities and we have just really been focusing on that for this album. It's great to shred away and play as fast as possible, but playing something with a hook or strong melody is so much more enjoyable for both us as performers and listeners. Traditional heavy metal from the glory days of metal had these qualities in spades, and we are just trying to add that into our music too.

Great melodies are a mark of your sound and we get plenty of it in this “Stand in the Fire”

Like I said we've been focusing on melody a lot for this album. If you don't have melody you don't have a song. We were able to do a lot of work on the songs for this album, and I think it shows.

How did you work in the new album?

We worked on the album for about a year before it came out! Lots of work certainly, especially since we recorded at home.

You are a very active band in the social media, for example in Facebook you got almost 90.000 followers, that talks very well of your charm and your Metal 

We are just happy people like us enough to follow us on social media! It's a great way to stay in touch, and also helps a lot in getting news out, like new music or tours. We do all our social media so if you get a message from us its actually one of us!

-Another thing I have been able to confirm about Striker is that you make more miles than Bugs Bunny :) , you go to wherever you need to deliver the goods. For instance, you are travelling to Europe for a tour hand by hand with Primal Fear & Brainstorm…

We are road dogs! Coming from Canada, where we have to drive 12 hours to any new city, we are used to long journeys to get to the next show. We will do anything we can to go out and play. It's a lot of work to do all these tours, but its all worth it in the end because our friends on the road make life so amazing.

Talking about innovation… what is all that about saxophones…? Who got the idea?

Dan really wanted a song inspired by the Lethal Weapon soundtrack, which has a sax in it. The rest is history!

You have spent enough money in funny videos along time (I remember that one from the contest’s prize, with the alien attack…), no new videos coming for “Stand in the Fire”?

We have a video for Too Late, from our new album. We have been really busy and finding time to record a new video has been tough. Rest assured we will have more videos coming though!

Canada is a country with long tradition in Metal, with many new bands growing in the field as mushrooms in autumn. We can say Striker leads the new generation?

I sure hope so! There's lots of great Canadian metal bands, and its always fun to be part of a growing scene. If we can help our heavy metal brothers and sisters in any way we gladly will!

In Spain you have a good legion of fans, if I am not wrong the last time you came to our country was in a tour with Cauldron, some years  ago. Any dates  in Spain this year?

Since the Cauldron tour, we've actually done 3 Spanish tours. We did a headlining tour in 2013, direct support for Bullet in 2014, and we just played 4 shows in Spain with Primal Fear and Brainstorm on this tour a week or 2 ago. Spain is always great and we love our Spanish friends! Can't wait to come back!

Ups, I must update my info... And last but no least, quoting yur words in Facebook: (talking of Simon Fallon filling the guitar role for the shows)” …You might also mistake him for Chris Segger, because somehow we always have one bald guy in our band...” Is this some kind of slection process in order to get into the band :)?

Ha ha yes! They have to fill the last guys shoes. Simon is a hero and we are glad to have him on board.

Thank you very much Tim and wish you a big success with your new album & tour!

Thanks for the interview! Check out our website www.striker-metal.com for all your Striker needs, and don't forget to visit us on tour!

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