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Interview with EVER-FROST

The Band: Ever-Frost
Country: Italy

Today we have a long and cool conversation with Italian act Ever-Frost, a progressive death metal band we could name it, that combines with good skills melody and rawness. Morever, their lyrics touch interesting themes that will make you think, if you wish.

Hello guys, Ever-Frost was born in 2003, your first album “Departing of Time” is from 2013 and you have just released an Ep, “Undefined Colors”, any changes in the band in the last times?

Hello to you guys! Well the band was formed in 2003, true, but it was a cover band project by then, we were kids and you know, just playing some music together. It has never been something official until 2009 when we released our first DIY Ep “The Awakening”. Since then we didn’t change any members, band members know each other both musically and personally speaking, there’s nothing for a band to stay alive.

What differences are we gonna find between “Departing of Time” and “Undefined Colors”?

I think we as a band and as single musicians are growing musically speaking, and this evolution reflects on the songwriting. “Undefined Colors” inherited the most aggressive parts of “Departing Of Times” and pulled them a bit further, with faster beats and little more complicated patterns. What it’s cool is that we managed to use melody anyways as the focus of the whole album.

What are your lyrics about?

On “Departing Of Time” the main theme was continued from “The Awakening” and it was about the life evolution that man didn’t have (at least until now): a life lived by believing in itself as a conscious being and not a slave of gods and governments, searching for the right path to be an universal being and not a destructive one. “Undefined Colors” is more about the dream state of mind, the thoughts and feelings you have in those moments where you’re actually free from the oppressive society that lies outside and the chaotic city life.

Cool, how long did you work on “Undefined Colors”?

We started writing the 80% of the material after the European Tour we did in March 2014. We wrote 6-7 songs, some had better ideas than others, so we decided to focus and develop them in the shape you hear now. We finished writing a little bit before going to Metaldays 2015.

One of the things I most like in your EP “Undefined Colors”, is the combination of melody and raw sounds

Yes I think that’s our peculiarity. We love to mix fast and heavy parts with the actual melody of the musical notes. You can both headbang and whistle a verse!

I would even say that you have a progressive point in your music that enriches your approach…

Surely our music has a little touch of progressive and that comes from our musical background as we are fans of bands like Death or Opeth. It just comes natural to compose some odd time patterns or long songs with different moods in them. Nothing is ever forced.

After this “Undefined Colors”, do you have in mind a full-length album in the short-term?

For sure, we’re starting experimenting new riffs and ideas right now, we do also have some other songs we didn't use for the EP which have good parts and that maybe can be used for new riffs. We hope to be ready to enter the studio by the end of 2016.

What are your main influences as a band?

It’s hard to define them as we really listen to a lot of different stuff, 5 people = 5 musical macro areas.  Surely the Swedish death metal scene had a great impact on us, but we also like “softer” bands as Dream Theater or Symphony X, together with “hard” stuff like Necrophagist, Gojira, Obscura, Between The Buried And Me, Protest The Hero, Behemoth.. A lot of bands and different musical styles as you see.

How do you see the Italian Metal scene?

Italy has a lot of great bands, I had the chance to see many that really are of a certain visual and sound impact that you’ll remind. Unfortunately the scene is nowadays full of bands, thousands that have no clubs where to play because there’s a little audience everywhere you go.

Are you gonna tour around?

We’re working an a possible Spring tour this year, hopefully.

As this interview is for a Spanish metal magazine, let me ask you if you have some reference on Spanish Metal or you have some experience around Spain, gigs or whatever…

Me personally I just know a couple of songs from Mago De Oz from the Spanish scene. Unfortunately we didn’t have any chance until now to come to play in beautiful Spain, we’ve been there only for vacancy many times! If you know any clubs or promoters, show them our album :)

Well, I hope it changes in not a long time and we can have the chance to see you guys metalizing Spain all around. Thanks for your attention, wish you the best!

Thanks to you for the space you gave us and for the time you spent listening to our music. We need all the possible support from new fans everywhere, so we hope you readers will give a chance to our baby :)
Everybody stay metal and support the underground!

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