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Interview with SAVAGE MASTER

by Vpower

The Band: Savage Master
Country: US
Answers by: Stacey Peak (vocals)

Savage Master is a band from Kentucky that has experienced a great growth and success since the very beginning. They combine good and classic True Heavy Metal, with raw riffs and vocals, with a theatric execution that makes them even more enjoyable. With their second album, “With Whips And Chains”, they establish themselves as one of the most interesting heavy metal bands of the moment and probably one to be dominant in the future scene. So, it has been a big pleasure to talk to Stacey Peak, an awesome vocalist and a woman with the ideas clear as water. Enjoy it.

Hello Stacey! The band was formed in 2013 and in so a short time as 3 years you have released two albums and one Ep and have reached great popularity in the Metal community, has this overcome your initial expectations?

Yes very much so, we are very happy with the reception we have received,  only seems to be getting bigger and better with each release. We had hoped very much that people would enjoy the first one, but the support has been overwhelming.

Your debut album “Mask of the Devil” was pretty acclaimed by fans all over the world. What do you expect with your new album?

We expect our fans will really enjoy it. We built on the strong points of the first album and have tried very hard to make the most quality album we can. We worked even harder on this one than the first and hopefully that comes across to the fans.

If you had to say something, what is the main difference between “Mask of the Devil” and “With Whips And Chains”?

For the most part the core of the band has simply evolved and improved as players and performers. We added a fantastic new drummer that enabled us to push a bit further and faster. I feel the songs are a bit more cohesive and powerful. We have kept the same sound and process, but tweeked it.

The band was started up by Adams and Stacey, the idea about your music and striking image was clear from the very beginning or it was a subsequent fact?

From the out set we knew exactly the style we wanted to play. Adam and I are huge classic metal fans, so there was little doubt about our style. We also knew we wanted to be a bit theatric, that took a little figuring out at the start as to how far we would take it. But eventually we knew we had to take it all the way for it to work.

Stacey , you think your image has a big weight in your success or it is just heavy metal all the way?

I don't think the image hurt us, it helped it helped in some ways. But it also drew a bit of criticism. If our music had not held up, it would have been a major problem. There are many bands whom image far exceeds their musical output. For us the music we make is the most important issue always.

Having a so powerful vocalist as Stacey “Savage” Peak makes a difference by itself. How much of your singing is natural and how much is trained?
I have always had an interest in singing and had wanted to be in a band for some time. Finding the right people was the complex part. I have been taught in choir all through highschool. I am always trying to learn and improve the power of my vocals. Never stop learning.

Talking about your new album, “With Whips And Chains”, I like the combination of raw riffs with the powerful vocals, we can say that it is your trade mark?

Yes the riffs and vocals are our calling card. Adam writes very unique and memorable riffs, so I have  to really strive to put something powerful over them that matches with the flavor and power of the songs. We write most of these songs together, so each other's input is key.

A great team, indeed. My favorite song in the album is Looking for a Sacrifice, it has even a little speed metal touch in the rhythm base, it sounds so wild…

Yes I really like that one as well. When I first heard the demo riffs, I knew it would be a great one. It was a blast putting vocals and lyrics over it. The middle with the speed metal feel is one of my favorite parts of the album.

Of all the songs you have played live, which one is the most celebrated by the fans?

Fans always love Ripper in Black, as to this point that was what most people heard first. Other favorites are The Mystifying Oracle and Death Rides the Highway. Lately Looking for a Sacrifice and With Whips and Chains have gotten a great live response.

What do you talk about in your songs?

Mostly occult subject matter,  revenge, murder, necromancy, lycanthropy. A few songs like Ready to Sin have a more metaphoric satanic meaning, as in breaking away from convention to forge your own path.

You have signed with a prestigious label as High Roller Records, how do you feel with the guys?

We have been very happy with High Roller, we were excited to work with them, as we own several of their releases. They always put out quality products. They also seem to understand what the band is about and how it should be presented.

The cover art expresses very well what your music is about, it has the old taste of the underground, I don’t imagine something as the typical photo of the band…

Oh yes, we have been beyond happy working with Chris Moyen. He has brought to life every concept we have given him perfectly. Early on we knew we wanted the albums to bare an older hand drawn style of art, that represents the era and style that we truly love. I think the music and art match very well. A plain photo just wouldn't cut it for us.

For a true heavy metal band as Savage Master, I think Europe may be even a better market goal than the US right now, are you more oriented to the European scene?

Initially Europe was much more receptive, but I think the American audiences are coming around, we have toured quite a bit here and that really helps, people can come and see for themselves. Our live responsive is overwhelmingly positive. But yes it is a much harder market for true metal, just in general. That said there are more and more bands popping up here that play in the true metal/classic metal styles  and the scene is growing stronger everyday.

What bands have influenced your sound?

Big ones are Holocaust, Riot, Cirith Ungol, Saxon, Uriah Heep, Rainbow. Tons of NWOBHM bands.  I know Adam would mention Ted Nugent as that is big influence on his playing and writing.

I praise your good taste! In April you will be performing in the Keep It True festival, Germany, one with long tradition and a cult status in the underground scene, we could say. How do you feel about it?

Honored to even be asked. Extremely excited to be a part of something so real and amazing. Playing with some legendary bands that that we love, Beyond words.

I think you will be doing other gigs in Europe apart of that, right?

Yes we have a hand full of other shows planned for Europe . Very excited to meet some of our European fans in person. We also have a large American tour planned after the European stint.  Lots of exciting work ahead.

Well, two albums and your name appears in all metal sites known, what will be your next step, your first target?

Our first plan of action is to tour as much as we can to support With Whips and Chains and keep our name out there as much as possible. I think the band will grow substantially with this new release, beyond that we shall see what new horizons the future holds.

Thank you very much Stacey for this very interesting interview and hope to see you some time around in Spain.  If you wish to add something…

Stay positive and always follow your dreams and desires, don't believe people when they say you "can't" do something.

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