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Interview with BLIZZEN

by Vpower

The Band: Blizzen
Country: Germany
Answers by: Andi Heindl (guitar)

Blizzen is the kind of band that you feel from the very first song the enjoy playing Metal, and when you enjoy doing something is easier to make other people enjoy it too. Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, addictive songs easy to play once and once again. A band with a great future ahead, so we needed to have them in Metalbrothers.es

Hello Andi and congratulations for your good work in “Genesis Reversed”

Thank you very much, we're really pleased that you like it!

I think “Genesis Reversed” confirms the good sensations of your EP “Time Machine” and improves it

Yes, we are of the same opinion. We could go a step further as a band, we got to know each other much better, musically. The music writing process also evolved, we think that our new songs on the album are a little more complex compared to the EP, without losing their catchi-ness.

In my opinion this “Genesis Reversed” means a statement kind of hey, we are here to stay, we are not flower of one day

We think more of the opposite of what you pointed out. Humanity behaves like a disease that has spread across the whole globe, destroying it and itself. If we don't change our behavior, we will eradicate ourselves and planet earth. The biblical story of Genesis, the creation of the world, is kind of reversed by ourselves in how we behave.

I get the point. With your previous EP you got enough popularity in Germany, I think you are in disposition to jump to the international field, what are your expectactions about it?

That would be very cool. We already played abroad in countries next to Germany like Belgium or Austria, and we have been to Finland, too. That were great experiences, exploring new places just because you have a show is absolutely great. We will see how it continues with the album!

If we analyze all the “ratios”, there is another index that speaks clearly about your po-tential, I am talking about your contract with High Roller Records

HRR is a great label that has a lot of power to support their bands, no question about that. It's the biggest thing in real heavy metal in Europe, so we are very proud of being a part of it.

Talking about your new album, how long did you work on it and what differences are we gonna find with your EP?

We already wrote some of the songs after and even some before the recording of the EP, which was recorded in September 2014 and released in April 2015. So we already had enough time in that period to come up with new songs. Shortly after the EP's release in Summer last year we nearly had enough new material to enter the studio again, and so we did that in the end of 2015 to record Genesis Reversed! We think that we could develop our style and song-writing, which you can hear in the new songs. They are more complex and interesting, without losing their catchiness!

One of the great things in your music is that you mix strenght with melody or a catchy chorus in almost every song. Definitely, Blizzen means fun

Absolutely true! If it was no fun, we wouldn't play that stuff! In our opinion, it is very important to have strong songs. They have to kick ass and be catchy, perfect example: Priests British Steel album.

True to the heart. Blizzen is heavy metal all the way, but we get a great variety of rhythms, mid tempos and even some speed metal, that enhances your proposal a lot...

Yeah, that's the cool thing. We do not want to repeat ourselves all the time when writing songs. That makes your music interesting and worthwhile listening to it. And in the end, it is interesting for a band playing as many different stuff as possible!

I cannot stop listening to Bestride the Thunder, it’s really infectious, even with some epic flavour on it and a great halt in the middle of the song. Which is your favorite and that one that was more complicated to finish up?

Thank you very much! I think every band member has a different favorite song, but all together we all agree on the title track "Genesis Reversed" and "The Beast is on your Back" as maybe the strongest songs on the album. But of course, this is very, very hard to decide. We are very satisfied with the whole record and love them all! The most difficult song to complete was "Skid into Death", because it was also a midtempo song in the beginning. The only parts that survived are its chorus and the solo-riffs, just played in double time I guess. It was a mess all the time, we were not satisfied with it, and then Marvin came up with the fast main riff as a new song, and soon we figured out that the best parts of the older, slower version fitted perfectly to the new, fast riff!

As I said before, you got melody in your songs, but also agressiviness, and although I consider you mainly a heavy metal band I don’t see you in the ballad mood... you tend more to the speed and the true metal sounds...

No, we won't do ballads, especially as long as Andi is in the band, hahahaha! As you said, we are a heavy metal band, and ballads are NOT heavy metal! We definitely tend more to the heavy and speed sounds.

When it comes to take a decision in the composition process or in the direction of your music or any other important matter (beers&girls in the rehearsal room and so on...), who is in charge of the business inside the band?

We're all equal, everybody brings in his ideas and we then work together to make the best out of everyone's ideas. Not only musically, but we discuss every decision together and come up with a result. We're quite democratic, I think! Because of that we all are satisifed with the songs.
Blizzen is a young band and I think it’s unavoidable to be compared by almost everyone with other bands from the past or the present. Do you feel upset by these comparisons?

No, not at all! We definitely did not invent heavy metal, this has happened already some time ago. In some cases it is very funny to read about your allegedly influences and never having heard about those bands before. Some reviewers really want to show off with their knowledge about absolutely hardcore underground acts from 1979 or whatever. Especially when some influences like Priest or Maiden are so obvious! But all in all we think that we already developed our own style.

In the Metal music is often said that everything has been invented already, what do you think about this?

No, we don't think so because music gives you infinite possibilities of being creative. Of course, we did not invent a new style or something, but within its range everything is still possible.

You grew up listenting to...?

It's similar for everyone in the Band, we all listened and listen to hard rock, heavy metal, thrash, speed and so on. Some tended and tend more to brutal stuff like death or black metal, others also like and liked more classic rock stuff and so on. Heavy metal all the way!!!

No surprises then. As a band you are gaining speed very fast, are you starting to feel the pressure? Do you feel maybe that now it’s more a work than the fun it used to be?

Fortunately everything concerning the band is still really relaxed, we have great support by our label and promoter. Every band member has his kind of duties and jobs, and so we make it all together!

I think you are a band that can very easily share stage with many other bands, from heavy metal to speed, even hard heavy or thrash... Do you have any tour dates scheduled for this year?

... and this is very cool! We don't have tour dates so far, but we play almost every weekend after the release of the album. Check our band's sites (facebook etc.) for upcoming news!

What are your plans for the future?

Playing as many shows to support the album as possible! And then writing more songs and making another record. And then playing live as much as possible. Then write songs again... :D

A good plan, Andi! Thank you very much for your time and we wish you a very successful year!

Thank you very much for your interest in our band! We hope to come to Spain very soon and greetings to all the spanish maniacs! Greetings to Iron Courtain, Lizzies and Hitten, who we met already a couple of times. Absolutely fantastic fellows! Muchas gracias, adios!

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