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Interview with MEDIA SOLUTION

by Vpower

The Band: Media Solution
Country: USA
Answers by: Andy Martis (Guitar & back. Vocals)
                    Jay Dot Ca  (Bass)

Media Solution is one of those bands than in the record or during the gigs they always mean fun from beginning to the end, entertainment as Hollywood would say. And that is important, but they also deliver a variety of sounds that make his approach suitable for a big audience. Moreover, they are on fire with their EP “The Prelude” and the subsequent album they are currently preparing, full speed and all ahead. We talked with them to know more about it all.

Hi guys, let’s talk a little about the beginnings of the band. How was Media Solution created?

(Andy) Hello everyone!! Media Solution started back in Italy when i used to live there. At that time we were doing it has an hobby because we had our day job and plus because there aren't a lot of possibilities for this kind of music. The band started to get lots of good reviews and requests to play with big names too. So at that point i thought that we were doing it right in some way. In 2009 we got call to do our first record in Los Angeles with Mikey Doling (Snot, Soulfly) and that was the beginning of this great journey.

Can we talk right now of a estable formation?

(Andy) I believe so. You know the first record was recorded with a full Italian line up and after that i was the only one to be available and to have the balls to move in another country and start a new life from the beginning. When i found Jay, Robb and Benny i thought that this could be it because there was a great vibe since the first rehearsal. Even though nowadays its hard to say that this will be the "forever lineup". Even big names change members all the time, this is a business that request lots of commitment and not everyone can. But i really hope and believe that this is the line up that will make great things for a while!!

What differences are between your last album and your new EP “The Prelude”?

(Andy) Definitely they are two different things. Our first record "Horizon of Events" was written by me and the other Italian guys. It was our first professional production so we weren't very expert. There are a few great songs in it and we actually still play live but half of that record has songs that for me are hard to remember because the structure of each songs its very weird. So after that experience in studio i learned a lot how to write songs, it helped me on my songwriting. So when i start to write the songs for our new EP 'The Prelude" i knew where i was going to do...i was trying to write songs in a way where our fans can remember them, sing a long with us and mostly  to F****ng jump and have a blast at our shows!!

It sounds fun all the way. How was the design and creation process of the EP?

(Andy) I wrote all the music and recorded them with Mikey. After that i found Robb as new singer and so i called Ulrich Wild, i showed to him all the materials and i asked him if he was interested to be part of it. He liked it and so we start to record the voice and to re-arrange all the songs and I'm so glad that he accepted, because this is how i wanted the songs to sound like!!! After that Ulrich mixed everything and the sound coming out from those speakers was huge and at that moment i knew that we did the correct choices.

Media Solution has a great variety of sounds, modern metal but with classic sounds in the middle too...

(Jay) Yes, you're right. Although we are all metal/rock guys, we have a varying range of musical backgrounds, from other music & instruments we play to simply the music we each personally listen to. The mix of 5 guys, we don't tend to settle on a single, basic sound, we like to mix it up to make it fun.

 What are your musical influences?

(Jay) We came together in this band because of our love for metal/rock with some of our favorite bands bring Snot, Soulfly, Fear Factory, Slipknot, etc. My personal influence comes from old funk & horn bands from the 70's like Tower of Power, Chicago & Earth,Wind & Fire, where the bass & drums really lock in the groove. That's the real heartbeat & the drive of music. Rage Against the Machine is one of my favorite rock bands. They  play rock, but keeps that groove in it that keeps everyone's head nodding or toe tapping & that's when you know the fans have been pulled in.

My favorite song is Turmoil, what is yours?

(Andy) Definitely is Destroy Something Beautiful, first of all because is the first song i wrote entirely by myself and then because it gives so much adrenaline that it makes me want to destroy something ahahah. If you are driving be careful with this song ahaha.

What themes do you touch in your lyrics?

(Andy) For this i would like to use the quote of our singer Robb "This album, as well as being the return of Media Solution, is the soundtrack of the impending revolution. In a world where money talks, power corrupts, and egos run wild, 'The Prelude' is a battle cry for the voiceless and a warning to all that stand in the way." I'm sure it makes you understand very well the meaning of this record.

How do you see the under scene  in your country?

(Jay) The music business is very competitive & tough, especially here in the U.S. & even more do the underground scene. So many bands, so much music, it's tough to do something new or stand out as a newer band & not a long standing national act. So many of the older bands are reuniting & touring again, it makes us have to work twice as hard to get fans to the shows with such great bands to choose from, but this is what we love & we'll work as hard as we can to reach the next level of success in this industry.
How can the fan get this EP?

(Andy) Definitely through our label website (Pavement Ent.) or iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, our website....anywhere they want.

The tittle talks about the prelude, but the prelude to what? A new full-lenght may be?

(Andy) Yes exactly...this is only the beginning! A full length its on his way...we are already working on it.

 Cool! Do you plan to tour around this year?

(Andy) Absolutely US and probably we will be back in Europe in the winter time.

Great news, we await that new full length album, guys.  Thank you very much and congratulations for your great work.

Thank you guys for having us, it really means a lot to us. We hope you all enjoy our new EP and hopefully see you on the road.

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