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Interview with VAMPYROMORPHA

by Vpower

The Band: Vampyromorpha

Are you looking for some Horror Metal? Are you interested in demon, witches, hell, blood all around and terrifying moments? Do you like Mercyful Fate and the Doom approach? Would you like to see some show with all those ingredients. Don’t search anymore, we got it for you: VAMPYROMORPHA. Just check the tour dates in case they come near your home town or move your ass and get to the nearest bus station/airport...

Hello guys, first let’s talk a little about the origin of the band, how was Vampyromorpha born?

Hail Metalbrothers! The Doom Duo VAMPYROMORPHA was founded in 2014 at our horror movie basement in the Franconian woods. After some horror movie and oldschool heavy metal sessions we started to write the first horror doom songs for our promo CD.

Both members of the band have a long experience in the metal world, your idea was to create something different to what you have done before?

Because of our long experience in writing and producing heavy songs and playing in different bands we just listened to our gut instinct and created a mixture of modern depressive Doom Metal and slow Hardcore. Lump together DEATH SS, SISTERS OF MERCY, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, KILLING JOKE and MELVINS and you will get a evil mash you have to eat ha ha ha!

Killer! In 2015 we got a prelude of this “Fiendish Tales of Doom”. It seems it has been very welcome by fans and critics, you have already signed by a label, right?

Yes we signed to Trollzorn Records, because they made us a lousy offer and told us they will rip off the band tot he bone. Joking aside. Beside some offers Trollzorn made the best offer and they are very hard working and goog guys. Trollzorn and VAMPYROMORPHA is a perfect team.

We can say Vampyromorpha is a project to stay and deliver more material in the future?

It´s not only a project. It is a two man band with live session musicians. Definitely we will write and record a new album next year. 2017 the horror continues.

Great news. I think the title is very specific, we are in front of a collection of terror pieces? What do the lyrics talk about and where did you get the inspiration from?

The lyrics are a collection of horror stories based on movies like “Mark Of The Devil“ and “Men Behind The Sun“. The concept story in “Satans´s Palace“ is inspired by Shakespeare. The brutal romantic age is our best inspiration for new lyric themes.

Depressive doom rock is a label that coul describe the music you do?

It may certainly feel some.

I think your music has a great load of theathrical elements, that gives your approach a big entertaining aspect
As big fans of DEATH SS and KING DIAMOND we wanted not only to record some oldschool Doom metal tunes. First we wrote the horror lyrics and then composed the songs.

How long did you work in this album?

Two months of blood, wine and tears.

What bands have influences your sound?


I like the freshness in the composition of Metuschelach Life Cycle, I would say it has something of Death SS and Witchfinder General too...

I agree with you! We also did a videoclip of that song. Please check it out.

We will. Satan’s Palace is another great moment in the album, a song where the hammond and the stoner riffs are very present

The song has a lot of influences. Lyrically it is inspired by a modern love story of Romeo and Juliet. The music is inspired by Mercyful Fate.

What is your favorite song?

Peine Forte Et Dure, because of this fucking heavy riff!

You finish the album with a Fleetwod Mac’s cover, how did you choose it?
The Fleetwood Mac song “I´m so afraid“ is a great depressive hymn with a dark atmosphere. The song is ideal to create a heavy doom o fit.

You are only two guys in the band but I think your music would fit perfectly with a live show, I can imagines the scenery, the lights and the atmosphere... Do you have the intention to make some gigs around?

As mentioned above we are a duo. We plan some livegigs with live musicians.

How can the fan get your album?

Everywhere on the internet.

Easy. How do you see the under scene in your country?

A lot of bands and a lot of fans. I wish the fans here would be as euphoric as in Spain.

That’s difficult, so many crazy metalheads around here... Thank you very much for your attention!

Thanks Alberto for the interview. Keep the scene with your brothers alive. Doom on!
Jim Grant

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