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Interview with VULTURE

by Vpower

The Band: Vulture
Country: Germany
Answers by:  S. Genözider (guitars, drums)

Vulture is a German thrash / speed metal band of very recent creation. They have an EP out already and when you listen to it you just beg for more. And more is coming at the end of this year or beginning of 2017. And we will be there to tell it. For now, just let’s know a little more about Vulture.

Hello Genözider, although Vulture is almost a baby giving his first steps, I think you are going to create great expectations with the issue of your first songs in this EP...

S. Genözider: Hey there! Thanks for your nice words. We got a lot of positive feedback so far and are really enjoying the result of our EP. It was a lot of hard work that paid out in the end.

What’s the origin of the band?

S. Genözider: We live in different cities all across Germany's Northrhine-Westfalia. The travelling distance between each one of us varies from 100 km up to 300 km, which makes it really hard for us to meet up in order to rehearse.

I would say that you practice a Speed Metal that seems to come out directly from some 80’s hell

S. Genözider: Call it Speed or Thrash Metal, we don't really mind. But you're right, we definitely draw our inspirations from the very first days of Speed Metal. Although we're located in Germany and therefore might be destined to play a rather teutonic style of Metal we're more interested in the first American bands, such as Slayer, Exodus or even early Metallica.

By the way, the story behind this EP is cool, because you had no intention to publish it as an EP at all until Hell Roller Records stayed in your way, right?

S. Genözider. Yes, that's right. The initial plan was to record those tracks in order to look for a suitable lable. The first one we contacted liked the songs so much, that they insisted on having them released on vinyl and CD. So here we are.

You have no one full-length still in the streets but you do have a contract with High Roller Records, one of the most prestigious labels when it comes to Metal with attitude and quality, it really means something, doesn’t it?

S. Genözider: We're definitely proud to be part of such a great roster. High Roller Records is by far the best label I worked with so far. Everything's running on a very professional, yet unconversant level. Hope to be releasing music with these guys over and over again.

One of the things I most like of your sound is the dirty production in the guitars, I think it gives you credibility

S. Genözider: We tried to create the guitar sound as authentic as possible and therefore used the clean channel of a Marshall-Amp and plugged in distortion and overdrive pedals at once, just like Metallica did in the very early days. The result's amazing.

Steeler is another strong point, his low voice and demoniacal high-pitch notes are really fantastic

S. Genözider: He's a very talented vocalist who's got high potential in the variety of his voice. He's one of the main reasons VULTURE sounds the way it does, by not doing this standard black metal permanent-screaming vocals, but by attempting rather fierce and cruel almost spoken vocals.

You have included a version of Judas Priest’s Rapid Fire, but you applied your speed coat to it, Why that song and no any other?

S. Genözider: We love the fact, that most of the all late 70s early 80s Proto-Metal bands already had all the needed ingredients for fast and thrashing music. We wanted to celebrate this, by reworking that Judas Priest classic a little. Turned out to be a really decent Thrash Metal song, haha.

How long did you work in the four songs of this EP?

S. Genözider: Creating the songs was not too easy since we're all really pedantic when it comes to songwriting. We wrote the four tracks during a four or five month period in 2015.

And the big question I suppose every one that has listened to your Ep would be claiming me to ask: When are we going to get a full length from Vulture?

S. Genözider: We're on our way to finish the songwriting and hope to enter the studio for our first full length this winter.

Are we gonna find any surprise in the new album?

S. Genözider: We'll definitely have some more influences on the new record and already prepared a really great and unusual cover track. Don't want to spoil already. Have an eye on our page in order to get all needed information during the year.

Cool. It seems you do everything right, I love the band’s name, Vulture, it fits perfectly with the band’s style, how did you come to choose it?

S. Genözider: No special story behind that. We wanted to have a catchy name, no pseudo-satanic bullshit. After arguing for several weeks we ended up with Vulture.

What are your main influences?

S. Genözider: As stated before, we really dig those early american Speed Metal bands. Other influences are, probably Razor, obscure NWOBHM acts, definitely Mercyful Fate and even Voivod.

Do you have any goals in the long term as a band? Or just get fun as the pics I have seen from the band seem to tell

S. Genözider: Right now, we're happy to play a lot of great shows during this year. Spreading the EP across Europe as our current goal. New goals will definitely come soon.

Thank you very much for your time and we await your forthcoming release to comment and enjoy it

S. Genözider: You're welcome. Thanks for having us.

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