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Interview with ADX

by Vpower

The Band: ADX
Country: France

We don’t have so often the honor to talk to bands with the history and status of French act ADX. They are to the French Metal what Barón Rojo is to the Spanish, Maiden or Judas Priest to the British, Aria to the Russian... This is, they are legends. And they are still producing good melodic Speed Metal, with their classic sound and signature, they are here in Metalbrothers.es (what else?) to talk about their new album and other matters.

Hello guys, Adx is one of those bands that everyone identifies with Metal, how do you feel now after so many years in this long travel?

We feel so good today !! A new cd, our new label, a great tour in France and europe is comming for the end of the year........... We are here !!!
We try to be pleased at the most and to give all that one few to our fans. The passion so remains the same as has our debuts, the desire to go up on stage, to go to studio, to drink jars with our fans.

ADX is probably the most international band in France, I suppose you get this recognition when you tour around your country or abroad, right?

Sure !! We played in Gemany, Belgium, Greece, Italie, Canada since 2014. All the audience was so crazy for us everywhere, our first albums are so well know out of france.  

Julien Rousseau (bass) entered the band in 2013 and Nicklaus Bergen (guitar) in 2015, how well have they connected with the original members and how have they contributed to the sound of ADX?

Julien is a great song writer and a great aranger, he enters ADX as a family member, and we know Nicolas for quite a lot of years and we had of to attack the tour of thirty years of our first album "Execution" two weeks only after its arrival last year !!
We just had time to make the presentations!!!!!  He knew already not bad the titles of ADX and adapts itself very fast to the new projects. They both contribute on Non Serviam as a 2/5 of the band, completly !!

That sounds great. Talking about your sound, you have just released a new album, “Non Serviam”, how do you place it in your career and compared to your previous works?

ADX has his own sound, we worked with some different producers during all those years and everytime, we mix our way to play with they directions.
Our sound personality is here everytime, but since 2013, we try to go back to our first years and first albums. ADX is a “Speed Mélodic” style band and Non Serviam is really in touch with this style.

How long did you work in “Non Serviam”?

Since Feb 2015 for the demo and all Feb 2016 at the Sainte Marthe Studio Paris

How was the composition process of “Non Serviam”? We are right if we think that the old members are the guys in charge about it all?

Not really,  sorry !!! We have all compose this album and Julien the bass player has put his creation on many titles (as the last album “Ultimatum” 2014) Nicolas played all the mélodic and solo guitars.
For the lyrics, Phil and Dog (singer and drummer) wrote all the stuff !!

A team effort, I see. I think ADX has always been considered a Speed Metal band, with some heavy/power approach too. For the long time fans of the band this “Non Serviam” are good news because you keep loyal to your sound, right?

Yes, we realised with the time that speed métal is the style we do the best !!

La Mort en face is one of my favorite, it combines great riffing with a load of amazing solos

This song is really cool !! we choosed this one a first single to present Non Serviam to our fans, it represent “the all cd feeling”

We also get some mid tempo songs as L’Irlandaise, where you demonstrate that you can move very well in a variety of structures

We are great fans of tempo changes and rythm breaks since the begining of the band. We are all ok in the band to put surprises on our songs.

What are the lyrics about in this new album?

Always the same weft, the interesting historic facts and some fantastic stories which drew our attention.

Do you have a favorite song in the album and what songs will go into the setlist for the gigs?

We like all the songs of this new cd, we choosed all those ones inside many more during the démo. Everytime we have some reviews or fans messages, we choose the titles that everyone like.
Our fans are our best advisers !!

Talking about gigs, what are your touring plans for this 2016?

We have many festival in France for the end of the year, and will play as headliner in 2017. Our booker work a lot at this time !!!

By the way, although you have an international prestige, you have always sung in French and you keep doing it, no intention to move to the English I guess, right?

Oh no !! We tried this in 1990 with “Weird Visions” for the german label Noise. But the result was not really good for the vocals !!

Let us ask about your experience after so many years rocking, what gigs do you remember as more impressive and what bands you enjoyed sharing the stage with?

All the bands we meet were really cool with us, honestly, we like to share moments as friends on the backstage even if we know nobody !!! With some good bottles it’s easier.
We have a great souvenir in 2009 at the HellFest Festival in France, and the two gigs we had in Canada in 2014.

You were fighting in the 80s already, compared to that time how do you see the metal scene nowadays?

It’s always the same. The metal music is not really recognized in France, it is hard to be able to live on its music here. On the other hand the public is always so faithful and numerous in our concerts. We have more experience for the choices which we make and and we try to give advice to the groups which begin to avoid them the bothers which we have they in our debuts

And finally, you have a loyal legion of fans around the world, what would you tell them about what ADX will offer in future years?

We would like to record some good albums, meet the fans on our gigs, and at first take good time together, in and out of the stage !!!

Cheers for that! Thank you very much for your attention and congratulations for all these years at a great level and for your new album, if you wish to add something….

We wish to return in Spain (like in 2009 at the Battlefield fest in Valencia)  and meet the crazy metal maniacs over here !!
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