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Interview with ZĀ LÄ THÜ

by Vpower

The band: Zā Lä Thü             
Country: USA
Answers by:  The Awakened One

You are entering the realm of Zā Lä Thü, open your eyes, your ears and your mind, because you will be in front of a band that makes and art of the suggestion and the origanility. A band we strongly recommend for those people always in need of exploring new territories, in musical terms and lyrical terms.

Hi guys, let's talk a little about the beginnings of the band. How was Zā Lä Thü created?

ZĀ LÄ THÜ developed out of a one man band/project that had gone through numerous name changes going back to around 1995. In 2012, I changed the name to  ZĀ LÄ THÜ and recorded a demo called The Ritual of the Abyss, released December 21, 2012. I then posted an advertisement on Craig's list for a vocalist. Katera contacted me around February of 2013. I gave her a copy of The Ritual of The Abyss and we then remixed the  song "We Invoke, We Invoke" with a recording of her singing with the original version. I then made it available at  www.zalathu.com

Since that time she has been handling the vocals for ZĀ LÄ THÜ. Although I continue to write, record and play all instrumentation in ZĀ LÄ THÜ myself; I am always looking for other musicians that would like to participate in the opening of the portal.

What does the band's name mean?

The name ZĀ LÄ THÜ was revealed to me by a trance channeling from a psychic while living in Atlanta during the year of 1995. ZĀ LÄ THÜ is the name of my spirit guardian and guide. " INVOKE OFTEN"

What differences are between your latest demo " 77" and your new work " Zä Lä Thü"?

ZĀ LÄ THÜ - 77+ (7+7)/7 +77=156 was our second demo under the heading of ZĀ LÄ THÜ. The full length that is self-titled as ZĀ LÄ THÜ contains our first 3 demos combined, a total of 10 tracks. Therefore, the full length contains the material from 77+ (7+7)/7 +77=156. Musically speaking, the full length covers a broad array of styles- you can hear aspects of death metal, industrial, punk and even darkwave. The music is very difficult to describe and from song to song the style may change drastically. Change is the only constant in ZĀ LÄ THÜ.

Cool. How was the design and creation process of the album?

When I sit down to create music, I begin with my guitar, a drum machine and a general idea of what I wish to express. As I start writing the music it usually takes on a life of its own, and I try to get out of the way. I will record into a loop station so I can experiment with various polyrhythms and harmonies. After I have written a linear guitar rhythm in conjunction with drums for a complete song, I lay down the drum tracks and the rhythm tracks on a Tascam 24 track recorder. After I record all the instrumentation I will begin working on lyrics and vocal arrangements. I spend more time on this part than  anything else because it does not come natural to me. I will always have a theme or an intention for the song and I will work on lyrics and vocal arrangements with this in mind. Every word is chosen with care because words are power. Katera will help me with this process in capricious degrees. Although I write the majority of the lyrics, Katera pours a great deal of energy into the final product, arrangement and delivery. Once I have completed three songs I usually compile them into a demo/ep. I will do this process twice over and once I have enough material for a full length I will release it. This is my normal process.

In your opinion, which are the stronger points of the band?

I believe that being original and genuine is our greatest strength. We really believe in what we are doing. I also think that the message within our lyrics is very important and I encourage people to transcend their personal demons and awaken to their higher self. We precisely want people to wake up to ultimate reality. We want you to expand your consciousness and to help us charge our songs.

I like very much the album and I think the band has a very original sound, the band mixed Industrial metal with Death, Occult metal.... It makes me think about Coven and Jinx Dawson... the style is very creative and hard to describe...

I agree completely. I think the music is very original and has many different elements mixed into it. However, the end result is in some respects the product of happenstance. We did not go out of our way to create this sound. A lot of our sound is environmental. For example, I live in a very rural area. There are virtually no musicians in my location. The industrial aspect to our sound only exists because I use drum machines. I only use drum machines because I cannot find a drummer. Then the additions of Katera's vocals are certainly unique. When I placed and advertisement looking for a vocalist she was the only person that applied. She was looking for a punk band at the time. The lyrical content is of an occult nature because I am an occultist. So as you can see, in many ways the final product is a twist of fate. Many unforeseen variables have combined to create an unusual sound. In the past I viewed the isolation and lack of local musicians to work with as a negative, but in time I have come to see that it has turned into something positive and has given the music the strength of character. Side note, I am not familiar with those bands you mentioned but I will check them out.

My Favorite Song is Valk - Kree, which is yours?

I am really happy you like Val-Kree, which was a fun song to make. It was my first attempt to mix my sitar with metal. It was a bit of a challenge but I think it turned out pretty good. My favorite song is "To Bind and Purge," in many ways it is a very personal ritual and exorcism to purge negative thought forms within my mind.

What themes do you touch in your lyrics?

The vast majority of our lyrics are based on metaphysical occult philosophy as well as personal rituals and spells to initiate change to occur in conformity with my will. The songs are spells and affirmations. They are thought forms that I wish to see manifest into reality. The lyrical content is very important and personal and absorbs the longest amount of time to write. If you have any questions about any specific songs, I will be happy to talk about them.

How do you see the current scene of the under industrial metal in your country?

I am unaware of any industrial metal scene in the United States. To be honest, I am unaware of modern industrial music in general. I of course like early bands like Godflesh and Ministry, even Laibach and Einstein Neubauten- not to mention that brief moment when ...And Oceans went industrial. Conversely, since the release of " The Ritual of the Abyss" demo we have been categorized as an Industrial band by a lot of people, but I never really thought we were an industrial band. I realize we use drum machines and I used guitar synth on some songs so I guess that has put us in that category but we really do not listen to much industrial music other than the bands I just mentioned. I primarily listen to old school death metal, black metal, early punk and a ton of world music. Katera listens to punk and all kinds of stuff. If there are some really good industrial bands that I should check out, let me know. I love to hear new music.

How can the fan get your album?

You can purchase the digital and physical CD version (digipack) of the full length album ZĀ LÄ THÜ at www.cdbaby.com/cd/zalathu, Amazon.com, and itunes. We will also be releasing our new EP titled "Psychotronic Generator" on May 31, 2016. It will also be available at the above websites and all merchandise can also be purchased directly from ZĀ LÄ THÜ at our official website. www.zalathu.com

What are your future plans?

The first immediate future plan will be the release of Psychotronic Generator on May 31, 2016. This release coincides with the Discordian holiday of Syaday. We encourage everyone to celebrate the 5th day of confusion by altering your consciousness. Hail Eris!

With the completion of the Psychotronic Generator I have begun work on 2 separate projects that will find completion within a future ZĀ LÄ THÜ release. The one project is based around droning acoustic strings and the other is an exercise in anarchism. Last, I intend on trying to re-master all the old material such as Aethyria and make it available on a double CD.

Thank you very much and congratulations for your great work. If you wish to add something, go ahead.

Thank you so much for this interview, your questions were really great! We really appreciate it. Do not believe what the media tells you to be true. Learn to think critically. Expand your mind by any and all means necessary. Wake up! there is no self, so drop the assemblage point and become the circle! Join us, together we can transform reality! http://www.zalathu.com

Just say no to the Demiurge!

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