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Interview with DAGGER MOON

by Vpower

The Band: Dagger Moon
Country: United States
Answers by: Chris (vocals), Mikey (drums)

Dagger Moon is a band from the US that play what they like and wish in every moment, no matter what people expect or like, thay are free as the wind in terms of composition and you feel it in the songs they deliver. They have released their first full-length, Citadel, the proof that they are a special band.

Hello guys, the band was formed in 2013 as Citadel and later changed to Dagger Moon, right? What is the story of the band?

Hi! In 2012 we underwent a ton of lineup changes  while forming the band and finally solidified as “Citadel.”  We performed and recorded under the name and unfortunately caught the attention of a 70’s prog band who had legally registered their name long before most of us were alive.  They got really mad and threatened legal action if we didn’t change our name.  They also threatened several other bands of the same name. It was a bummer, so we changed our name to Dagger Moon because we all really love the band Dead Moon.

In 2015 your released your first song in “demo 2014”?

  Yeah we wrote and recorded all those songs at the end of 2014 so it was just a timing coincidence.

I would say your musical approach is quite surprising for the times we live, where so many bands do the same...

We have a lot of different influences and intentionally tied them together to see what the result would be, and we liked it!

The keyboards have a very important role in your music, it coats your music with a sense of occult metal, what do you think?

There is no singular theme to our music but rather it is the result of LOTS of Occult, Horror, Punk, Sci-Fi, and apocalyptic  influences.

But before going with the details we should review the whole line up: 5 members, who is who in the band and how do each one contribute to the composition of the songs?
Mikey  – Drums
Jane- Synth
Chris- Vocals

We all contribute in our own ways to the songwriting process, a lot of which comes from just hanging out regularly at practice.  Sometimes something organically just “works” for us, and sometimes we just end up sitting around eating pizza.

How long did you need to finish up the composition of your new album “Citadel”?
We recorded over a weekend in Richmond with Garrett Morris of Windhand in 2015, and mastering took a few weeks, then the rest of the time was spent trying to get the attention of a few labels we like, deciding instead to do the entire thing DIY, and then lots of waiting for all the moving parts to come together and finalize the release.

What difference are we gonna find between demo 2014 and “Citadel”, if any?

The differences you’ll find are a higher quality recording, absence of certain songs from the demo, and a more defined style/flow of the album. We added a couple songs that had more depth than some of the demo tracks.

You had your approach clear from the very beggining or it has changed with time?

This was/is a project that is constantly evolving, and we never had a defined goal in mind.

I think you work with no label for now, you are waiting for the best chance or is a question of “philosophy”? Because I do believe you have the level to sign for a serious label...

Thank you! Our shared philosophies aren’t so rigid that we would never work with a label, but we would insist on working with the “right” label that suits our interests and personalities.

In Citadel we get doom metal, crust punk and some level of dark intensity. So, we can say they are no the typical songs easy to listen, this is under all the way for trained ears?

We weren’t really writing music expecting it to be well received by the public, so we pursued a sound that satisfied all of us.

What songs are your favorite in the album? And which were more difficult to complete?

We all have different favorite songs on the album and  to play live, which can make crafting set lists difficult sometimes. But that’s how it goes!

What bands have influenced your sound?

A bunch, some that immediately come to mind are Amebix, John Carpenter’s film scores, Corrupted…

You think your music is more suitable for the American market or for the European one? Or it doesn’t matter?

We didn’t have a target audience in mind and we still don’t, we just want to make dark and interesting music for everyone who has interest!

How do you see the underground metal scene in your country?
We feel like we could write a book on this topic.  There are many terrible and wonderful things happening at the same time in the American underground metal scene.  We find lots of companionship but also experience tons of stylistic and ideological clashes with others.

How is a gig of Dagger Moon?

For the most part we play dirty basements and local bars.  We almost always play with new and different kinds of punk, metal, and electronic projects.  Single-genre shows can get pretty boring around here.  The people that come to see us are always there to have fun and not start bullshit.

What touring plans do you have? We will see you some day around Europe?

Can we sleep on your couch!? Haha!  We all want to do more touring for sure.  Work and life get in the way a lot but if we had the right opportunity we’d definitely go!!!

We’re grateful for all the interest and attention you’ve shown us! We have a bunch of new songs in the works, so please look out in the future and stay in touch!
Chris/Mikey/Dagger Moon

Thank you guys, we wish you the best!

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