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Interview with DARK QUARTERER

by Vpower

The Band: Dark Quarterer
Country: Italy

Answers by: Gianni Nepi (Bass, Vocals)

Today we talk to one of those bands that has, with every right, won the title of “cult” band. If you are in the underground thing you need no introduction for Italian act Dark Quarterer, if you are not this is a good start to know a little more about this legendary band that keeps the flame of Metal alive.

Hello Dark Quarterer! the band’s current activity goes through the reedition of your great work “Symbol”. What does this album represent for the band?

R. A changement just to identify e new path of compisition style...we are always searching for new ideas, new experiments with our music and we think that Symbols rapresents the roots of Ithaca...

“Symbol” was originally released in 2008, with 6 songs  and over 70 minutes of great music, that talks enough about your style and composition

R. The Idea to create songs dadicated to great people who changed the destiny of the world, was generated by the mind of Paolo Ninci...we immediately appreciate this subject and we put all our energies to realize it...the more important thing was to create the right atmosphere of eack  track because, in our opinion, music must describe with lyrics, is a combination of words and sounds the must be fused in one only expression to obtain the max strenght possible...we need often to rewrite many parts before finding  the solution that can satisfy all of us. it is a great job and I hope that we obtained a good result !!

Moreover, Symbols” is available for the first time on a deluxe Double LP edition, limited to 350 copies, a great oportunity for the good fans of the band, right?

R. Great job of Cruz del Sur and the sound is better than CD...Vinyl equalization, if well done, is absolutely wormer than any CD !!! this is a true !!

We also find the addition of a bonus track, “Devil Stroke“, that brings the album to a length of over 80 minutes. How does Devil Stroke fit with the original songs in the album?

R. The reason for which we decided to insert "Devil Stroke" in this ediction has been generated to the continuous requests of fans to play this song during our shows..so we abtain a double result..we prepare it for the shows and, meantime, we recorded...this is the only, simple reason !!!

The idea of releasing Symbols again was more yours or your current label Cruz del Sur Music?

R. Cruz del Sur propose us this possibility and we accepted !!!!

Cruz del Sur is a label that always takes care of quality and this excellent reedtion is a proof of that, right?

R. Surely !!! a great Label and Enrico is a great person !!!

The songs in this new “Symbols” are re-recorded or have you introduced any improvement in terms of production regarding the orginal release of 2008?

R. A new mix and a new equalization and compression of sounds but nothing has been rerecorded..

By the way, this is not the first time you work on a past release. In 2012 you re-recorded the band’s debut album under the title of “XXV anniversary”, although with another label, right?

R. Yes but in that occasion the necessity to rerecord the entire album was due to the bad quality of the first realization...we need to listen our songs renewed and I can sure you that it's a great satisfaction to listen every particular of our instruments...definitively a necessity for our spirit of musicians !!!!

Apart of  “Symbols” we would like to talk a little about the band’s history and activity. Because, Dark Quarterer can be considered at the same status as mythical bands, in differents styles, in Italy such as Death SS, Bulldozer, Stranna Officina, etc...

R. Dark Quarterer was born on 1972..in that year me, Fulberto Serena and Paolo Ninci decided to play together..in the beginning but for a long time (8 years) we play only covers trying to learn all secrets of great bands like Gentle Giant, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin or Genesis...The name of the band was Omega Erre. Each one of us started to study music theory and learn to play better his own instrument..we were so finicky and every time we were convinced that we could do better. I think this philosophy create inside of us the mentality to eliminate every particular not exactly in tune with the rest of the song..only on 1980 we decided to start with original compositions and considering the stile of music generated (a mixture of epic/doom/progressive) we decided to change the name in Dark Quarterer. After two Demos and Two albums (Dark Quarterer on 1987 and The Etruscan Prophecy on 1989) Fulberto leave the band for personal problems...after 1 year we find a new guitaris, Sandro Tersetti and the story of DQ start again..with Sandro we produced "War Tears" recorded in Hamburg on october 1993 ..the label was "Inline Music"...this album made in Germany gave us the force to continue to believe in us..but on 1998 Sandro leave the band..so me and Paolo returned to search a guitarist as we were sure our future was already written !!
Francesco Sozzi was 18 years old when we contact him...he is the son of Gino Sozzi..we known his father as he was a musician. when we listen Francesco immediatly we understood he is what we were searching for..technique, taste and a friendship..on 2000 Francesco Longhi a young keyboarder reaches the band and the colours of our music definitively change...we are together for 16 years...this is all...

Dark Quarterer has never worried about trends, this has maybe limited your recognition as a mass band but has guaranteed you a legion of die-for-the-band fans

R. We have a saying: few but good !!!

Another important point in your sound is your musical evolution. Dark Quarterer started more as an epic heavy metal act and you have derived into a progressive monster, how did it happen?

R. as I explained before Keyboard changes our possibility to compose and to go over the limit of our immagination...now everything is possible !!

Your lyrics have always been another strong point, very detailed and based on historical matters or the kind. Where did you get the inspiration from?

R. I always been the lyrics composer...everytime I start to write a song I analise the subject and I study his life or History details..I try to figurate inside my mind the situations, the historical era, the ambient just to describe every particular in the best way possible and to give the opportunity to the people to live again the past closing their eyes and listening our song..I hope to obtain this result...

Many years already on the scene, what has been the best moment for Dark Quarterer?

R. Always tomorrow !!!!!

That’s the spirit! What were your influences at the beginning of your career, before you developed your own sound?

R. I can give you a list of bands starting from Beatles, Rolling Stone, Vanilla Fudge, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Cream, Gentle Giant, Genesis, Grand Funk Railroad, but also Bach, Beethoven, Rossini, Wagner, Paganini...I can sure you that in every style of music we can capture something to insert in our songs...

This August you will play in the Issola Rock, have you prepared any especial set list, maybe all the songs in Symbols?

R. No. We prepared from "Ithaca" Path of life, Nostalgia and Escape...from Symbols The Blind Church...From Dark Quarterer Colossus of argil, Dark quarterer and from The Etruscan Prophecy..Devil Stroke.

Your last studio album is from 2015, Ithaca, are you working on new songs for a future release?

R. Yeah !!! we are preparing new songs for a new project..the subject is "how the people could change in case of panic or big disaster" and the idea is to create some characters situations during the eruption of Vesuvio when Pompei was destroied abt 2000 years ago..

The Metal scene is in need of bands with your quality, do you we have Dark Quarterer for many years to come?

R. forever...until the death.

Awesome. It was a pleasure to talk to such a great band, wish you the best!
R. thank you for giving us the opportunity to descrbe our love for Music. Stay hard forever !!!

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