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Interview with TALSUR

by Vpower

The band: Talsur
Country: Russia
Answers by: Talsur (all instruments & voices)

Today we talked to TALSUR, a young musician, full of ideas and a guy that takes music to the personal field, both as a pleasure and as a cure, as he states, but evidently for anyone out there to listen to it and enjoy it. With a very creative sense, Talsur has already released 4 full-lengths, and I suspect he is not going to stop just there, hopefully. You can expect more and better every time from this Russian musician. Welcome to his world.

Hi Talsur and welcome to our site

Hello and thank you. It's an honour for me.

The honour is ours. Talsur is a Russian band formed in 2015, a one-man band that shares its name with the only member in it. How did you start the project and why a one-man band?

You know, for me Talsur is a kind of cure. I've been doing music for a long time. But about three years ago, I first heard the doom metal. It was My Dying Bride, Forest Of Shadow, Type O Negative, all those guys. And just at that time I had big problems in my life, it was very hard. And this music helped me, I realized that this is my favorite music. And then I decided to try to do something similar. I found that in me enough grief for the first two albums. Why a one-man band, well for me it's just easier. You know, for me it’s something personal, and I don’t want to involve in it other people. This is my own Calvary, if I may say so.

You do all instrumentation and voices as well, but you feel more comfortable playing what?

Most comfortable for me to play the guitar. The first time I took her in 6 years. I'm 19 now, and it's still in my hands. I am studying in the Academy of music, so I always have room to grow. It's great. Music is a boundless ocean.  And it can be studied endlessly.

We didn’t suspect you were that young, your music sounds mature enough. One question is clear, Talsur is a hard worker, you just need to have a look at your releases: one ep and 4 full-length albums since the band kicked off in 2015

I don’t know if you can call me a hard worker, because for me it is not hard to write songs. Music gives me real pleasure. Even despite the fact that it is grim. In my mind there is a thought, then a second, then another and another, and so I dipped in creativity. I get a lot of things. Then I edit it all, sort, and share with others. I am glad that my music helps someone, and it only stimulates me to further work.

Not all your albums have the same quality in our opinion, but you truly have experienced and ascendant line in composition, a constant improvement

Yes, initially there were problems with quality. There are several factors. Firstly, in my town are not many professional studios. In addition, their services are cost the resources by which I don’t have. And third, I was vital to start creating. Moreover, alone I began to study sound recording. This is also a useful skill. Now, thanks to the Internet, you can learn anything. And I'm learning. Listening previous albums, I see mistakes, which further try to avoid. This self-development, and it's great.

In terms of sound, what has been Talsur’s evolution?

Well, the sound of first album is pretty raw. Then I did not care about the quality. I just wanted to make music as more sad as possible. Even the drums I recorded manually on the keyboard. The second album, it seems to me, has the most poor quality of them all. I went too far with compression and effects. Drums were recorded as well - on the keyboard. Then I learned a couple of useful programs, and the drums began to sound more decently. The sound of third album Inanitas deliberately overloaded, because I wanted to do something psychedelic scary, and even evil. Before writing the fourth album, I listened to a lot of the previous three. Found  errors and ways to eliminate them. I listened to the other groups, and paid attention not to the music, but the record itself, mixing. Perhaps that is why Slough of Despond came out most qualitative.

As we said, 4 albums in almost 2 years, how long do you usually need to finish up an album and how is the process?

Differently. I think on the average writing music takes from two weeks to four months. Plus a week or two on the record. I wrote Slough of Despond for four months. Here's how it happens. I pick up a guitar and play something. As soon as I wrote a sufficient number of tunes, I pick it up in one song. Then I think of the vocal melody and lyrics. Sometimes I am working on a few songs at a time. Sometimes inspiration comes to me suddenly, and in my head just playing some melody. Then I need to urgently record it on a dictaphone or write on the paper. Same thing with the lyrics. And as I said, all this gives me great pleasure.

As the only musician, what is the part more difficult to complete? Do you hate some specific task of the process?

The hardest thing for me - to hear my own voice :) In fact, most problems occur when I'm recording vocals. Sometimes it’s difficult to select from multiple takes the best, and I just recording all over again. And yet it’s difficult to find the right effects for the atmosphere. Wind, sound of the sea, etc.

Any weak points you are conscious you need to improve?

I'm working on vocals, clean and growl. Also I would like more to know about the proper construction of the arrangements.

Well, you have demonstrated your steady improvement, so we only expect the better for further releases. What are your main influences as musician?

As I said, the very first was My Dying Bride, Type O Negative and Forest Of Shadows. Later, I discovered a lot of great bands. Among them Draconian, Mournful Congregation, Clouds, Fallen, Swallow The Sun, Shape of Despair. I love the last two albums Virgin Black, it's brilliant. When I became interested stoner, the most listened to Electric Wizard and Kyuss.

Usually, what are the lyrics about? Any general topic or each album is different?

Yes, every album - it is a separate chapter. The first two tell us about what people do with this world. How we are raping our own home. In the end, suffering of people forced Azrael burn everything around. After the death of world the character (that is, the listener) is captured by a terrible and incomprehensible emptiness, Inanitas. And when the fog of emptiness is dissipated, a character realizes that he is completely alone. And this solitude is the theme of the album Slough of Despond. It is on this album was first mentioned suicide. However, all these albums are united by one more theme. The death of the beloved. There is the influence of Edgar Allan Poe.

Pretty cool, indeed. Talking about your new release Slough of Despond, the best in my opinion, we are going to find great riffs on it and great atmospheres too

I also think that the Slough of Despond is the most successful Talsur’s album. I think the reason is that attitude to this release was more meticulously. Besides, I moved to another city, and has been busy. And I have looked to Slough of Despond from another angle. I had the time for painstaking work on every song that I did. And riffs were taken exactly as well - very carefully. By the time I was listening to a lot of different music, not only doom. Everything is mixed up in me and has given the desired effect. I did not limit myself, and soberly assess my strength. That’s why, probably, the album and gave such nice results.

Some previous albums were more in the stoner/doom field, but with Slough of Despond we get also a good dose of black and funeral doom, although with great and clean guitars here and there that throw light and fresh oxygen into the songs

Yes, it is. As I said, this is due to a certain concept, which connects all the albums. The third album was to be exactly in stoner, so that after him was exactly a funeral doom. This contrast shows very clearly the emotions of the character, which can be every listener.

Slough of Despond stands by itself like a very good album and you should experience an international response. So far you have released all your albums with no label, any news in this matter?

To be honest, I did not think that my music is suitable for a certain label. I did it for myself, for friends. It just helped me cope with the pain. So when the Slough of Despond caused such a reaction, I was much surprised. By the way, I would like to thank everyone who supported me and who contributed to the spread of Talsur music. It’s very nice, and means a lot for me. Of course, these results make me to think about the future plans. It’s possible that the fifth album will be released at some label, but I can’t promise anything.

Well, never say never… By the way, I like very much the cover of Slough of Despond with that dark ambient, is it also yours?

No, I am not the author. This fragment of paintings by russian artist of the 19th century Ivan Aivazovsky titled "Calm". I'm only slightly processed it. The original painting is bright and serene, and I made him cold and lifeless, what should be the funeral doom.

Will you continue this crazy pace you have kept for the last two years or you will make a break to get new ideas or whatever?

Perhaps I need a little rest. Although I love doing music, my fourth album exhaust me. But I know what I have to do this year, so the rest will not be long.

I was almost sure of it  :) How can anyone buy your albums?

All albums are available on the official bandcamp. Also there is a few forums, where Talsur albums could be downloaded for free.

Have you made any gigs around?

As soon as I founded Talsur, I decided to abandon the concert activity. After all, this music is a very personal and gloomy. It would be hard to play it in public. Let each who like my music, Talsur will be a true friend, who alone with a listener will share his grief.

Have you ever thought of making Talsur a band with more members?

No, Talsur has always been and will be one-man band. It’s an expression of my personal thoughts and feelings. If it’s involved someone else, it will be not Talsur.

I understand. What are your plans for the future?

The plans are all the same - to make music. This year will definitely be a new EP and a single. Also I would like to do split with someone. All news appear on the official page vk.com and twitter.

Thank you very much for your attention, Talsur, and we will follow and comment your new material

I would like to thank metalbrothers.es for support. I wish more success to you and your site. Also sending rays of goodness to all readers. Listen to more music, guys, and love each other. And of course, stay doom.

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