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Interview with MORAST

by Vpower

The Band: Morast
Country:  Germany
Answers by:  J. (guitar)

A chat with J, guitar of German dark metal combo MORAST. On March 31st the will release their first full-length "Ancestral Void", you see the cover art and you can imagine already what it will be all about. But if you want to know more details better read on.

Hello J and congratulations for you debut album "Ancestral Void"

Thank you.

Ancestral Void was forged in Düsseldorf in 2015, how did it happen?

 Yes, we started the band in September 2015. F. (vocals ) and myself  were talking about doing a project since 2014 but we were still busy with our other bands. In summer 2015 we asked R. (bass) and later L. (drums ) to join us and they didn't reject.

In 2015 you got a demo and in 2016 kind of a split tribute to the figure of Quorthon. What can you tell us about it?

We recorded a 4 song Demo after two months of existence. Everything evolved really fast. We played our first shows and started to write on the first album. In spring 2016 we were asked by Cvltnation to record a Bathory cover for one of their digital tribute compilations. When we played a show with Ultha we talked about releasing both of our songs from that comp physically later released by Vendetta Records.

"Ancestral Void" is your first full-length album, how long have you worked on it?

We worked on it one year.

Any important difference between your new album and your very first approach in your demo?

 The only difference is that we became a better unit and started to improve our sound and musical identity. As I said the Demo was more like an unpolished, raw outburst.

How was the composition process of your new album?

I came up with some riffs and/or songs I had written at home and we arranged it together in our practice room. Some songs evolved within the whole year, some were written in almost on practice.

Morast cannot be classified in only one metal subgenre as black metal or death metal, but you feel more identified with what?

 We feel no need to identify with one specific subgenre. If people want to classify it, do it. For me it's just Metal. Dark and obscure.

All of you guys have already some experience before Morast, what part of it has shown in your new project?

For me it's only the bleak and negative approach. That's the essence of my musical craft.
Dark atmospheres combined with rage on riff guitars make your sound very especial

That's good hear, thanx. Don't get me wrong bands don't necessarily have to sound different but I like stuff that has its own identity and is not limited to a certain formula. There are so many boundaries and limitations. I hope we will find our own artistical freedom some time. Still working on it.

That takes us to another point, Doom is also part of your sound. Loss is a clear example of that…

Yes, Doom in every aspect.

The cover art is a good reflection of what we are gonna find on "Ancestral Void", the shadows surrounding the light…

 Yeah, the artwork fits perfectly with the mood and atmosphere of the record, I guess.

You have signed by Totenmusik, how do you feel about it?

Totenmusik is the shit, dude! Toni, the man behind the label, supported us right from the start. Not to forget Sven from Ván Records who also provides total support.

Greetings to Toni then. What bands have influenced your sound?

Triptykon, Winter, Killing Joke, Neurosis, Bathory, The Cure etc...

Nowadays, the borderlines between subgenres are less clear than ever, that is good or bad in your opinion?


Clear. Have you already played any gigs around? Any tour arranged?

We played a couple of gigs and have some coming up. Maybe we will do a small tour at some point. We will see...

What plans do you have for the future?

Writing new songs and total annihilation.

You are on the way to get it. Thanks for your attention, J!

Thank you!

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