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Interview with CONDOR

by Vpower

The Band: Condor
Country: Norway
Answers by : Maggressor (guitars)

CONDOR is moving with their second release, “Unstoppable Power”, to a thrash metal sound, evil and wild, old school and dark, leaving a little behind their black metal approach. Probably this is like Thrash Metal should ever sound, though that is up to you to decide.

Hello Maggressor  and welcome to talk about your new album “Unstoppable Power” and whatever you wish. Your story starts back in 2009 and a first demo in 2010. You had all clear at the moment or it was more a try and go effort?

We had sort of an outline of what we wanted to play back then, but as you can hear on the demo, we did experiment with a few different styles. We were listening to a lot of Aura Noir and bands like that back then, so it felt natural to end up playing (black) thrash.

This year you are releasing “Unstoppable Power”, your second album. How do you feel regarding your previous effort “Condor”?

I think we have different opinions regarding this record within the band. Personally, I don't really like it too much. Its so static and uninspired. The songs are okay, but they lack that little extra that I feel like we've captured on Unstoppable Power. Chris likes it,and I think Øyvind likes it too, but we all agree that the new album will tear it to pieces.

A cool opinion, sincerity first. How long have you worked on “Unstoppable Power” and how was the process?

We started writing material for the record around early 2016 and we kept doing it until early 2016, so it took us about two years to write the whole thing. The first song we made was Chained Victims, which was while we were listening to A LOT of Destruction, as you can probably hear, hehe. We usually write riffs at home and put them together at rehearsal, which we did on this record as well.

To me you right now you sound more like a thrash band than a black metal act

I agree. We gradually left the black metal part behind after the first record. There are so many black thrash bands around these days, and surprisingly enough, not that many good pure thrash metal bands. Our influences also changed slightly, and we started drawing more inspiration from the old german bands in the likes of Deathrow and Sodom etc.

The great cover artwork also looks more like a thrash attack

I agree, it looks like evil thrash, which is what the record sounds like (to me at least). I was very excited when ROK said that he would do the art work for us, as I haven't seen many bands using his art made by him lately. Very fair and easy guy to work with too (even though we're Norwegian hehe).

Haha, the effort was good . You are releasing “Unstoppable Power” through High Roller Records, a change for better?

Absolutely. High Roller is very easy to work with. They take our opinions into consideration, and does not trying to influence our sound or anything like that at all. Its also nice to be on a label that does promo work for the record.

You are a three-piece from Kolbotn (Norway), a village with a name in the black metal history and where Gylve Fenris Nagell serves as a Councilman. Any help or support from that part?

Well, two of us, Christoffer and me, are from Kolbotn, while the drummer, Øyvind, is from Hønefoss. Yeah, we got a lot of help when we first started up, with Gylve spreading the word and posting our demo on the darkthrone blog that they had back then. It also really helped when he shared out new song, Riders of Violence, on the Darkthrone FB page when it was released too. I don't think we've ever gotten so much attention as we did after that, haha!

A good point, indeed.  I suppose your album is not a tribute to big speed metallians Agent Steel’s “Unstoppable Force”

It's not, its just a coincidence that the titles sound so similar. It is more of a tribute to Destructions "Invincible Force" really and Whiplash's Power and Pain.

I buy it. What are the lyrics about?

The usual stuff I guess. Hell, blasphemy, death and violence.

Horns up. I really love the energy you put in every song, a great display of thrash rhythms and powerful guitars with a dark touch

Thank you! I too like the speed and energy on this record way more than on previous releases. I guess we wanted to take everything a step further, and when you have a drummer that can actually play that fast, there is no reason not to hehe.

I also can appreciate a great 80s orientation in your sound that transport us to the Thrash’s greatest era

The 80's sound is the only way to play thrash metal, any other way would not be right. Pizza thrash like Municipal Waste and so on can fuck off in hell.

Your more oriented thrash sound is a proof the black metal in Norway is not anymore what it used to be?

Well maybe not in Oslo, but if you go a bit further north, to Trondheim, there is a pretty big black metal scene. There are emerging a few good black metal band from Oslo now too, but I think there are more thrash and heavy metal going on down there.

These songs should strike as a hammer in a live show, are you preparing to deliver the goods on stage?

We did a few concerts in February where we played a lot of new songs, which was pretty cool. However, we will not play any more live shows for now. Most likely not ever, but who knows, maybe we'll change out mind at some point!

Hopefully you will do so. Thank you very much Maggressor, if you wish to add something…

Baby, disco is fukk.

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