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Interview with WARFARE

by Vpower

The Band: Warfare
Country: UK
Answers by: Paul Evo

Rock & Metal Music is in need of bands and guys as WARFARE & EVO, with no doubt one of the celebrities of the 80s heavy metal and the great NWOBHM. His story during a show with Metallica is part of his legend, but there are more stories and we rescue some of them in this great chat with the man, and of course we talk also a little about his new album “Warfare”, because the band is back and kicking asses.

Hello man, 25 years of silence is quite a long time… but fans have never forgotten Warfare, what has moved you to get back to the stages?

I had a dream one night or maybe a nightmare that I was playing again, so the next day I dug out my old bass guitar and took it to my friends studio Fred Purser (ex Penetration/Tygers of Pan Tang) plugged it into a Marshal valve bass amplifier and hit the first chord at first I was a little rusty but I blew the pens off the office desk, so I turned it up even more and at that point I knew the Noise Filth & Fury was back in my blood it was then that I started writing again.

A return up to your legend. Warfare was born in 1982, you were apart of any band and so you got a place in metal history. What was the best moment of it all?

I created Warfare in 1984 before that I had played and recorded with Major Accident, The Blood & Angelic Upstarts, it’s very hard to say what was the best part of it, as it was total fuckin mayhem from the start, I enjoyed getting banned from venues because of my shocking behaviour , pissing into amps, burning drum kits, attacking security guards, throwing pigs blood at the audience you know all the usual things of being in the world’s first punk/metal band.

In this new album you have the collaboration of great guys as Fast Eddie Clarke and Lips, how was it?

What can I say Fast Eddie is one of the best fuckin guitarists in the world, I’d already worked with Lemmy,  so it was great to have Eddie help out on guitar, also Lips from Anvil is one of the fastest guitar players I have ever worked with he just lifted the track This man bleeds hate to another dimension , and when you buy the album you will see what I mean.

You also have worked with Algy Ward (Tank), is there any chance to repeat or to publish some new material together?

No that was a one off EP just friends jamming you know.. but my new album is the real deal going over the threshold of pain..just like it should be.

Do you know something about former mates Gunner and Zlaughter?

No I have never seen a lot of the musicians that played with me obviously I keep in touch with Fast Eddie & Algy.

Why did Warfare quit in 1993?

Basically I ran out of ideas I steered the project through good and bad times releasing many albums, but it was also becoming boring to me I had played professional music from the age of 16 to 30, working with some amazing musicians and in my opinion living through the most prolific time of rock music in every genre.

There is a great story about a gig with Metallica in the Hammersmith where you played in the garage, legend or not? How did it happen?

We played on the back of a truck as a protest, smashed up cars, causing absolute mayhem, bust noses, crow bars through the truck window by the security, throwing my mike stand thru the window of the  Hammersmith Odeons managers car, police chases ,it was a lovely day out I enjoyed every momement.

Amazing. Warfare has been always a band beyond limits and rules. For instance, you recorded a live show in a church. Are you thinking to take the new songs to the stage hiring some guys around?

 At the momement I have no plans to play live, however if I did it would be a full on show, playing all the Warfare classics plus several songs from the brand new album with an amazing session band and myself on lead vocals…and it would be so Loud…Fuckin Glorious.

Paul, you have always been surrounded by great musicians, as I said before Algy Ward, also teamed up with Venom, Lemmy Kilmister… With your experience, what can you say about Lemmy?

Lemmy was fantastic to work with a very well read gentleman and he pushed me so hard on the Metal Anarchy sessions and I learned a lot and we worked hard but boy did we play hard out every night down at Camden , Vodka a plenty, special brew, Wurzel  joined us also on a few occasions, both are gone but will never be forgotton nor will the album Metal Anarchy for that matter.

In the last years you have promoted several shows, as the Bliztallica fest, do you continue with that promotion activity?

No I stopped promoting rock gigs but had some really good sold out shows with Wilko Johnson and many others at my local civic centre.

Your new album is amazing, it’s like the time had stopped because it gathers all your previous legacy. These are new tracks or were composed long ago?

Thank you I am pleased you like it, I wrote it all in one year putting a track down one at a time until finished, it is just what the fans have waited for as it’s all the Warfare albums with played with the same anger and attitude with todays production and lyrics that stink of the street, a lot of people have described it as Bomber meets Pure Filth and I’m really pleased with it.

The title of the album refers to your legendary band, kind of claiming the recognition you deserve?

It really is just a brand new Warfare album and Im very pleased the recognition I am getting, for those lazy motherfuckers who haven’t bought it go get it, the real fuckin deal, get it from www.hrrecords.de.

High Roller Records has been the smart guys to sign you, there will be any especial promotion for the occasion?

High Roller are a really good label and I also think they are going to release a live album of all the early Warfare shows, also I am on re mastering the first four Warfare albums which will be released in early 2018 on Universal records.

Great news for new and long time fans. This is the following to the mini-album "Damned Unto Death", there will be more chapters to come in the future?

The new album isn’t a follow up to the mini one..this is a WARFARE album, if it sells really well there is no reason why I can’t do a follow up, but only time will tell.

Thank you very much Paul it was great to chat with you and welcome back!!

Any fans that want to get in touch please do so via my facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010703193337   or with my PR Lucy at Mayhem Management  levans@tiscali.co.uk   or record company  info@high-roller-records.de  ……I raise a glass to all of my fans..play it fuckin LOUD!!!  Evo 2017

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