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Interview with SPIRIT ADRIFT

by Vpower

The Band: Spirit Adrift
Country: USA
Answers by: Nate Garrett (everything)

We assist to the second release from US band Spirit Adrift, a confirmation of Nate’s skills and versatility, Curse of Conception, their stellar second album, and first with new label 20 Buck Spin, the band has taken a giant leap forward in songwriting, production and confidence.

Hello Nate, your project Spirit Adrift travels full speed with your second album on the road, how or why did you decide to start up Spirit Adrift?

I started Spirit Adrift so that I would have a pure and honest creative outlet for the rest of my life.

You play all instruments, any reason for a one-man band?

In the beginning it was just a matter of convenience and efficiency. Now the live band has begun contributing. The next album will be entirely recorded with the live band.

In 2016 Chained to Oblivion was acclaimed as the great album it is, the second chapter Curse of Conception is the confirmation of your great momentum

It always feels good when people say they like my music. I work really hard and I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far. Curse of Conception is the best thing I've ever done as a musician and songwriter.

Chained to Oblivion and Curse of Conception are very near in time, where do you get the time & ideas to compose with such quality and so fast?

I never stop working. Music consumes my entire life. It's not easy, but I want to take advantage of these current opportunities while I can.

Any big difference between both albums in your opinion?

The new album is much more of a classic sounding heavy metal album, whereas the previous album is obviously rooted in doom metal. The new album is superior. The next album will be even better.

One of the amazing things in your new album is that you mix the doom atmospheres and tempos with blasting moments of pure heavy metal or even thrash in a so natural way

Thank you. I agree. I was listening to a lot of old Metallica and Judas Priest as I was writing the album over the course of the last year and a half.

Did you have any assistance in the composition & recording of the songs, or it is 100% your own creature?

I wrote the songs. There were some tweaks and contributions made by the band as well as by Sanford Parker. My bandmates offered a great deal of ideas on the production side of things. It helped to have four really gifted musicians and songwriters tossing around ideas in the studio with me this time.

So, if you have to put it a name, Spirit Adrift will suit people aiming to listening to…? Or maybe it is a band that can fit almost everyone as it has a little of many styles?

Spirit Adrift will probably always evolve from album to album, but I would just call this album kick-ass, classic heavy metal with some doom undercurrents.

You have a especial sense for melodies and the acoustic guitars are simply brilliant, Wakien is a clear example of that…

Thank you. I've been playing and studying music for as long as I can remember. I love all kinds of music and try to learn from every style. Wakien came from a love of American blues, folk, bluegrass, and country like Waylon Jennings, maybe some Neil Young, plus Arkansas bands like Deadbird and Rwake. I think there's also some subconscious Boston worship coming through on that track.

Drums and vocals are usually the weak points of great solo guitarists, fortunately that’s not your case and the final product wins many points thanks to it

Thank you. Again, I just try to be the best musician I can be. It takes a lot of work, practice, sacrifice, and obsession. There's no shortcuts.

Spirit Adrift can be compared to bands such as Khemmis or some doom classic acts, that makes you feel…?

I love Khemmis and don't mind the comparisons but I honestly feel that the Khemmis and Pallbearer comparisons are a bit lazy. On paper, yes all three bands have guitar harmonies, clean vocals, some slow passages. But I don't think the bands actually sound that much alike, especially now. We're all doing our own thing. I don't want this to be misinterpreted though, I have nothing but love and respect for those bands. It's just that the bands I'm striving to be compared to are bands like Sabbath, Priest, and Metallica. The all-time greats.

The classics or the big league, to name it. Any favorite song in the album?

Starless Age (Enshrined) was the biggest risk and seems to be the biggest payoff. That's obviously the standout track. I also like Spectral Savior. That's the most personal, painful song I've ever recorded.

The lyrics talk about…?

Life and death, and everything in between. A lot of painful stuff on this one.

Nate, you have already played some gigs around, do you have your live team ready for action? Any names confirmed?

Yeah the live band is ready to fuck people up. We're doing some really cool stuff next year.

It will be great to listen to that new material. As a US band, you plan to jump to Europe of you will play only in your country?

I'd love to play Europe if the right opportunity presents itself.

What difference you see between US and the European scene?

It's hard to tell, I've only toured Europe one time.

Currently, do you share your activity with other bands, i.e. Gatecreeper, or now you are just focused on this rocket called Spirit Adrift? This may change in the future as your popularity continues to grow?

I'm equally focused on Spirit Adrift and Gatecreeper. Both bands have helped me reach different goals in my life, and both bands are equally important to me.

Thanks Nate and congratulations for your fabulous work

Thank you! I appreciate the support.

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