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Interview with TIFON’S DOOM

by Vpower

The Band: Tyfon’s Doom
Country: Finland
Answers by: Tommi Varsala (all instruments & vocals)

We have been following this musician from Finland since he very beginning of his career, he started as a one-man band and that has not truly changed with his first full-length "Emperor's Path", although he has a new drummer on board he still composes all songs and play all instruments in the album except for Cederick Forsberg on drums, even the artwork has his signing. Old school heavy metal sound and a bright future ahead for Tommi’s Tyfon’s Doom.

Hi Tommi, as usual, we meet again after a new release of yours! Greetings for your new album "Emperor's Path"

Hi, thank you very much! It’s good to have a talk with you again.

You started Tyfon’s Doom in 2013 and it never stopped growing in popularity

The audience is growing slowly but surely. I hope that the new album would give it some boost and I believe it will. The new album is very good and as it’s the first full length, it should be more interesting than demo or EP.

The signing by Gates Of Hell Records I guess was very important in that sense to make your music available or known by a larger audience

Signing with Gates of Hell was an essential part of getting a larger audience. If I wouldn’t have signed with them, I’d still be making music, of course, but the releases would only be digital and there would be no promotion of any kind. Also, it’s clear that the upcoming album would not sound as great as it sounds.

On November 17th your first full-length "Emperor's Path" will be on the streets, any difference in terms of composition regarding your previous eps?

Not really. I did everything as I always do: First guitars and programmed drums, then bass and lastly lyrics and vocals.

By the way, taking in account the old school stuff you produce I had imagined you were older J so I was quite surprised when I saw your first pic (until now you didn’t fancy to make it public)…?

Haha, you were? I just don’t like having my photos all over the internet. One photo per release works very well. Anyway, I’m 23 and isn’t that a great age to play some heavy metal?

More news… you are not alone in the line-up, there is a new member on board, Cederick Forsberg on drums. How did he get his ticket and what has been his contribution to the new album?

It’s was my pleasure to get him to play drums for this album. I’ve known his projects for some years already and because it was necessary to get real drums for the new album, I decided to ask if he was interested in participating this project. I’m glad that he responded positively to my invitation even though he seems to have a shitload of other projects going on 24/7. That’s why it took some time to get the album finished. My recording sessions were over in February already, he played his parts in March, but the mixing and mastering took a lot of time because, well, Tyfon’s Doom just wasn’t the first thing on his priority list. And I understand that. I had no hurry and he had at least one Blazon Stone album, one Rocka Rollas album and some other projects going on.

I think it’s pretty remarkable that he recorded drums for 10 songs (there’s no drums in “Strange Aeons”), which he had just heard, in only one day, and he did an amazing job! The outcome wasn’t exactly the same as my programmed drums were. Some hits were missing but in some parts, there were much better things going on compared to what I had planned, so I’m very satisfied with his contribution. He also mixed and mastered the album, which was also very well done. After all, I’m glad that I had a chance to work with a professional like him.

Great! I also find some change in the music style regarding previous releases, although still heavy metal all the way I think "Emperor's Path" offers more melodies and a slower pace than its predecessors?

I’m not sure if anything has changed with the material I write as most parts of “Sea of Life”, “Endless War” and “The Rider…” have been written in 2013 and some parts of “Howling Danger” and “Emperor’s Path” was composed in 2014, if I remember correctly. Anyway, some songs include more guitar melodies than others and in this album, we have the kind of stuff that has those. The biggest difference on the upcoming album is the production and real drums, which probably make the material sound different than on “Yeth Hound”, for example. If I would have done everything the same way that I did when recording the previous material, I think that the style on the new album would sound pretty close to “Yeth Hound”.

Yeah, probably you are right. What didn’t change at all is the great guitar riffing and soloing and your raspy voice…

Thanks! I’m just doing the best I can. I always try to come up with riffs that are completely original and try to avoid clichés. Sometimes I come up with a great riff or melody and start wondering if I’ve heard it somewhere. For example, I was almost 100% sure that I have heard the melody of the guitar-vocal-duet in the beginning of “Emperor’s Path” somewhere, but just couldn’t figure where I had heard it. I’m still not sure if I have, but it doesn’t matter anymore, because there it stands now. I have a feeling that my vocals are a lot better than they were on previous releases. It was much easier to go through a song, so I had a chance to add some challenge in some places. I’m still not a good singer but for my music it fits like a fist in the eye!

Very interesting your comment about that riff, I guess is almost impossible to not get some influences except if you are in a David Chastain mode and don’t want to listen to any stuff out there… These new songs were recorded in your own rehearsal studio, right?

Yep. I mean, all guitars and vocals were recorded in my own “studio”, but the drums were recorded in Ced’s studio. It worked just fine that way and it’s the way I’ll use in the future is possible.

Surprisingly the artwork also has your signing and you do it right, you are like the golden boy hahaha

Thanks, haha! Artwork is quite important part of an album and it’s also the first thing that people see when they look at an album, you know. It’s the first impression what people get, so I couldn’t leave the job to anyone else. It is an important part of my projects that I learn how to do different things. There are a lot of other things to learn than just playing some instruments, to get an album released, when you’re doing everything by yourself. It takes time and sometimes it’s difficult, but that’s the way I like it.

What are the lyrics about?

“Emperor’s Path” is actually a concept album, which, by the way, was my original goal with this project: “To record and release an awesome concept album”. At first, I tried to write the story down and add it to the album’s booklet, but it was too difficult to write it shortly. I could write a 400-page book about it but I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort, so it stays in my head, hahaha. Because of that, it may be quite difficult to understand the story by just reading the lyrics. “Emperor’s Path” is a story about the relation between power and mankind in an apocalyptic world of the future. It goes mainly into the sci-fi -section. “Tyrant’s Sceptre” states the starting point of the situation, “The Hidden Hand” is about leaders behind the curtain, “Sea of Life” tells about a new possibility of life, playing with the multiverse theory, and “Beyond Treason” goes into the reasons of the problem. “Endless War” and “Moonlight” are about despair while moving on with the story. “Howling Danger” tells about final destruction of the mankind while “The Rider…” is about a sole survivor. While the lyrics of the “Rising Earth” is deeply connected with the lyrics of the “Sea of Life”, “Strange Aeons” and “Emperor’s Path” together end the story.

Well, maybe you will write down that book some dat. You follow a high rate of production, a release by year since 2015, time for a break or the machines never stop?

If I could just go with programmed drums, I could release at least two albums per year. Now that I think about it, I have probably 20 very good demo tracks ready, without vocals, but that is an easy part. That took maybe a couple of months. I guess I’ll still make ten more and then start thinking which of those are the best ones. 2018 may be a year off as I will have some other, non-musical, things to do, so it’s highly probable that the next year will not be a year for a new Tyfon’s Doom release.

Awesome. With two Eps and your first full-length will you hit the road to present your music? Would you hire some guys to go on stage?

I’m not going to say never, but this time the answer is no, again. I really don’t have enough time, or interest, to form a band and go on stage right now.

A pitty. With the good stuff you have been delivering during the last years have you received any invitation to join other bands or projects?

No, I have not. Not that I would even join if somebody would ask me, but as I’m not playing live, even in Finland, I’m not sure if too many people here even know about my project.

Well, you are with a label, that means something as we talked in the beginning. Good to talk to you again Tommi, we await for your next step!

My pleasure, thanks!

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