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Interview with ANGUISH

by Vpower

The Band: Anguish
Country: Sweden
Answers by: David (guitar)

Anguish is on its way once again with the third chapter of their discography. Ideas have flowed as you could expect from these guys and they take their necrodoom from the very first song to the end. We review with mastermind David the early years as well as the nowadays, and he has left some statements that will make you think, Suignah…

Hello David, on January 26th you will release your third album "Magna Est Vis Suignah", what can the fans expect?

Ave! Hopefully January will end with a sour taste in the ears of fans. In that pleasant way funeral doom feel. This album is complete in the way an Anguish album can be complete. We are satisfied so we hope that frequent listeners will feel the same.

Ten years of career, how do you summarize it?

Hard to fathom that it’s been ten years. Feels as two. It has been slow, crawling beneath for so many years. But we have made search, looking for that essence. It has been slow. But that is the way when you play necrodoom. Ten years later looking back at ”Through the Archdemons Head” and ”Dawn of Doom” feeling at place within the community, or rather out of place. We are still beneath the mist of popular doom, sounding wrong . Exactly where we want to be. With one sentence: Magna est vis Siugnah, great is the power of Siugnah!

With "Magna Est Vis Suignah" it seems you have reached your musical maturity

I do not understand the concept of being musically mature and in any case I do not feel that way about the new album. If it is refering to our sense of pride regarding our third creation, then I understand from where the statement is declared. This release is probably as much Anguish as it gets. And in the same pace that we feel this way I guess it rubs of on those that have heard it. We nowadays have a clearer picture of what we want to commit to. Almost like we did during the time of the recording of the first album.

How was the recording process of "Magna Est Vis Suignah"?

At first we prerecorded everything. In that way we could make adjustments to both music and lyrics, to get a feel of the songs themselves. When the album was recorded in Dead Dog by Johan Ericsson, we had to split up the time because of the lack of time. Drums and guitars was completed within a few days, and a week later I went so Säffle to record the bass and the vocals. When I was young growing up I had heard stories that Atilla Csihar had recorded the vocals on ”De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” in one take. That was probably just legends, but I still wanted to keep that fire alive so most of the vocals on ”Magna Est Vis Siugnah” is done in just one take and the equipment rolling on rec. From beginning to end, closing the circle on each song. Some obvious exceptions were made though. 

Quite an accomplish indeed. Comparing "Magna Est Vis Suignah" with previous releases what would you say?

As mentioned before it probably is our most complete release yet. If any release of ours would state ”This is Anguish” it has to be ”Magna Est Vis Siugnah”. The only thing comparable is the concept of the stories as this follows the events after the earlier albums and knits them together.

We find a new guitarist in the line-up, how has Linus Oljemark contributed to this new album?

He came in the band with a torch of hellfire which he threw in the kettle containing gasoline. Making the beacon burn again with the light of a dying star. A great guy with a great amount of skill. 

Lyrically speaking ’Magna Est Vis Siugnah’ is a step back to the roots, isn’t it?

In a way. Really, it’s all about perspective. The concept is old, and ideas are derelict. But most of all I had to look at ”Through the Archdemons head” and wonder what kind of creating force drove me at that time. And naturally I once again became locked into that creative force that we call Siugnah. And that might be the central view behind ”Magna Est Vis Siugnah”. Embracing the thought that I never could get away from this deitys influence. And that is what I meant when I spoke about us going ”back to the roots”.

There are many things that make these songs especial, the atmosphere you display, the riffs, but maybe the vocals are that element that makes all the difference with other bands?

Depends on which bands you compare us to. Many people compare us to other tradional doom bands, but we ourselves has never seen Anguish as that kind of band. The kind of necrodoom we want create has more in common with acts like the mighty funeral doom band Tyranny or the cold approach of Darkthrone. But of course we completely adore the work of Candlemass and early Trouble. Our roots is where we modelled our foundation. In the end we all want to just create something that we are satisfied with, something that is Anguish.

From Dark Descent Records to High Roller Records, a change for better I presume?

As a european band it will always feel better to be signed to a european label. We got a good deal with High Roller and they have a great track record so it can not go wrong.

The cover artwork is due to Czech artist Vojtěch Doubek, to whom you provided with the lyrics and the demo tracks and freedom to do, right?

Correct, we did not want to hinder his creative process by providing any demands. We wanted him to make it as he would have seen fit. So we gave him what we got and gave him free reign. We fortunatly like his creation. If I had disliked the cover I would have had respect towards it and accepted it as our cover. Who am I to be a critic against a field of craftmanship in which myself is not invested into. We put our faith towards an artist as he put his in us, as musicians. Mr. Doubek honoured us with this fine piece of Anguish history for all to see.

To finish the circle Patrick W. Engel (Candlemass, Pentagram and Trouble) has been in charge of the mastering, a winning team?

It is an honour.

You will start 2018 with the premiere of "Magna Est Vis Suignah", what will follow?

We hope to do some appearances here and there. Spreading necrodoom as we crawl through the soil of this world. Nothing is certain at this point, but hopefully we will have it clear in January.

We await the news. More and more bands are on board of the doom metal genre which maybe living its best moment for years, what do you think?

There are alot of new bands nowadays i guess. A kind of golden age I do not know. Regardless This phase will pass and only the real acts will stand. I remember when there was a rejuvination of swedish deathmetal here in Sweden. There was a ton of bands all around, but only the most wicked still stand after the hype died. I approach doom metal with an sceptic manner. I do believe that doom is dead, and I am contempt in believing so. It is better dead than consumer friendly. Death to false doom.

Congratulations for your new album, if you wish to add something…     

Thank you! To hell with us, the carriers of the necrodoom! Await the Januarian funeral!

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