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Interview with ATOMWINTER

by Vpower

The Band: Atomwinter
Answers by: Benni Grapp (guitarist and bandfounder)

ATOMWINTER’s third full-length album sets the morbid underworld to music, creating a sinister, merciless and threatening atmosphere. Each piece has its own character and once again they show all the energy the fans expect and a big rainbow of darkness and atmosphere. We learn more about it with original member Benni Grapp.

Hello Benni, "Catacombs" is your new album due to release in February 9th, how do you feel about it?

We are very satisfied with ''Catacombs'', because it's our most versatile album since we formed ATOMWINTER in 2010. After one year of hard work, all our feelings and agressions discharge in this album. We can't wait to release ''Catacombs”!

It’s your third album, any big difference with previous albums?

Yes, of course! If our first two albums were mostly straight forward and mid tempo, ''Catacombs'' is darker and more doom oriented. You can hear a lot of different influences in it, and the songs are more developed. Although ''Catacombs'' is our fastest album, you will also find the slowest parts of ATOMWINTER ever. And it was the first time that we recorded the drums and the guitar live in the studio instead of one after the other. That was an unknown experience for us and also a shitty hard work, but it was worth it!

How long have you worked on the composition and recording and how was the process?

It took nearly one year to write the songs for this album, because we were busy with a lot of live gigs in 2016 and 2017. Although I had some basic structures of the songs, we created the rest as a band in our rehearsal room and you can hear the influences of every band member on it. However, we only spent 6 days in the studio to record the whole shit.

You deliver a death metal filled with dark riffs and atmosphere, don’t you?

It's important to us to transport our feelings and agressions with our music. It would be soulless without that. ATOMWINTER is a musical reflection ouf our moods, an you can hear that in every single note. And we also like the more atmospheric Death Metal bands of the 90's instead of Crust- or Grindcore bands.

Holzschneider was the last guy coming on board, it seems he has accomplished the task

It was a kind of destiny that Olle Holzschneider joined the band in 2014. Our former singer Christopher Lehmann had to leave the band in 2013 because of his professional activities, and he also moved to southern Germany. Olle was an ATOMWINTER fan right from the beginning and he also is a long life friend of us, so he didn't need an acclimatisation period. Olles former band ''The Atmosfear'' stagnated at that time, and so he decided to join ATOMWINTER and he fills the gap perfectly . We're happy with that, but we also appreciate Christophers opinion when it' comes on ATOMWINTER.

"Catacombs" is the proof that the good Iron Flesh (2015) was not mere coincidence, you can say you have reached a recognition in this complex music subworld

We're working hard for our band and our music, and we play live gigs all over the country as much as possible. ATOMWINTER is an important part of our life, and we're very proud of the fact that ''Catacombs'' will continue this lifestyle! Nowadays the underground scene is stronger than ever, and we are proud to be a part of it.

Listening to your music names as Bolt Thrower come to mind, how do you feel about such kind of comparisons?

 It's an honour for us to be compared with the mighty Bolt Thrower, but TOMWINTER are more versatile and darker than the typical old school bands. And especially on ''Catacombs''  I don't hear any Bolt Thrower vibes. If you listen intensively to our new album, you will find a lot more influences like Black Sabbath or other 70's doom bands or maybe even some Black Metal bands! Ugh, that was unexpected!

Some songs are more death doom oriented and others just old school death direct & raw, which approach you feel better with?

We like both sides and it's always a challenge to combine those different styles, but the result is always an honest, raw and filthy ATOMWINTER song! That's the way Death Metal should be!

The artwork really gets the atmosphere in the album…

The cover artwork exactly reflects the whole wickedness of ''Catacombs'', and it also takes you deeper into the music. Although it's a very complex painting, it's an evil statement for what ATOMWINTER stands for today! Special thanks go out to the artist Johannes Kiesselbach from Hamburg. He's got a really sick mind.

As a band from Göttingen (Germany) we could say you are in the middle of the Metal earthquake, that is an advantage or too many bands around and harder to standout?

First of all there is no competition between German bands in the underground sector,             and we also like our hometown and its metal scene, so we couldn't be happier with that.            You can reach every location to play live very easily without any expense.

With 3 albums already in the saddles I suppose you will tour around, any dates already confirmed?

Yes we are already in the preparations for 2018, and there will be a lot of shows all over the country including festival gigs in summer. Also we are planning to tour with our buddies from Collapse Instinct in autumn this year. We cant' wait to bring ''Catacombs'' on the stage, so watch out for ATOMWINTER in 2018!

Thank you very much Benni, if you wish to add something...

Muchas gracias! Stay old school and support the underground!

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