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Interview with VOJD

by Vpower

The Band: Vojd
Country: Sweden
Answers by: Peter Stjärnvind (guitar)

The name of VOJD’s first album is “The Outer Ocean«”. Vojd is has his roots in the heavy metal band Bñack Trip, byt there is quite a big difference in sound, style and execution between VOJD and Blak Trip. Top classic rock and heavy metal is what you will find in their first album under the new mark VOJD.

Hello Peter, you debuted last year as Vojd with an ep, but before that you were called Black Trip, how was the transformation?

We've just kept going and writing new songs and playing gigs. We never slowed down in between the changes in the band.

Under Black Trip flag you have issued two very good albums, so we can think you had a name or a recognizable mark already, so what motivated the change of name?

There was a Mexican band with the same name that owned the rights to the name in USA. That was one of the reasons. And when Johan and Sebastian left the band it felt even more right to take that decision.

New name, new members, what about the style?

Since its mainly me and Joseph who have written the music up until now I guess you can here some of the sounds from Black trip. But on the other hand our influences change and progress over time so some new elements are definitely present.

As Vojd you release two very good songs last year in Behind the Frame, with your new album "The Outer Ocean", out on February 23rd , the good sensations are fully confirmed

We're really pleased how the 7" and the album turned out. We're excited and looking forward to come out and play the songs live.

How long have your worked in the new album? Anything especial you wanted to achieve in this new chapter of Vojd?

We started to record the album about a year ago. But when Johan and Sebastian left we started over with the guitars from scratch.

How have new members contributed to this new album?

Everyone in the band has contributed a lot. Bentan recorded the album and Linus did the mixing. And we all helped out with ideas to spice up the songs.

I think we still can feel the Black Trip’s sound in "The Outer Ocean", but the new album has a bigger range I would say, we could talk of a hard heavy approach

I think Vojd is more of a mix of heavy rock and heavy metal then the sound we had before. And the production is bigger then the previous albums.

Melodies are a great point in your new album, something so much important in the rock more than in heavy metal even

I agree. Before the melodies were more dominant through the guitars. But on this album Joseph did a hell of a job with the song melodies.

We can find a reminiscence of late Thin Lizzy’s sound in your music, do you agree or you have been influenced by other bands?

Thin lizzy is one of the best bands ever existed. I'm definitely influenced by them. But on the other hand. As soon as you have twin guitars, you always gonna be compared with lizzy. But I don't mind. I personally are always influenced by bands like Roky Erickson, ZZ Top, Motörhead and Blue öyster cult, to name a few. But I'm mostly influenced by sounds, feeling in a recording and production.

I was release pleased by the way your songs flow, it’s so easy to listen & enjoy "The Outer Ocean", an addictive album by all means…

I think it's a really good variation of songs on this record and I'm really pleased with the production.

As Black Trip you could be classified as Nwothm band, you still defend or follow that trend or you just don’t care about labels?

We don't really care about labels in that sense. We write songs that we would like to listen to ourselves. But it's leaning more towards rock on this album.

Any favorite song in the album? Are you preparing a set list with songs from Black Trip and Vojd for your gigs?

Break out, vindicated blues and walked me under are some of my personal favorites. We will definitely play songs from the two first Black trip albums as songs from the new one for sure.

Any shows already programmed? Will you come to Spain?

We would love to come down to Spain and play for you. Spain has always been into rock n' roll. If any booking agents are interested hook us up!

What are your plans for this 2018?

Come out and play and promote the album as much as we can.

Thanks for your attention and congratulations for your fantastic new album!

Thanx a lot for the kind words. Keep rock alive!

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