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Interview with GOATH

by Vpower

The Band: Goath
Country: Germany
Answers by: Muerte (bass, vocals)

The sophomore full-length of German Black-Deathers GOATH is around the corner. Inspired by the early 90's scene, the band released a selftitled demo in May 2016. GOATH's debut album "Luciferian Goath Ritual", recorded live within 30 hours, was unleashed in early 2017 and received worldwide acclaim. Now, GOATH returns with “II –Opposition” – the confirmation of their brutality.

Hello Muerte, you debuted with the general acclaimed “Luciferian Goath Ritual” now you deliver your second album "II - Opposition", how do you feel about it?

Hails! Well, it feels great how everything worked with the recordings and to know that the 2nd strike will be unleashed very soon.

“Luciferian Goath Ritual” was recorded live within 30 hours, the same as your demo before, you followed the same strategy with "II – Opposition"?

Yes, we did. We entered our rehearsal room friday afternoon and left it sunday night. We're still satisified with the result of the demo and luciferian goath ritual, so we saw no reasons to change the strategy to record our 2nd album. All upcoming releases will be recorded the same way, that's for sure. We don't need a super high class studio for thousands of euros which would just ruin our sound and the spirit of the music.

 What have you learned, changed or confirmed in between the two albums?

Hard to say. Our producer Andreas Wieland used bit more or maybe different equipment to record the album, but everything else happened exactly like the first recordings. What we learned is, that this is they way it should be and we will continue with, but we knew this since we recorded the demo.

Line-up is the same as on previous album it seems everything goes smooth inside the band?

Everything works perfect inside the band, that's true. During the past years, through all the recordings, all the shows and tours we played, there were never stupid discussions or any trouble inside the band.

You continue to hit with the 90’s sound in the new album, don’t you?

That's true, cause it's our inspiration and one of the reasons why we formed goath. Try to continue with the spirit of the 90s and play possessed black- / death metal like it happened in the glory days. This is the air we breathe.

How was the composition process of the album? No rest almost between your two albums I suppose?

We played many shows between both albums, but had enough time to write the new material. I wrote two new songs, Goathammer the rest of the album. We are all musicians that don't need to play and rehearse the same parts again and again. If somebody comes with a new song everything happens very quick and easy, that's one of the reasons why we work that fast. We are three brothers sharing the same visions, doesn't matter if it's the defintion of black- and death metal, the sound or whatever.

They say with the age, as we grow older, we used to become more quiet, less “angry”, and forget the revolutionary slogans of our youth. Is that the case with your second album?

That's exactly what I think, when I take a look at most of the older bands. They are not hungry any more, they became quiet, less angry and the music sounds just uninspired. I'm nearly 40 now and I still feel like I'm 20 and live in the 90s. The modern metal scene does not exist in my world. I still live in and for the metal underground scene where bands and musicians are still hungry, possessed and don't give a fuck about that whole “wacken kindergarden wanna be party metal bullshit”. Our second album is even more aggressive and hateful than the first one, so nothing changed for us!

In our previous interview talking about your debut album you felt satisfied with the people in Van Records, since you repeat with them I assume nothing has changed about that?

Exactly. Everything's perfect and we will continue working with van revords even, if we got some offers from other known labels. Van records is not just a label for us, it's kind of a family and we got everything what we need there. This pact will continue!

The cover artwork keeps the same pattern as in your previous release, dark and atmospheric

Yes absolutely, cause the music didn't change, so there was no reason to try something different, beside a new artist which has no special reason. It fits just perfect to the music. Our friend Juri Schuetz did really a great job and we can't wait to see the cover in size of the vinyl version.

You use to make many gigs around, mostly on underground fests, you continue this way?

We come from the underground, are still part of it and most of our contacts are underground bands and maniacs. This will continue for sure, but we won't play on all gigs or festivals, it just has to fit to Goath and the conditions should be fair of course. We don't pay to play!

That’s alright and fair. What are your plans for this 2018? Maybe the beginning of the next album?

Playing live shows and well, Goathammer already started writing a new song... That's it for now. There are no plans to record a 3rd album this year right now, but who knows...

Yes, with Goath everything is possible. Thank you very much Muerte for your attention, if you wish to add something…

There's nothing more to add, thanx for the interview and your support!! check www.goath666.com  for news and live shows! Hail Satan !!!

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