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Interview with SACRED LEATHER

by Vpower

The Band: Sacred Leather
Country: USA
Answers by: Dee Wrathchild (vocals)

On “Ultimate Force” SACRED LEATHER brings the hammer and anvil, the silver and steel, magic and might, providing one of the most convincing representations of metal to be heard in 2018. Hoppefully we will have the chance to bang ours heads with a gig by this guys in the old continent. For now, let’s learn a bit more about this promising band.

Hello Dee, I don’t have very clear the origin of the band and how did you get to this first album, please enlighten us

Cheers. Sacred Leather formed three years ago or so. Over the course of those years, we have been through some member changes and general re-tooling in order to assemble the right group of HEAVY METAL maniacs to execute our desired sound. “Ultimate Force” contains this adversity within it. We have created the exact record to which we intended.

You are releasing your first full-length, "Ultimate Force", what does it mean for you?

“Ultimate Force” is a HEAVY METAL record. Although true to the traditional format, we have really carved our own place with this release. It simultaneously covers a wide range of flavors and emotions while coming off cohesive and deliberate in its delivery. This is what we sought out to accomplish. Each member of Sacred Leather shares a mutual vision for this band and that comradery should be apparent within our most recent endeavor. 

How long have you worked on "Ultimate Force" and how were the composition tasks?

“Ultimate Force” is comprised of tracks which were written over the course of the last few years. The way these songs were composed varies from track to track. JJ Highway (lead guitar) serves as the primary songwriter in Sacred Leather, however some of the cuts came together in a more organic fashion with the full band present. Magnus Legrand (bass) also contributes to songwriting.

You have signed by Cruz Del Sur Music, an European label being a band from USA, that means the European market is more relevant for you?

I believe that to be true. Europe is responsible for some of our most influential bands. In addition, the HEAVY METAL maniacs across the pond seem to possess a fire and relationship with their music which surpasses its utility here in the states.

Sacred Leather’s music will satisfy to all those guys in love with classic heavy metal or those missing the 80s, true or false?

True. We genuinely love the 80’s format of metal and apply that to every facet of this band. Aesthetic, songwriting, stage show, artwork, production, etc…

I think good melodies are one of your marks, right?

Absolutely. Good melodies are a staple to every good (non-extreme) metal band. Without the ability to execute and navigate melody, you are restricted in the emotions you are capable of conveying.

Any guy leading the band in terms of sound and composition or whatever?

We are all contributors. As previously stated, JJ Highway is our primary songwriter. Each member of Sacred Leather owns a leadership role to some capacity. “Ultimate Force” was recorded and engineered by our guitarist Carloff Blitz. It was produced by/largely composed by JJ. The artwork, merchandise, videos, marketing, etc…was all created by Magnus Legrand (bass). Jailhouse (drums) serves as the foundation to which we can build upon. And I, (Dee Wrathchild) act as the figure head. I am the voice, the contact point, and a facilitator in this operation. Sacred Leather is a DIY juggernaut executing on all cylinders.

Listening to your music one can believe the good times of bands as Iron Maiden, Scorpions, etc are back. Are bands as Sacred Leather the natural replacement for the big bands?

That is our intention. The bands we love will not be around much longer. The demise of these legacy acts does not mean that the love for the genre will die with it. There must be bands to which the torch can be passed to. Sacred Leather would love to take that roll.

You have included a 9 minutes song in the album, The Lost Destructor, which wraps it up. But it’s not the only case because the ballad Dream Searcher is more than 8 minutes

Yeah there are a couple of longer tracks on the record. Each song is just the length we feel is necessary to convey the concept per track. There is never a conversation within the band to the likes of: “Let’s make a really long song…” It just happens. There are also some slightly shorter songs on the record with a little less foreplay.

Other styles in Metal have gone through good times and bad times, but it seems heavy metal has kept a continuation status

We are not exposed to many bands doing what we are doing here in the states. We can’t speak to what’s going on elsewhere, however we have witnessed a grave divergence from the traditional roots of HEAVY METAL in general.

Have you already played these songs in any gigs?

Absolutely. Each song on the record has been performed at one point or another. Some more than others.

Any tour programmed? Who is hungrier for heavy metal, Europe or USA?

Keep up with us on social media for these kinds of announcements. Europe is hungrier for HEAVY METAL and we hope to unleash the leather on ya’ll very soon.

Thank you very much, Dee!


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