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Interview with REVEL IN FLESH

by Vpower

The Band: Revel In Flesh
Country: Germany
Answers by: Herrmannsgard (guitars)

German Death Metal monster REVEL IN FLESH presents “Relics Of The Deathkult”, a compilation album which includes rare tracks that have been originally released only on 7" EP format or as vinyl bonustracks during the period of 2012 until 2017. Beside the very own REVEL IN FLESH material, this compilation also features coverversions of serval bands.

Hello Herrmannsgard, on March 16th War Anthem Records will release the compilation album "Relics Of The Deathkult", how do you feel about it?

Hello Alberto and hi to all the metalbrothers! Yeah we will team up with War Anthem to release this compilation. Many people asked for it for a long time and we feel great that we can finally deliver it to them in March. We have found a strong and dedicated partner in War Anthem Records, so we feel pretty good right now.

"Relics Of The Deathkult" release includes rare tracks that have been originally released only on 7" EP format or as vinyl bonustracks during the period of 2012 until 2017, right?

Yes it brings all the stuff together on one record we did for our 7 inch releases since 2012, which marks also the beginning of RIF. It also includes the coverversions of the mighty  Master and Death that we have did as bonustracks for the Deathevokation and Manifested Darkness LPs. They didn´t appear on the CD version of the album so this is your chance if you´ve missed it to grab your Vinyl-Copy. The Headhunter DC Coverversion of Deny The Light was originally released on a kickass tributesampler in 2014 which was more or less only available in south america and on our Split with Under The Church in 2017.

In fact this compipation reveals itself almost as a new album with great songs that show the evolution of the band?

Well, you can clearly hear our evolution on our full lenght records. The tracks on Relics Of The Deathkult where written in between them exclusivley for the 7 inch´ or in the same cycle of the album that came out these days. We´re trying to get better in and with all we do - everytime! So yeah, I´m shure that you can hear the evolution over the years even on this record. Every track is a small part of the evolution of a band and stands for the time it was recorded.

Another positive point are the covers you have included of bands as Death, Master and Headhunter

We are true death metal fans to the bone and grew up with bands like these. So its kinda a bow down for them... We always try to choose a song which isn´t made for our kind of HM-2 sound. We don´t want to "copy" a Swe-Death track. Instead of this we are trying to give a song a "revelish suite". A cover should always include a personal note... And as I already said before, these tracks were just on the LP versions of Deathevokation and Manifested Darkness. Now you can get it on CD too and put it in your car-stereo while your on your way to a Deathkult-Celebration next to you ;)

How did the idea of this compilation arise?

Besides the fact that many people came to us and asked for it we wanna give a chance to all the people who have missed the 7 inches to complete their musical RIF catalogue. The original 7 inch releases where strictly limited and are sold out for a long time. So its really hard to get these tracks all together in their original format.

By the way, the songs are presented with the raw sound, I mean no remasters at all, why did you choose this option, as nowadays the compilations normally offer a remaster of the remaster of the master hahaha, I think Dan Swanö had had something to do on this?

Raw is the law! ;) We don´t think that the tracks need a remastering. Mr. Swanö already did a good job with the originals and it keeps the spirit of the 7 inch releases alive.

You have also succeed with the artwork and layout, excellent work

One more time our pencil-magician Juanjo Castellano did an absolutely awesome job on this! The artwork contains some details of the original releases of the splits with Feral (The Deathkult EP), Wombbath (Dragged into the obscure) and Revolting (Within the morbid ossuary) which where drawn also by Mr. Castellano. He arranged the classical caracters in a new way and put a shitload of sick details on it. We completely love it and the first reactions in the www say the same. I think this is what a deathmetal cover should look like, hah?

But that’s not all, we also get a 12 page booklet loaded with liner notes and photos, what do you talk about on it?

Yeah, we always try to deliver a good package to our fans. We don´t want to make a release just for that its done. Personally, I wanna grab my physical copy of a record and read a booklet while I hear the record... So we decided to put some classy pictures on it that give you a small insight of our sick and twisted rides over the lands. We also put some photos of our crew and partners in crime on it. The RIF family is stronger than five people and thats what we try to show you.

I think some of these songs might well be included in some your full-lenghts, so this compilation kind of make justice to them?

I don´t wanna compare this record to our full lengh releases. This is a compilation of single songs of different stages of the band. A full lenght always has to be judged as a whole.

Time to talk about future plans. Your last album Emissary of All Plagues (2016) was a full success, it’s still recent so I suppose you are not composing new songs at the moment, am I wrong?

The Revel engine never stops turning! At this moment we´re focussed on the release and promotion of Relics Of The Deathkult and the upcoming gigs. After our drummer Vogtson was leaving the band, we had to find a new drummer. We´re pretty proud of our new member of the deathkult "Hen-the-man" Henriksson. He will pound the drums of death in the future and already has absolved our first three-days-tour. A new album is planned of course but not scheduled yet. The composing process is always on fire, but at this point we can´t say how it will end...

Thank you very much for your attention man, if you wish to add something….

Thank you and the metalbrothers community for having us! Get yourself a copy of the Relics Of The Deathkult and take a look at our web-tombs on facebook, instagram or on our website www.revelinflesh.com  for some news, merch and booking.
Hail the deathkult! Cheerz, Herrmannsgard

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