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Interview with NECROS CHRISTOS

by Vpower

The Band: Necros Christos
Country: Germany
Answers by: Mors Dalos Ra (vocals, guitars, keyboards)

We named “Domedon Doxomedon”  as one of the albums of the year already, time will tell if it grows even bigger, something I wouldn’t be surprised of. Because, as Mors Dalos Ra says, this is an album that you will not diggest in a few listenings, seven years of work reveal themselves as an incredible sonic Metal monster. Next month, Necros Christos’ best creation and third full-length will be unleashed, here there are some more detail about it.

Hello Mors Dalos Ra, it has been a long way since your last full-length Doom of the Occult in 2011, but your new album Domedon Doxomedon is at last here

Yeah, so here we are and we`re looking forward to the things to come. “Domedon Doxomedon” shall be released on the 18th of May and will surely cut a swath of destruction thorugh the Heavy Metal scene of today. It shall polarize for sure.

Necros Christos has demonstrated their creativity since the very beginning, I think this Domedon Doxomedon is another step in that direction

Indeed it is. It is our most musical album up to date, as well as the most angry record we ever released. We`re absolutely satisfied with the result and how everything did turn out.

Domedon Doxomedon is everything except usual. To make it simple I will turn to the Mathematics: 27 songs, over 110 minutes long, 3 CDs

This album is a statement against the modern zeitgeist of music. If you are into easy listening kinds of music, if you love fake productions, or if you want short songs you will surely hate “Domedon Doxomedon”. It is a journey in its own and will drag your senses into hell and beyond.

Taking in account all that, how would you define Necros Christos’ sound nowadays?

I think we never sounded so much Metal as on “Domedon Doxomedon”. We achieved to keep the dark flame burning, we still breathe the darkness from the old recordings but transformed it into a new blend of really heavy and epic Death Metal.

How long have you worked in this album? It has been the hardest record to finsih up in your career?

Yes, definitely. It took us seven years until we finally completed the work and it feels simply amazing to get this monster out in about a month from now on.

Wow! Well all that invested time is now paying off. Did you have the idea to do a so big project as this from the very beginning or the monster was growing little by little along time?

It all developed. It was clear that it should become our most ambitious work and it should be worth of being the final testament. But it took years until songs as Seven Altars Burn In Sin or The Heart Of King Solomon In Sorcery finally took shape, also the concept grew into that massive three-altar-piece which it became in the end.

We are gonna find many musical interludes named temples and gates, and in the middle of it all the actual nine Metal songs that will make us shake with emotion

Thanks for your words. We really did our best and I honestly think “Domedon Doxomedon” holds the strongest tunes we ever wrote.

How much important are those musical interludes in the creation of the album? How did you put all the pieces together, it seems kind of crazy?

There was a time during the recording process where I simply lost overview, it indeed was totally insane. Each single temple and gate is definitely an important pillar within the grand hall of “Domedon Doxomedon” and all songs and temples and gates combined build the church of Necros Christos.

Epic yet utmost angry, brutal, dark, doom, rage, trascendental… I could continue with the list… The listening of Domedon Doxomedon will not leave anybody indifferent except if you are in the pop-mode hahaha

Well, at least I hope so. But as I said, it is our most musical album up to date and people will need months to get through. In my humble opinion, this is a damn positive matter.

I do agree with that. Is there any song in the album that you consider as a cornerstone in your new creation?

Honestly, I think that “Domedon Doxomedon” holds absolutely no filler and every song we did for the album is an epic cornerstone in itself.

We can consider Domedon Doxomedon as a concept album? Is there a common story behind all the tracks?

Yes and no. The songs hold the same theme according to their biblical dimesions, dread stories and the end to come, but there`s no story line from the beginning until the end. The first words being shouted on the record are “the end has come” and the last echoes as “it is finished”, so you see what we`re talking about here.

The cover artwork is another wise choice, it just fits perfect with the musical content

And it is for real, no fucking photoshop or whatever. We searched for a stonemason, bought an old and used gravestone, took the backside of it and let the album title engraved as DOM DOXOM forming a cross. We hauled this 180 kilo monster to an old graveyard, arranged the scenery and took the picture. I`m damn proud to say that everything NC connects with the dead is for real.

Now that was quite a story, amazing. Domedon Doxomedon is so big that I think Necros Christos name can appear already in Metal history as one of those bands to influence many who will come after

Wow, thanks, that is a huge compliment. I cannot say much about this as people should decide if we will have indeed a place in Metal history or not.

Do you have plans to present these songs live soon? Any chance to see a full performance of the whole album?

We will play the whole album on the 9th of June here in Berlin. Support will come form our brethren of Venenum, so everyone interested should come over and celebrate this special night with us.

Something not to miss,. Hopefully you will export it to Spain too. What are your inmediate plans for the forthcoming months?

Playing good and intense live shows and promote the album in the best way possible.

Thank you very much for your answers man and congratulations for your astonishing album!

Thank you very much for the interview and greetings to all of your readers and Metal maniacs out there!
mors al ra, April 2018

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