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Interview with SPIRAL SKIES

by Vpower

The Band: Spiral Skies
Country: Sweden

Swedish 70s rock music quintet SPIRAL SKIES have  joined forces with AOP Records to release their fabulous long awaited debut album "Blues for a Dying Planet".
With influences ranging over decades, they have created a sound that can most easily be described as a unique blend of folk, doom and 70s rock music.

Hello guys, after the great appetizer that were your ep A Queendom to Come in 2015 and your single in 2016, at last the long awaited first album is here, how do you feel about "Blues For A Dying Planet"?

It feels great, we have worked a long time with this album and we are proud to finally release it and hope you will appreciate it as well.

"Blues For A Dying Planet" is an extremely suggestive title for an album, what’s the message inside the bottle?

The theme of the lyrics fits the album title quite well, and it reflects the world that surrounds us.

This very first full-length includes some songs from past recordings, are they redesigned in some way or sound different than the original ones?

All the old songs are re-recorded and perfected. As a band we think we have given the songs more life.

How long have you worked in the "Blues For A Dying Planet" and what has been the most difficult task to achieve?

We have worked with this album for about a year. Since we record everything on our own, and also do all the mixing and producing it takes a while. One of the difficulties was to record the drums due to the interruption of other bands in the nearby rehearsal rooms. Another challenge was not to overproduce the songs and to know when enough is enough.

You have signed by AOP Records, how do the guys treat you?

Great! We had some offers from different labels but we felt that AOP Records was the one who was suited for us, both musically and in ambition and goals. AOP Records are excited about the album, and we are excited about working with them.
(Ps We’re still waiting for the champagne and limo though, haha!)

Everything fits perfect in this first chapter of yours, as the fascinating cover artwork

Yes, we are all very pleased about how the album artwork turned out. It has a dark tone to it and that reflects the theme of the album quite well.

Time to talk about the pure music. Well, I would say just that, this is music at its best, pure joy, classic sound, elegance and high skills.

Oh wow, thanks! What a compliment! Since the start of this band we all wanted to do awesome music. It feels like we have landed in a sound that we all enjoy and want to keep on exploring.

To give more clues to those who have never listen to a song by Spiral Skies, we could say you do a little doom, a little heavy and rock, some folk…

Yes, that is probably correct.  We all have different influences musically and that is probably why the Spiral Skies sound is quite blended. We all united in sharing the same passion for 70’s rock, but that is just one part of the music we write.

Everything sounds perfect but I cannot omit a special mention to the outstanding performance by Frida Eurenius, she marks the difference with so many other bands and brings also that psychedelic point which makes your music so cool

Thank you! We are very glad that we found Frida, she was the last missing piece of the puzzle.

Frida: Thank you! I was earlier in the extreme and symphonic metal scene, but the music we write together in Spiral Skies suits me perfect when it comes to my expression and possibilities.

It’s difficult to choose a favorite song, personally I would select The Wizard’s Ball and Labyrinth of the Mind seventies heavy doom flow

Those are special songs, they have followed us a long time. All the members of the band has different favorites. We have tried to create a mixture of different atmospheres, we have tried to give every single song their own hallmarks - we want them to stand out from each other.

In all the photos you appear covered with masks, except Frida. Some meaning on it or just part of the show? You take this look to the stage or is just for the promo?

This was an early decision we took.  We wear the masks on our shows as well. When you go to a show you want the esthetics as much as the music. You want to see something more then a reflection of the audience on the stage. The masks are intended to reflect the feeling and atmosphere of the music.

A good point. You touch so many stiles that we could bring out  many big names from the past… but if you had to rescue one single band for the eternity it would be?

Jonas: The Byrds
Dan: Yngwie Malmsten
Daniel: The Beatles
Frida: Tori Amos
Eric: Grand Daddy

Being formed in 2014, I suppose you have already played live, how is a Spiral Skies show?

Magical of course ;-) Why don't you come see us? Our shows are intense, and we do love to play live.

We will you come near by, promised. Any gigs programmed to present your first album?

Yes, we have a release party in Stockholm 18th of May, and we will also play at the Sweden Rock Festival, among other festivals this Summer.

Thank you very much for the attention and congratulations for your great debut, if you wish to add something…

Thank you and we are glad you enjoy our music! We will see what the future brings...
Thank you,
Spiral Skies.

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